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Astrology has come to be thought of as a nonscientific mystical phenomenon. Nonetheless, we feel that Astrology can be seen in scientific, down to earth ways. If you think of space as a sheet of energy and the spheres or planets of the solar system positions on that sheet affecting the whole, you may be able to see how astrology can affect you. When you are born, as you crowned, you exposed your soft spot, which every baby is born with to the astral energies at the heart or center point of an imaginary circle. Around you in this imaginary circle, positioned are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and the Moon’s North Node. The imaginary circle is divided into twelve segments, which astrologers call houses. To each of these houses is assigned a sun-sign or zodiacal sign. Your ascendant is determined by the sun-sign that is rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born. The position/house and angles the planets have to each other is energetically unique in the way they affect you. That is why to compose an accurate natal chart, the time and place of birth needs to be known. Each planet exerts certain energies that can affect your life; this is how astrology works. By looking at where the planets are in your natal chart, a horoscope can be erected of trends and influences in your life.

Astrology, through the Tarot also helps reveal the potential of the individual. No mass horoscope will ever be correct for more than one or two individuals. That is because of sacred geometry, which is determined by the angles between the Earth and other planets.

The place and time you were born is unique. Even twins do not have exactly the same energies as only one twin emerges at a time. The only case where two people could have exactly the same energies would be when two women give birth in the same building in exact vertical alignment at precisely the same time. Only in this case would the electro-magnetic vibrations of the planets entering the crown of the baby be exactly the same.

In relating the above, we are in no way saying that everything that happens to you is preordained but rather the happenstances and character traits that you were imprinted with as the random astrological consequences of your incarnation at this time can be overcome or enhanced as the case may be.

In traditional and modern astrology, the twelve zodiacal or sun-signs are divided into four elements and three modes. The elements are: Earth which is represented by the sun-signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; Air, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; Water, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio and Fire, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The best way to understand the modes is by dividing the year into the four seasons, and then each season is divided into three sections, which are called Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Cardinal signs are those signs that fall in the first third of the four seasons during one of the two equinoxes or the two solstices. They are Aries/spring equinox, Cancer/summer solstice, Libra/autumnal equinox and Capricorn/winter solstice. Fixed signs fall in the middle or second third of the four seasons, Taurus/spring, Leo/summer, Scorpio/fall and Aquarius/winter. Lastly the Mutable signs are those signs that are the last third of the four seasons. They are Gemini/Spring, Virgo/Summer Sagittarius/Autumn and Pisces/Winter. You will often hear the reference to what is called the Seven Sacred Planets. These were the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These seven planets were associated by ancient tradition with the seven main chakras of the human body. The ancient tradition listed them as the base/Saturn, sacral/Mars, solar plexus/Jupiter, heart/Sun, throat/Venus, third eye/Moon and crown/Mercury. However, as you will see in the codes this has been changed to base/Saturn, sacral/Venus, solar-plexus/Mars, heart/Sun, throat/Mercury, third eye/Moon and crown/Jupiter. The diagram below shows the traits associated with Seven Sacred Planets, both positive and negative in the seven main chakras. Through astrology we can identify these traits and as we said either overcome them or enhance them as the case may be.


Figure 3. Traditional chakra positions with the associated positions of the Seven Sacred Planets with their original influences.
Updated positions of the ruling influences today, showing what a human being has to overcome to spiritually evolve.


As the ancients only referred to the Seven Sacred Planets, conventional belief held that the ancients were unaware of the three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Nonetheless, if the 22 major arcana trumps are arranged according to the Seven Sacred Planets, an interesting “coincidence” emerges. (See figures 3a & 3b)

Some of you may be familiar with Tarot decks where the Fool is numbered 22. Nonetheless, for the purpose of the codes, we use the Rider-Waite deck, which is the accepted universal or standard deck. This deck numbers the Fool as card zero. Also, in this deck, The Fool represents the planet Uranus and the element Air.

In addition, the Seven Sacred Planets are assigned to seven cards or trumps of the Tarot’s Major Arcana. They are; Mercury with card 1, The Magician; the Moon with card 2, The High Priestess; Venus with card 3, The Empress; Mars with card 16, The Tower; Jupiter with card 10, The Wheel of Fortune; Saturn with card 21, The World and the Sun with card 19, The Sun. Still this only involves seven of the major arcana trumps, leaving fourteen cards unaccounted for.However, if we divide the remaining trumps according to the zodiac and modern astrology, another result is revealed. As shown in figures 3a & 3b.

