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Holding 3 ceremonies/meditations in April of 2020, 4th, 13th, and 22nd marking the numbers 444, we initially thought that the third one held on April 22nd was the final ceremony. However, in the Summer of 2021 we began collecting crystals for a permanent altar in our living room, involving Sacred Geometry. A full explanation of the events leading up to this final ceremony and its importance can be found in the updated Stage Knowledge, and in the article Ancient Divine Plan is using Humanity and KTI in Rescuing the World.

Layout of Crystal Altar

As we said, we created the 7 circles with crystal beads, starting with the inner circle they are amazonite and rose quartz. Next is rose quartz interspersed with bloodstone, amethyst, lapis lazuli, and clear quartz. The four interlocking circles of energy were created by 33 beads of 11 amethyst, 11 bloodstone, and 11 clear quartz at the East and West, and 11 lapis lazuli, 11 bloodstone, and 11 clear quartz on the North and South. Encircling the entire altar are, turquoise, amazonite, labradorite, and hematite, with 3 amethyst pieces marking the four gateways positioned at northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast.




Just before our world turned upside down in March of 2020, we released our novel Daniel’s Lion: Creating Reality. Due to events that transpired that year and the next, we felt it necessary to add a follow up continuing from when the first book left off. Consequently, a year later we released Daniel’s Lion: Living in 2 Worlds. In essence then, the second book set against the real events of 2020 and early 2021 as well as 2030, has the main character Daniel Bruin, a retired reporter examining events from a hypothetical treatise on Spiritual Evolution’s point of view, which interprets events energetically.

Using excerpts and past conversations with the treatise’s author Sophia, in 2030 Daniel answers questions from his grandson Michael and the boy’s friends about the 2020-Revision movement, which turned conventional belief in the causes of Humanity’s ills on its head. Apart from removing the reason for racism, it explained how all division and animosity was hiding within us. Revealing the real enemy was the individual counterfeit-spirit or Eckhart Tolle’s pain-body, the movement explains how its promotion of a defunct agenda instigated by the long gone “Shadow of Deception”, otherwise known as the Collective Pain Body, was causing so much suffering.



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—APRIL 22nd—CURTIS VIDEO 4-22-2020- 3:00pm PST Link: (ceremony good for —24 hours— your-time—22nd)

The three ceremonies/meditations we have/are conducting are all geared to gather and utilize the energy since 2011. In this pivotal year, on November 11th thousands of people worldwide held ceremonies, and or meditations for Peace (INTRODUCTION to MEDITATION [upper left rollover] actual Meditation [upper right rollover ]). Considering where the world went in the last decade, one could be forgiven for thinking the 11-11-11 event was an unmitigated failure. But that would be wrong, because Peace is a living power that is held in each heart, even if we ignore it. It is universal and as such any and every ceremony dedicated to PEACE (upper center rollover) never fades. We have an opportunity now in this Great Awakening through our collective suffering to tap into this reservoir of Peace to come together in unified purpose to transform this world from one of conflict to one of harmony. Please join us on April 22nd as we come together in meditating on manifesting a new reality for us all, with no suffering.

PEACE Web Site The final ceremony/event will bring all the energy that has been building for 9 years, to unite the world in a meditation (click on PROJECT MEDITATION rollover just above-right) that honors our connection and commitment to Peace (right rollover) and each other. Before watching the actual meditation, we suggest clicking on the (INTRODUCTION to MEDITATION [upper left rollover]) that explains what is in the Meditation Video. This will be particularly powerful as 22 is a master number, and it is connected to a world map of 155,000 people in every country dedicated to Peace and unity.

