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This section shows how we can access deeper truths through the Seven Disciplines and for your convenience we have listed them below:

The HermitWe need to remember how Daphna Moore, the author of The Rabbi’s Tarot said that the Hebrew letter assigned to the Hermit, Yod “is the nucleus of the sacred Flame alphabet” and “the letter which stands for Spirit.” Also, if we remember how The Hermit was the only card that was not placed according to the Seven Sacred Planets, we begin to see the hidden message. That message becomes clearer through the discipline of Symbol. To reiterate, the symbol for Virgo, the sun-sign assigned to The Hermit is the Virgin or maiden. Combining the Note discipline of gender with the Symbol discipline we discover, the deeper message of The Hermit. Recapping, the ninth card or trump carries the masculine energy through F-Natural. In conclusion, the deeper message of The Hermit is that it is by balancing the masculine and feminine that we access the Spirit.

The Moon Let us say that the note assigned to card/trump 18, the Moon, B-Natural holds great significance. Before we get to the explanation, we should state that majority of humanity is at the spiritual development or consciousness stage of card/trump 18, the Moon.

B-Natural holds a place of balance within the scale, with four notes before and four after. Looking at the arrangement, (See figures 5. & 5a.) Click we observe that A-Natural and C-Natural are aligned on either side of B-Natural.

The key to the secret is in the cards or trumps assigned to these notes. A-Natural is assigned to the Devil and C-Natural is the Emperor's note. Understanding the meaning of all three cards is the key to spiritually evolving. The Devil represents the physical appetites of the material world; the Emperor denotes reason and the Moon warns of the trap of illusion of material the world. The secret or esoteric message from B-Natural is that the wise person finds a balance between his or her appetites and reasonable restraint. The Symbols of the Devil and the Emperor have to do with vision. The Devil’s eye is about the visual sense, which can lead to excessive emphasis on the material, whereas, the Emperor’s window and sight is more about inner vision, that will reveal the illusory nature of the material world.

It is through the Color discipline that we can gain even greater insight. The color of the Devil’s card is indigo, which is associated with the third eye chakra that is ruled by the Moon. There is a warning here to the psyche or psychic element or the personality or soul. If you seek evidence or proof through any form of sensation, you could be caught in the trap of illusion. Remember what Saint Paul said, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

If we can learn the lesson of the Note discipline of B-Natural then we can move onto card nineteen, the Sun and bring forth the true self and pass by the card/trump 20, Judgment and evolve to the next level of spiritual evolution. Conversely, if we fail to heed the warning of this note, then we will experience the fall of the Tower.

The Astrological discipline through the modern sun-sign Pisces, which is assigned to card/trump 18, The Moon also gives a message as to how to spiritually evolve. Neptune rules Pisces, which as we said is the higher octave of Venus. Neptune represents the Hebrew Mother letter Mem, which is assigned to The Hanged Man. Moreover, Venus rules not only Taurus but Libra too. To recap, Taurus is assigned to The Hierophant and Libra is assigned to Justice. The hidden message revealed through the Astrological discipline is that it is through your individual subconscious’ self-sacrifice and balance or nothing to excess and listening to the higher self that we succeed in seeing through the Moon’s illusion.