For instance, because Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, the card, The Lovers, which is numbered 6 is placed beneath The Magician. Modern astrologers state that the recently discovered planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the higher octaves of the three inner planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars respectively. Uranus is the higher octave to Mercury, consequently two additional trumps fall under Mercury, 0, the Fool, which is as we said assigned to Uranus and 17, the Star, which is assigned to the sun-sign Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus.

Column two is headed by The High Priestess, which because this card represents the Moon is joined by card 7, The Chariot that is assigned to Cancer, the sun-sign that is ruled by the Moon. .

Card 3, The Empress heads up the third column, of which four other cards join her, 12,11,5, and 18. This is because Venus rules both Libra and Taurus; consequently, both card 11 Justice, which is assigned to the sun- sign Libra and card 5, The Hierophant, which is assigned to Taurus appears in this column. Furthermore, as the higher octave of Venus, is Neptune, card 12, The Hanged Man, which represents Neptune, is placed here. Also because the zodiacal sign that is assigned to Card 18, The Moon is Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune card 18, is also placed in this column.

Despite the planet Mars being assigned to card/trump 16, The Tower, because card 4, The Emperor is assigned to the sun-sign Aries, which is ruled by Mars, this trump/card heads column four. As Mars’s higher octave is Pluto, card 13, Death, which is assigned to the sun-sign Scorpio, ruled by Pluto is also consigned to Mars. In addition because another name for card 20, Judgment’s planet Vulcan is Pluto, this card belongs here too.

Jupiter heads the fifth column and Card 10; The Wheel of Fortune is assigned to this planet. Also as Jupiter rules the sun-sign Sagittarius Card 14, Temperance is also placed in this column.

Saturn is the planet that characterizes the sixth column and card 21 and The World is designated as the card that represents that planet. Still, 15, The Devil is the trump most associated with Saturn because The Devil is assigned to the sun-sign Capricorn and Saturn rules that sign.

Finally, card 19, The Sun, which is not surprisingly the Sun’s namesake has card 8, Strength added to it because the Sun rules Leo, which is the sun-sign assigned to Strength.

Curiously, with this arrangement, if we add the lowest numbered trump under each of the seven planets together we get the sum 1+2+3+10+4+8+15 = 43 4+3 = 7- The Seven Sacred Planets?


The only trump/card that isn’t placed is card number 9, the Hermit, which represents the zodiacal sign Virgo. Before the discovery of Chiron traditional and modern astrology assigned the planet Mercury to Virgo. Today there is great debate among astrologers as to which planet to assign Virgo. This is a moot point for the purpose of the codes as both the planet Chiron and the trump/card the Hermit hold vital clues to determining your spiritual evolution. For our part we think it is important to keep in mind that most people assign Virgo the element earth, which is the Hermit’s element.

Nevertheless, it can be misleading to assign elements to the outer planets. As we said in traditional astrology Pluto is assigned to Scorpio a water sign, Neptune is consigned to Pisces also a water sign and Uranus is allocated to Aquarius, an air sign. However, if instead of elements we think of the outer planets representing a more refined viscosity of the inner planets’ elements, then we receive yet another level of understanding. For instance Pluto isn’t assigned a trump in the major arcana, because the planet Pluto wasn’t discovered until the twentieth century. Still it is curious to see the card/trump number 20, Judgment in the Rider-Waite deck assigned to the planet Vulcan. Is it a coincidence that the god Pluto is the god Vulcan’s brother? We get our word volcano from the word Vulcan. Within a volcano is “liquid” fire, lava. Water is the symbol for emotions and Scorpio natives are known for their “hot” tempers and passionate natures. Remember Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, which represents fire. If we think of Pluto signifying the boiling emotions then we can understand placing Pluto/Vulcan as the liquid fire and higher octave of Mars.

Neptune the higher octave of Venus an Earth element would then represent the ectoplasm or etheric substance of the astral plane. According to esoteric tradition, one of the seven bodies of the incarnating personality is the astral body, which through meditation could access the astral plane. The Tarot trump consigned to Pisces, the sign that Neptune rules is card 18, the Moon. As we saw in figure 3, in both the traditional and updated table, the Moon represents the third eye chakra, the chakra that accesses the subconscious and the astral plane.