Thank you — Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always — the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity


—APRIL 13TH USING ENERGY FROM 4-4-2016 — April 13TH, 2020 —
(all mentioned events with earlier dates are located below on this page by date as well)

Click to hear music - PNEUMA-YOD - Interestingly, Craig & I were in Jerusalem on Easter Monday 26 years ago. Since then our lives have been dedicated to serving. That service has taken many forms, predominantly as our writings indicate, uncovering the purpose for Life and our Spiritual Evolution. However, as our Partners in Peace know, through owning and since closing the 7 Keys Millennium Awakening Center, we have conducted multiple ceremonies and meditations for 20 years. As I have posted, we have recently learned that those ceremonies have been exponentially building the energy for this important time. Consequently, the energy from them are still present, so even though we are conducting them at specific times, anyone seeking Peace and Compassion for our fractured world, can add their energy by replaying the ceremonies recorded below. For those of you, who missed our first meditation on April 4th, you can add your energy by saying the prayer and then listening to Guy’s beautiful song, (rollover link to the left) while looking at Curtis’ inspired painting. All of the ceremonies hold our intent for Peace and Harmony, and can be played anytime. Ultimately this energy is building for April 22nd , where we will release our collective intent into the world in support of Peace and Compassion everywhere, including Space. Therefore, along with promoting Peace throughout the world, the energy also focuses on supporting our Director Carol Sue Rosin’s Treaty banning  space-based weapons. Adding your intent for Peace both openly and anonymously simply means you want an end to violence everywhere. As 99% of us yearn for a peaceful world, we have a chance to tap into the extraordinary energy of this time. So again, we pray, may we all come through this trying time to a better more compassionate World. Thank you, Love Always Suzzan and Craig

—TODAY—CURTIS VIDEO 4-13-2020- 3:00pm Link:

Since Saturday’s event (4/4/2020), we have learned that it was the first of three. This is because the numerical energy of that day occurs twice more in April, consequently, we are holding an event April 13th and April 22nd.

—EVENTS and the links between the EVENTS—CURTIS VIDEO Link:


previous ceremony held on (4-4-2016) In the second event (4-13-2020, Monday) we will incorporate our previous ceremony held on (4-4-2016 right), where we used the same principle used on Saturday, color, imagery, and sound, only in the 2016 ceremony we used the 78 cards in the Tarot. I should stress that as our books reveal, the Tarot was/is so much more than a tool for divination, it was a method used to convey the Mysteries of spiritual transformation. Over the centuries, the teachers of Wisdom found ingenious ways to conceal and preserve the Sacred Mysteries (Divine Magic) mentioned by Jesus from those who would destroy them. Among these were the exquisite architecture, in particular the stained-glass windows of the Gothic Cathedrals, such as Notre Dame, and the breathtaking oil paintings hanging in the Louvre and other prestigious galleries. Perhaps it helps if I relate how we came to understand how this works:

As I said we hadn’t intended on doing a ceremony for KTI Institute’s launch due to the Coronavirus. Irrespective of our unpreparedness, this was no ordinary day as we were dealing with an extraordinarily unique opportunity energetically. Therefore, this was not about perfecting a production; like I said it concerned harnessing our intent. We knew it was important when Great Spirit-Mind moved Curtis to produce his gorgeous painting, which spurred Guy and me to create an explanation for the prayer. Since it was all kind-of last minute the event was unrehearsed, as I was unable to get all the material to Curtis until 2:30 pm. Nonetheless, apparently we more than succeeded because as I posted on Facebook, we only needed 12 and at least 20 people “attended.” That said, on our Living Knowledge page and K.T.I. Evolution page, we share our discovery of a connection between 3 mountains in Washington State and the original Federal Triangle between the Capitol, Whitehouse, and Washington Monument. Both sets of 3 points formed a right-triangle, but the amazing thing as we said is that they are proportionately identical. Since 2004, Guy has attended every ceremony that energetically marked a particular time, and Curtis joined in from 2010. On Saturday for the first time we were separated from each other, with the four of us (obviously Craig and I were together) proportionately positioned in a microcosm of the triangle of mountains. It seemed that our connection, along with the 20 people’s intent activated the energy that Guy and Dan instigated by placing a mirror on the three points (mountains) in Washington State. Ultimately, we now understand that the previous ceremonies since 2005 were designed to hold and build the spiritual energy using Divine Magic. This understanding became apparent in 2016, when we honored the 22nd anniversary of Jerusalem. As you can see, we created a YouTube recording of the 2016 meditation, which we will repeat on April 13th.