As you have probably observed the Tarot discipline interacts with all the other disciplines. Ultimately, it is through the Tarot discipline that we can ascertain your spiritual strengths and weaknesses. All of the great teachers have taught that in order to change the world we first have to change ourselves. As we said the first row in the Tarot tableau represents THE CHIEF PRINCIPLES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Through these seven cards we are shown the conscious evolution of the human race. Still, if we look at the Magician and Strength card we can observe the symbol for infinity over both of the figures heads. This symbol is also associated with the axiom AS ABOVE SO BELOW, AS BELOW SO ABOVE. Using the Numerological discipline we learn that ancient wisdom taught the cards/trumps 0,1,2 and 3 related to the macrocosm as well as the microcosm, the Will represented by The Magician, applies to the Creator’s Will as well as personal Will. In other words, The Magician also symbolizes the Logos or Word. When an individual brings his or her personal Will into alignment with the Creator’s Will, he or she participates as true co-creators, with the result of bringing to reality the paradise the world is capable of. Unfortunately because a large number of individuals are using their personal wills for the lower self or ego, the result is chaos. The modern trend of manifestation actually thwarts the Creator’s plan. With so many people using their creative wills to manifest everything from the perfect job to the perfect mate, (if there is such a thing) their purpose for incarnating is lost in material concerns. No human being can possibly know what to manifest in line with the purpose for their being here, we can only guess at what the Creator wants for us. Yet if all we ask is to make our will in line with the Creator’s Will, then we can become instruments in line with the Divine plan.

We’ve already stated that The Fool symbolized the aspect of us that is innocent and pure before incarnation on the microcosmic level and the Spiritual Soul unmanifested at the macrocosmic level. Card No 2, The High Priestess represents universal memory or as Daphna Moore relates “the cosmic mind-stuff.” Metaphysicians call an area of the astral plane the Akashic Records. They believe this is the place that holds the memory of past, present and future thoughts and deeds. Metaphysicians believe that we access this repository during meditation and randomly when we dream. From the microcosmic perspective The High Priestess represents your subconscious that helplessly records every hope and desire. She cannot influence you to change, but if you give her consistent images she can assist you to fulfill your goals. However, you need to be warned not to try and lie to her, because although you may deceive the self-conscious into wanting a better way, The High Priestess knows what you truly want and will always help you achieve it. For example, you may say that you want to quit smoking or drinking, but unless you really mean it, your High Priestess will help you to smoke or drink. Another way of looking at The High Priestess is as the Divine Wisdom, which holds the potential that becomes realized with union with The Magician becoming blended into the Empress. With the employment of the energies from card three, The Empress, the images of The Magician can be manifested on the physical or material plane. It is on the personal level that we transform the material plane. That is why the codes must be concerned with that level.

The Empress on a macrocosmic level represents Nature or all material creation. When you have united your High Priestess with your Empress she can materialize your Magician’s images. Through the emergence of the self-consciousness, The Magician, uniting with the universal memory or subconscious, The High Priestess, becomes individualized to become through your creative imagination, The Empress. It is then you can use your reason, The Emperor, to reach your Intuition, The Hierophant. By turning your personal will into the Divine Will, the Magician becomes the Hierophant teaching both aspects of the subconscious to listen to the angel depicted in the next card, the Lovers. In card six, the Lovers the individual subconscious, the Empress is the one who is listening to the angel, while the self-conscious, the Magician seems distracted by her. But didn’t we say that the Magician had become the Hierophant teaching the two aspects of the subconscious? The key here is in understanding that the Magician represents the will, intellect and self-conscious.

It is through the Tarot, Symbol, Astrological and Numerological disciplines that we can learn the deeper message of The Lovers. The Hebrew letter, Zain, which is assigned to The Lovers holds the key. The secret value of Zain is 10, connecting The Lovers to The Hermit. The message of the Lovers card is that spiritual progress is achieved by consistently using your discernment to choose the high road or narrow path. It is then the Hierophant becomes a more spiritual aspect of the higher self, portrayed by the angel in the card/trump. The Angel/Hierophant now represents the highest aspect of the spiritual soul, The Fool. Moreover it is through the Angel/Hierophant who is teaching the individual subconscious, the Empress that you can become aware of the spiritual soul/angel in you and choose to control your personal appetites, instincts and emotions and give reign to the higher aspect of the spiritual soul, The Fool represented by the charioteer in card 7, The Chariot.