Finally as we said, the planet Uranus is assigned to the Fool. As this card represents the fiery breath or Life force, could this be seen as the finer aspect of air, Mercury?


As the sign that heads up the zodiac used to be Aquarius, the question that begs to be asked is why does modern astrology place Aries in that position? The answer is the astrologers of the Roman era adjusted the zodiac to fit in with their observations. The Roman Empire rose during the Age of Aries, which extended from 2,276 B.C.E. to 136 B.C.E.

Before the Romans introduced July and August in honor of Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar to the calendar, the year consisted of ten months. That is why the last month of the year is named December, meaning the tenth month. In addition, we owe the names of the planets of the solar system to the Romans, because they renamed the Greek pantheon and assigned a planet to each main god. For instance Zeus became Jupiter and Hermes became Mercury. The Romans placed Aries at the head of the zodiac because in ancient times the year began on the Spring Equinox and as we said, the sign of Aries rose at sunrise during the rise of the Roman Empire. That is why they venerated the god of war, Ares, which they called Mars. Conversely, the Chinese New Year begins in the sign of Aquarius and astrological Chinese writings dates to at least four thousand years ago.

The above is the exoteric or open explanation for the secret chart; however, it is through the secret chart that the real benefit of the codes is revealed. To explain, the secret chart posits you being born during the seventh month of pregnancy, because it is then that you first become a potential spiritual individual. In other words, placing Aquarius at the start of the zodiac makes the seventh month of pregnancy’s energies the predominant factor.

Physiologically the baby in the seventh month of pregnancy begins to prepare to separate from the mother for independent existence outside of the womb. The consensus of medical opinion is that it is during the seventh month of pregnancy that the child develops the ability to exist as an individual, gaining body fat and developing the sense of hearing, touch and taste. Despite the need for an incubator, the seventh-month baby’s nervous system is fully capable of operating the vital life functions.

On a Soul or Spiritual level, it is during the seventh month that the unborn child becomes a separate soul from its mother’s soul. Let us explain, there is natural and there is spiritual life. When the baby is first conceived, this is natural life, with the potential of becoming spiritual life. At this stage, during the first trimester, a soul waiting to be born has to decide whether or not to enter the potential vehicle for the soul. If at this time either termination of the pregnancy or spontaneous miscarriage occurs, this means the soul chose not to incarnate at this time. Should the pregnancy continue, then around the fifth month, usually when the unborn child is first felt through movement, the potential individual begins to work with the mother’s soul developing the baby. As we said, during the seventh month the unborn child becomes a potential individual human being. We say potential, because the soul has not committed to incarnation. Its decision not to incarnate will be seen in late term miscarriage or stillbirth and may even take up to three months as to result in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It is through Taoist philosophy, that we may see why this is so, Mr. Jarrett explains that the traditional teaching was that “the seeds of self awareness are sown when the infant receives a name (ming) in the third month of life. One year after conception.”

It is vital to understand that any child that lives past infancy, has chosen to do so and those that don’t have also made a choice. Of course there are exceptions, suicides for instance do not have the choice whether to incarnate or not because they failed to complete their life span on Earth and need to return to do so. This shouldn’t be seen as a kind of mysterious punishment, but rather a consequence of universal law. We should also state that we are in no way trivializing the loss of a child. On the contrary, our only goal is to help you see the spiritual reason for the gut-wrenching loss and hopefully bring some small comfort to this devastating occurrence.

So what has this got to do with the Secret Chart? From the spiritual level looking at the astrological influences during the seventh month of pregnancy will reveal hidden spiritual potential and may assist in the fulfillment of destiny. The most relevant aspect to the chart is to reveal the element and Tarot trump connected to you. This is recorded in your personal codes and is fully explained in the summary.

Because of the need for accuracy, whether or not you were born prematurely either in the seventh or eighth month must also be known. The reason we need to know if you were premature or not is because your secret chart will have to be adjusted accordingly. If you are not sure, comparing the rest of your codes can reveal whether the spiritual influences were prevalent one or two months previous to your birth. A person being born a week or two late does not affect the codes in any way. On the extremely rare occasion of the premature infant being born before the twenty-eighth week and surviving, the secret chart will have to be constructed accordingly, making the sixth month of pregnancy the defining factor for the dominant energies for both the traditional and the secret chart.
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