In this difficult period where we are confined to our houses, if we want to be informed we are forced to see the plight of so many people. At the same time, we are witnessing the sacrifice of so many first responders and others risking their lives to help. The scenario in Daniel’s Lion Creating Reality that causes a shift in consciousness, includes the Great Awakening. Every day I hear and read of people going within to reassess their priorities, most concern evaluating their spirituality. We are also witnessing acts of compassion and altruism by the silent majority, which is energetically infiltrating the world. It is this energy that we hope to harness in the upcoming events. Since we believe they are Divinely inspired to use Divine Magic, we feel it can affect the situation and if not annihilate the virus, at least stop it returning. As I understand it, we need to replicate the ceremony we held on April 4th 2016, only on a higher level because we are building the energy from last Saturday’s (4-4-2020) meditation. Curtis had an insightful way of explaining it, as ceremony 1 representing the individual consciousness, ceremony 2 the Mass or Collective Consciousness, and ceremony 3 the Universal Consciousness. I also see it as (1) State (individual), (2) Country (US being the Microcosm of the world), and (3) World. In addition, Craig had a vision of the serpent swallowing its tail, and Guy got the Scripture “the first will be last, and the last will be first”, which made us think of the 3 ceremonies being reversed. One more coincidence, it was Easter Monday that we were in Jerusalem. Anyway, as I said above, all we require is an open mind and commitment to helping the world. For those of you who participated on Saturday, your energy and intent will be multiplied exponentially. Thank you,

Thank you — Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always — Suzzan and Craig



—The 444 EVENT — April(4) 4TH, 2020 —

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Energetically, Saturday April 4th is an extremely powerful day, not only because it is the 26th Anniversary of the Jerusalem Event but it also brings in the numbers 444 reducing to 3 through 12 . Our dear friend Curtis was guided to produce the beautiful painting (to the left) and bring it over to our house. The 3 mountains symbolize both the original Federal Triangle and the Natural triangle in Washington State. This painting energetically unites the US but more than that as every country in the world is represented here, it unites the world. In this time of uncertainty, we are afforded a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the solution. Suzzan was given the prayer below, which along with Curtis' painting and video, incorporates both sound and color. If just 444 people could repeat this prayer aloud at 3pm, wherever they are in the world while gazing at the painting, it will exponentially shift our consciousness to one of unity. Although 3pm falls at different times all over the world, people doing saying the prayer at 3-pm in their own time-zone will only add to the energy.




444-PRAYER at 3-P.M. (your own time zone) on 4/4/2020

Today as we struggle for a better world, we humbly ask for guidance in cultivating patience, tolerance and understanding for each other. Help us to love one another as we are loved. There are many ways to climb Life’s mountain and the view from the top is the same, so we ask help to recognize this Truth and give each other’s mission and purpose the consideration it deserves. We call upon the Divine powers above and below the veil who serve Spirit, to fill this world with Love and Light, so that we can joyfully manifest a peaceful, loving, and compassionate world for All.

Thank you — Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always — Suzzan and Craig




Amazon Book Page Amazon Book Page Today, as the Summer of 2019 is over, we are gearing up for the launch of the K.T.I. Institute for Spiritual Transformation, which entails revamping the website. In the course of this revamping, we realized that we have neglected to update our Message page. One of the reasons for our negligence is that Suzzan has been absorbed in writing the study material required for the launch. Due to the dynamic nature of mass consciousness Suzzan has incorporated the information from the old scroll writings, FULL CIRCLE: THE MYSTERIES UNCLOAKED and FULL CIRCLE: THE MYSTERIES UNCLOAKED GLOBE D into her new 2 volume series: AMERICA’S HIJACKED DESTINY... As an in-depth treatise on Spiritual Evolution, her new books replaced those writings on the Ancient Wisdom for Now scroll. Some of the disabled links below (still underlined) refer to those writings, which no longer are reachable and are marked as  (AHD)  now. Nonetheless, we wanted to catch up our followers, by relating the process of our work.

