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Color is very relevant to humanity’s evolution. Before a person transforms his or her heart, thereby transforming their entire being, the 7 main chakra colors of the body are: base-red or black; sacral-orange; solar-plexus-yellow; heart-green; throat-blue; third eye-indigo and crown-violet or white. The ancient sages taught that the Life principle was a solar force, hence the bright yellow sky in the Fool. The 22 trumps deal with various combinations of the 3 primary colors red, yellow and blue. Black, which signified either occult knowledge or ignorance/materialism and white, which symbolized the purified or spiritual can be added to the primary colors to create various shades.


Chakra Spiral Into The Heart

For the purpose of the codes, the RWS-Rabbi's Tarot Deck is used. Looking at the Fool card/trump in that deck from a spiritual perspective, certain aspects jump out. The card/trump depicts a young man gazing upward wearing a flamboyant tunic, which is gathered at the waist with a belt of the 12 signs of the zodiac. He wears a red feather in his green cap and holds a white rose in his left hand. Over his right shoulder is a staff with an orange cloth bag attached. The sky, or background of the card is bright yellow in which a large white sun bathes the youth with its rays. Beneath his flamboyant tunic is a white undergarment. On his feet are pale yellow boots and at his feet a small white dog yaps at his heels.

In The Dance of Consciousness we consider Archetypes as representing the specific music playing at the moment. These Archetypes represent a particular energy that seems best described in the Tree of Life with its 4 planes. Here is some additional information on how the Discipline of Color plays a part in that Dance: STONESSCENTS

Through a prism we know today that white or daylight is the combination of seven colors. The only color that stands apart is pink, which interestingly is the combination of red and white; the two colors associated with the base and crown chakras. The other six colors are either the three primary colors or combinations of them.

White has always been associated with purity and the Tarot trumps are no exception. As we said, whenever the color white appears in a card, it symbolizes the spiritual or purified. For instance the white sun in the card the Fool, represents the archetypal plane above all existence. The white undergarment the youth wears expresses that before clothing itself in a body and entering the realm controlled by the stars (represented by the Fool’s zodiac belt), the Life breath/force/principle or Spiritual Soul was pure and untainted. As for the little white dog yapping at the youth’s heels, according to the sages, this symbol stands for the purified mind or intellect, meaning that a person needs to have his or her mind subject to the higher self within them.

Despite the color white representing the archetypal plane, the Life Force is solar, which of course is golden or yellow. Half of the 22 major arcana cards are assigned a color combination that includes yellow. As reported, in the card the Fool, although the entire sky or background is bright yellow, a white sun shines in the sky. At some level the human race has always associated the color yellow with the Divine or Spirit plane. All ancient civilizations revered the yellow metal
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