With union of the first seven cards, will, universal subconscious/memory, creative imagination, reason, discernment and restraint or self-control we can then transform the heart, symbolized by card eight, Strength, which depicts the Empress (individual subconscious) calming the lion (emotion). After we have transformed our heart then we can access the true ruler, the spirit or Divine spark, denoted by card nine, the Hermit. As this card’s letter is paramount to spiritual evolution, we feel it is worth reminding you what Daphna Moore said in The Rabbi’s Tarot, “Yod is the nucleus of the sacred Flame alphabet, the letter which stands for Spirit.” Remember how The Hermit was the only card that was not placed according to the Sacred Planets, the message here is that the Spirit is hidden within the Earth. Furthermore as the symbol of Virgo is the virgin or maiden and The Hermit is obviously male it denotes that it is through balancing the masculine and feminine that we access the Spirit.

Card 10, the Wheel of Fortune shows that this lesson can take multiple cycles before the Bull becomes the Angel. Still eventually an individual transforms their heart and forth the Spirit. When this is achieved an individual balances all aspects of the consciousness and turns The Hierophant through the angel/spiritual soul into The Hermit. Card eleven, Justice represents according to Daphna Moore, the Empress and High Priestess in perfect equilibrium. Nonetheless, card 11 hides another valuable secret to spiritual evolution. In card/trump 5, The Hierophant, The Empress and High Priestess are only united on the subconscious level. That is because in card 5 The Hierophant the higher self is teaching both aspects of the subconscious. Here in Justice The Empress and The High Priestess are joined by will, reason, intuition, discernment and restraint, which have resulted in transforming the heart and bringing forth the Spirit. Hence Justice represents Wisdom manifested, on both the subconscious and self-conscious levels. When this is achieved we can sacrifice the self symbolized by card 12, The Hanged Man and transform from humans to super-human by killing off the old man or woman, symbolized by card 13, Death and unite the masculine, Sun and feminine, Moon energies or all aspects of the self to become the new selfless person or angel in card 14, Temperance.

Earlier, we said it was important to keep in mind the combination of the numbers used to arrive at your code numbers 1 to 9, especially your Core Energy elements: Life-path, Birthday, Expression, Soul-Urge and Secret Self and the traditional and secret chart and secret life-path’s numbers. This is because, as you will see in your codes whenever the numbers 1 to 21 are involved more than one influence can be felt. Like two planets affecting each other in the aspects of astrology, two Tarot trumps or cards can either strengthen or weaken the relevant energy of your codes. Again this will be fully explained in your personal summary at the end of your report.

We have seen how the Note discipline revealed a vital secret, through the card/trump 18, The Moon; the Tarot’s tableau third row (See figures 2. & 2a.) Click also shows the progress of spiritual evolution. Remember how we reported that Daphna Moore’s Rabbi’s Tarot said row three of the Tarot tableau meant the “consequence” of utilizing universal laws and “WHAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED” so far. Like the message of B-natural, the third row of the Tarot Tableau carries a similar warning. However, unlike the Note discipline which only warns, the third row also give hope of progression, through the four cards/trumps 17, The Star, 19, The Sun, 20, Judgment and 21, The World. As we said, three of the cards in the third row show the pitfalls that can entrap the soul. The first is represented by card 15, the Devil and warns that if we fail to listen to the angel depicted in the Lovers, we are in danger of becoming a slave to our physical appetites. The next card 16, the Tower warns against pride. Like the figures in the card if all a person seeks is fame and glory, they can easily be toppled to the ground. The third and final warning comes from card, 18, the Moon, which cautions you to examine everything with spiritual discernment and not be seduced by the illusion of the purely sensory or material.

Cards 17, the Star and 19, the Sun show us how we progress and evolve. In any case the 20th card, Judgment signifies that every thought, word or deed is tried in the fire and it is there that Judgment determines whether we have evolved enough to move past gender and all opposites. This begins by transforming the Heart, Strength. Subsequent to the individual transforming his or her heart they can unite all opposites and return to what they were intended to be an androgynous spiritual being transmuting the world into a paradise, represented by The World card 21.
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