Thank you — Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always — Suzzan and Craig


Chronicles of Guy's Intradimensional Divine Encounters — November 9TH, 2019 —

Avaliable NOW on AMAZONGuy’s encounters began in 2004 when he turned 40 in the middle of his Uranus opposition. At this juncture in life, astrologers tell us we learn the purpose for our lives. However, it is difficult to see how anyone could learn anything in the chaos and terror Guy was living through that year. Initially, we thought our missions were unconnected, even after he was guided to my husband Craig. Nonetheless, we came to understand that all three of us were on parallel paths destined to come together.
Working with Guy to get his story written, I was struck by the other-worldly tone of his amazing experiences. For instance, many of the players in Guy’s story are bizarre and some appear much less beneficial to Humanity. Wondering who these beings were, we were led to understand that he was dealing with more than one energy. Obviously, as anything remotely different is usually accredited to extraterrestrials, we were amazed to discover that at least one group he was dealing with were future human beings – FHBs visiting him to guide him to fulfil his destiny. It took some time but we eventually understood, his experiences recounted in the book concerned Humanity’s evolution. As my husband Craig writes on our book page, “Oddly as this strikes me, it confirms my hope that we are not alone and are being spiritually guided beyond our awareness. More importantly, a Divine/Universal plan unfolds with the Cosmic Mind engulfing us all.”
Chronicles of Guy's Intradimensional Divine Encounters presents a different way of looking at the UFO phenomena, providing an alternative cause for it. Ultimately, working with Guy on his book gave me great hope for the Human Race, it is Guy’s and my sincere wish that it does the same for you.

Thank you — Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always — Suzzan


—UPDATE TO KTI MESSAGE PAGE — November 1ST, 2019 —


We believe the main reason Suzzan embarked on this monumental task was because as she wrote:

“Looking at the world today many people are asking why with all our advances are so many people still suffering. Craig and I were two such people; consequently, for the last 25 years we have sought to answer that question. We are a team, but due to Craig working at the time the task predominantly fell to me. As our quest was inspired we had help in my journey, which as I have written came from Great Spirit-Mind (Our term for God). I must assert that none of the content in the treatise is channeled. Rather I was required to interpret the information myself, like putting some kind-of jigsaw puzzle together. So, in seeking answers I was guided to the relevant information, some of which was truly shocking.”

“In brief, tracking the events and players throughout history I saw that energy and symbology played a huge part. It still does. However, identifying the “Shadow’s” agenda, and Great Spirit-Mind’s (“Light”) plan was not easy and was sometimes quite ambiguous. This book (treatise) is the culmination of my struggle to unravel both sides’ strategies. Surprisingly, I discovered the “Light’s” representatives were sometimes tools for the “Shadow” and vice versa. My search to understand the path Humanity took to reach this point in time, was truly a lesson in keeping an open mind. I used all disciplines including science and philosophy. Logic was my benchmark, if any information or theory could not standup to my logic then I was on the wrong track. I am sure it will come as no surprise that in the beginning I took many a wrong turn, so to speak. Still it was worth it in the end, because this treatise answered all my questions.

This book (treatise) contains three parts in two volumes. Volume I contains the first two parts, A Different Perspective on Evolution, and Globe D-A New Earth.

Part 1 lays out the evolutionary plan for Life (Life-Principle) from the beginning of existence to its purpose being temporarily disrupted. Following the development of consciousness through ever shortening cycles, we see how the Life-Principle becomes individualized with a fully developed self-conscious awareness. Nevertheless, as the ultimate goal for existence is re-unification with our Divine origins, Part 1 reveals how our Spiritual Evolution was temporarily blown off course through a well-intentioned mistake. Due to the consequences of this “mistake”, a force was created that worked against the Divine Realm called the World Soul. (Please note: that this term has nothing to do with the human or animal soul.) Because this entity was constructed from the basest thoughts and emotions of Humanity, drastic action was required, and a kind-of quarantine was temporarily put in place. Tragically, apart from creating the World Soul the mistake resulted in the insertion of a false self that has two components, active or masculine, and passive or feminine. These are known as what I call the human ego (active) and counterfeit-spirit (passive) and which Eckhart Tolle designates as the ego and pain-body. Scripture allegorically refers to this tragic event as the “Fall” of Adam and Eve. Part 1 also lays out the key events in Humanity’s downfall and introduces the players acting on behalf of either the Divine Realm, or the World Soul before the quarantine.

-A New Earth), starts in the year . immediately after the quarantine is set in place, and follows the Human Race’s development amidst an escalating competition between the two above mentioned forces. This contest escalates because of a limited duration. At this time, (0.C.E.) the Divine Realm has become what I came to call: the “Light of Truth”, or “Light” for short. These forces were/are dedicated in empowering us to overcome the handicap Humanity was saddled with because of the “Fall”, the ego and counterfeit-spirit. The Divine’s opponent was not only the counterfeit-spirit and human ego, but also the worst of the World Soul expelled from the Soul Plane. This resulted in an even more Malevolent force, which I refer to as the “Shadow of Deception” or “Shadow” for short. Literally constructed from the basest thoughts and emotions of human beings, the “Shadow” had one agenda, manipulating people into sabotaging not only the planet, but also our Spiritual Evolution.

Part 3 (New Jerusalem) is also Volume II and focuses solely on preparing for the final contest between the “Light” and the “Shadow. Beginning in 1750, it demonstrates how both sides used people and events from various countries in preparation for the creation of the New World. It also demonstrates how the “Orders of the Quest”, the mysterious representatives of the “Light”, vied with the machinations of the “Shadow’s” agents. As the title for Part 3 denotes, the final arena for the mystical battle takes place in America. We know this because New Jerusalem is a term for the New World, and indicates it is the location for Humanity to fulfill its destiny in our evolution. The bulk of Volume II or Part 3 centers on America’s development in the 20th Century and the role of the Baby Boomer generation.



We discovered why we designed the covers before Suzzan wrote the book in the summer of 2018, when I was moved to adapt a feature of the cover to create the 78 Tarot Gateways on our website.

One of the key points in Suzzan’s Epilogue was the Return of the Palladium, which she speculated would return during the Autumnal Equinox of 2018, however, even if “She” did, we must add that “She” did not wave some kind-of magical wand to make everything perfect. Her return is always archetypal, in that “She” merely adds the energy people need to overcome their counterfeit-spirit/pain-body and give their true self, their Spirit a chance. As for the timing of the Palladium’s return, we believe a clue comes from the words “sunset gates shall stand, a mighty woman with a torch” in Emma Lazarus’ “The New Colossus.” There is no way we can prove this, but neither of us had any idea of the content of Emma’s sonnet, when I designed the icon for the Gateways.

The sunset in the icon comes from the profile Suzzan had me create for our Bridge to Peace Project Facebook Page in 2011. Today, the same sunset heads our opening Page for our web site, which includes the Triple 7 Center. Regarding the Tarot cards in the Gateways, as stated, Suzzan recolored the Rider-Waite Tarot and created a new deck called RSW – Arcanas Tarot for our new book, Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s RABBI’S TAROT. She titled them “Arcanas”, because arcana is Latin for mystery and this deck was specifically created to reveal The Mysteries.



During the Summer of 2018, Suzzan revised the Hidden Codes Page to provide detailed instructions on how to determine your Codes. As she wrote in the introduction. Before the Gateways, the Codes of Life were originally created to help people identify the energy within them and provide the clues for individuals to plot their course in life, but as they say; that was then and this is now. Today we know that the Hidden Codes are to help 777,000 people create a critical mass to transform the world through meditating on their personal Gateways. First, let us state that despite our connecting the number to the term “Body of Christ”, there are no specific religious connotations to this number. We are talking about a Universal consciousness or energy here, which includes teachers and founders from all the world’s religions. Using Suzzan’s instructions to determine your Codes, you can discover which Tarot card Gateways you resonate with.

Something we were given early on in our mission was that the key to the Mysteries is hidden in the English language. In applying this to understanding how meditating on the Gateways could help in transforming a person’s consciousness, we were reminded of the axiom “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Generally, this axiom is taken to mean that a person’s eyes can often reveal their true nature, but in this case, we believe it goes both ways. What we see can and does affect the human soul. For instance, think about how seeing the plane hit the second tower on 9-11 affected each of us.



A month after our ceremony, Suzzan was given the title Beyond Divination: Minor Arcana’s role in Spiritual Evolution. Relaying this to me, within days we designed the cover for not only the Minor Arcana, but also the Major Arcana. (Note: unlike the recent 2-Volume treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny…, these books are separate works.) To design a cover for a book before Suzzan had even started writing it, was highly unusual, but what is more it was two years before she even began researching material for it! This is because she was engrossed it writing her treatise, which took her three years to complete.

Although Suzzan now believes that the ceremony on April 4th 2016 helped her in understanding the Minor Arcana. Even so, the ceremony had another purpose. In the ceremony Guy Juarez played a flute. At the time, we did not realize that it was linked to his incredible story recorded in his book. Initially, we posted it as a downloadable PDF on our site, but then he and Suzzan decided to update it and publish it as a paperback. In working on the update, Suzzan was reminded that Guy carried the consciousness of Solomon, and therefore he is intrinsically linked to the Elemental forces.

In his book, he recounts that he was given a helper in September of 2004. This ceremony involved a flute, as well as all four Elements. If you examine the photo of the layout of the cards below. East is represented by the suit of Pentacles and Earth. South is represented by the suit of Swords and Air. West is represented by the suit of Cups and Water. Finally, North is represented by the suit of Wands and Fire. As stated, Guy played the Notes of the 22 Major Arcana cards on his flute, which connected the ceremony to his experience in 2004. All of this will be explained in his soon to be released updated book, which has been retitled Chronicles of Guy’s Intradimensional Divine Encounters.

Thank you — Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always — Suzzan and Craig



Ceremony SpreadAs Above So BelowSince the beginning of March, we planned to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the event on April 4th 1994 in Jerusalem with a ceremony. We knew that we were to use color and sound as the mediums. Each day, as the time approached, we gained greater insight into how the ceremony would proceed. The previous year, Suzzan was inspired to recolor the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (renamed the RWS-Rabbi’s Tarot) to match Daphna Moore’s description in her seminal work THE RABBI’S TAROT, in the new version (Ancient Teachings on the EGO: in Daphna Moore’s RABBI’S TAROT) released this year. The book, which was over a century in the making, carries the Mysteries of how to transform the false self or Ego.

For the music used at the Ceremony and an introduction that can be used for meditation click here: https://youtu.be/ckmuLmbczHA

As many of us know today, many of the ancient teachings on transformation were hidden in symbology, designed to work on us subliminally at the subconscious level. This was the purpose for creating the Tarot cards. Despite the Tarot being used for divination that was never the cards true purpose, therefore we are happy to say, today, we can reveal their original function. Under guidance, the RWS-Rabbi’s Tarot deck provides the color energy and Daphna’s book provided the sound. By that we mean, each of the 22 Major Arcana cards are assigned a specific note on the music scale. Pythagoras taught of the power of sound and we think there are very few of us who have not felt moved by a particular piece of music. This is because we are hard-wired to respond to certain sounds. Consequently, Guy Juarez was tasked with creating a meditation for the ceremony using the notes of the cards. The order he used was inspired by a vision Suzzan had concerning two trees of Life and the Major Arcana, recreated on our website and in the new version.

Considering, our ceremony connected to the wondrous event of the Christ’s energy influx into this world, 22 years earlier in Jerusalem, we were not that surprised to learn of another event of the same nature. Although, one of our directors, Leyland Carney sent us the e-mail on the Saturday, we did not see it until the day of the ceremony. Having set the details and purpose for the ceremony the weekend before, we were struck by the synchronicity of the upcoming energetic event on Saturday the 9th at 11 pm, below are the relevant excerpts from the notice:

This is an urgent message about an upcoming event that is going to have global implications on the side of massive paradigm shifts. There are some important things to know. We’d like to start off by saying that it is only Ego that would resist or condemn this message and we know we have nothing to defend. This message will reach and be received by all who are meant to receive it and the rest will experience what is to come, regardless.
A massive energetic shift is coming and we are here to make you aware that as of April 9, 2016 at 11:00 pm PDT and for the following 3 hours, a massive energetic message is being remotely communicated and shown to an innumerable amount of people on Earth. This message is one of love, peace, surrender, forgiveness, healing and powerful vibrations being sent through directly to individuals through their energetic field…
Getting yourself into the fullest trance like, meditative and/or psychedelic state possible is important for this to be as effective as possible. Adding powerful music (free of lyrics) is helpful to the process. Once you are in this state, bring yourself to the highest vibrations of positive emotions possible. Forgiveness, peace, love, bliss, laughter, whatever comes up. Laugh, cry, release. Whatever positive emotion comes up must be expressed to the masses…
For everyone reading this that understands, resonates and remembers that this was the time we chose for a reason, between now and April 9, 2016 at 11:00 pm PDT, RELEASE ALL FEARS. RELEASE ALL JUDGMENT. FORGIVE EVERYONE. LOVE EVERYONE. REMEMBER THAT WE ARE ONE. This is so important…
Beforehand, this is a great time to express love and forgiveness to everyone in your life that you have not done so yet. Remember, it is only your ego that is resisting this or believes that it is not you that needs to apologize and communicate love. It does not matter how the other responds or how they receive the message. Fear no consequence. Remember, once truth is spoken it continues to work through all…
Brothers and sisters, please share this message far and wide. This is the good news prophesied in many books. It does not matter what religion or path you are on. We are One…The end times are transformative, not destructive. There is nothing to fear. This is the moment we have all been waiting for…

We have never ignored input regarding our mission and we realized that somehow the two events were connected. The interesting thing was that there were nine of us taking part in our ceremony, 3 of who were in different states. For instance, our executive director Dr. Carol Sue Rosin and director Judith Rohlfer attended the ceremony on Skype, from Oregon and Indiana respectively.

Guided to lay the deck out in a specific pattern, we added an Orgone double pyramid, which Judith gifted to us, raising card 11 Justice above the other cards. Judith also used her electronic healing program, the CoRe to assist in amplifying and broadcasting the meditation ceremony out into the ethers. Judy Bernard and expert in the use of sound, when told about the ceremony was inspired to use an Amethyst singing bowl at the same time in Nashville. There were six of us in the room, four (Craig, Guy Juarez, Midori Tanaka & Suzzan) in the circle, and two (Curtis Santonino Madrid & Ken Thomas) holding the energy and assisting from a few feet away. All of us were simply tools for the universal and divine forces to use. As we understand it, while seated around the colorful cards, absorbing their energy into our auras, we listened to the tones, which also affected our energy fields. Naturally, Carol and Judith’s energy, as well as Judy’s energy using the Amethyst singing bowl with the same intent assisted in spreading the energy. As we consider everyone who gave their time and energy dear friends, it was an especially inspirational time for us.

The reason we were guided to elevate Justice above the rest was because of what the archetype represents. Guy held his ceremony at 4:44 pm, using the cards and the tones, before coming over to our house to conduct our ceremony at 7:22 pm. Numerologically, the time seemed appropriate as it encompasses 7, which has been a dominant number in our mission and the master number 22 for the anniversary, not to mention the 22 major arcana cards. Another interesting fact is that the numbers add up to 11, the other master number and the number of Justice, (balance) the card that was raised in the circle for the ceremony.

Paul Foster Case explained the Hebrew letter assigned to card 11 – Justice conceals interesting information. When viewed as a verb, the Hebrew letter Lamed means, “to teach, to instruct.” In addition, Justice’s symbol of an ox-goad reveals the card represents “education” with “equilibration for its aim…” He also believed that it was not sufficient for the student to “theorize” only; the student must apply what he or she has learned in the material world in a tangible way.
Mr. Foster Case linked Justice to the number 22, by relating that the number 22 is “the conventional arithmetical symbol for any circle…” This is especially interesting because of what Eliphas Levi said about the Hebrew letter Lamed. According to Levi, “…Lamed is an expression of the perfect cycle. Considered as a hieroglyphic sign, it represents the “circulation of the perpetual movement and the relation of the radius to the circumference.”

One more point, Dion Fortune connects Justice to the non-Sephirot on the Tree of Life, Daath, which reveals a universal truth. “So by virtue of the great Wisdom and Realization that it holds, Daath embraces the Sphere of Justice: Justice at the supreme level, the absolute balancing point of the smallest atom in relationship with the furthest and largest sun…”

We find it interesting how we all crave Justice, but the form that passes for Justice on earth is a poor substitute for the power of true Justice. It is for this reason that we have recreated the ceremony for everyone to use as a meditation, to find inner peace. Because the more of us who align with the truth that we are all one and that Justice only works when it is equally applied to all, the sooner we will transform this world.

Thank you — Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always — Suzzan and Craig



We have consistently said that in order to start the transformation process, we need to change the way we think. In that we must begin to consider “known” truths about our world and history from a different perspective. One of the most profound ways we can change the way we think is considering the possibility that we can not only connect with the divine/universal intelligence, but also engage in a two-way communication with them.

Click for KTI Central pageClick for Stage IntuitiojOver the years we have lost count how many people have asked us the question, how do we know we are hearing from the Great Spirit-Mind? Craig’s and my answer has always been the same, “We just know, because of our experience. However, even for Craig and I, our experiences are different and highly personal. Consequently, in Stage Intuition we are focusing on developing our spiritual connection, as taught by the Ancient Mysteries. We hope to share with you the specific way initiates were trained in the past, and how that differs from now, simply because we have experienced the Shift.

4 Clildren BookThere is nothing to fear in opening up yourself to whomever the divine or universe represents for you. For those of you who sincerely what to develop a two-way communication, this Stage could be a turning point, especially as it not only includes the wondrous message that was given to Carol recorded in FOR THE CHILDREN, it also expands on it.


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Thank you — Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always — Suzzan and Craig



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PYP (Pneuma Yod Project) "the boys in the band" with Soul Rock

We are pleased to announce that our friends and directors, Guy Juarez and Dan Bogrand, founding members of the Pneuma-Yod Project (PYP) along with the gifted Mark Larsen will be auditioning for the Hemp Festival, scheduled for late August. Their audition will be on Wednesday May 22nd at 10:00pm at the Jazzbones on 6th Avenue, Tacoma, Washington, and we encourage anyone in the area to come and support them. Since it is after MAY 22ND 10:00pm we thank all that supported the event. For all that missed the date, or just want to relive it...Use this link for a RECORDING of that night: http://www.youtube.com/user/PYPsoulrock
Below is an encapsulation of how the Pneuma Yod Project was born.


As with all evolution, the Pneuma Yod Project, or PYP as they prefer to be called, started from a spark. In this case, the spark was ignited through an experience of terror and subsequent escape from said terror of the project’s founder Guy Juarez. This statement will not be surprise anyone who has read “The Chronicles of Guy’s Alien Encounters.” For those of you that haven’t, you can read or download the book from either Guy’s personal site www.pneuma-yod.com or the 777 Center Home page. In a nutshell, in this shockingly, revealing and at times gut-wrenching e-book, Guy bares his soul, so to speak, and recounts his experiences that focuses on the time between 2000 through 2004, when he finally broke free to pick up the pieces of his life. It was his understanding of the help and guidance he received to help him break free that led to the laying of the first foundation stone of the PYP.

Guy’s escape from the terror that had become his life, led him to the 7 Keys Center Millennium Awakening Center in Lakewood, Washington. There he found kindred spirits he could share his story with, whom also had stories of their own. Hearing of a study group to uncover the Ancient Mysteries held at the center, Guy quickly signed up. Over the next year, he slowly began to see the benefit of self-discovery and how each person had a purpose on Earth. His purpose was obvious, to use music to touch peoples souls.

Music had always been a passion for Guy. He and his brother had started the band Mr. Nobody in the early 90s and quickly gained success, playing in bars and clubs every weekend throughout the Seattle area. In 2000, life was great for Guy; he was happily married with three children, he had steady work during the day to pay the bills, plus he was supplementing his income with his true love, music. Then he met a woman and within a year he had lost it all, his wife and family, band, music, and job.

After the 7 Keys closed in the summer of 2005, Guy continued his study with us in our home. Earlier that year he had joined the I.D.E.A Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity as a director, because the foundation’s goals were in line with his. He also began writing music again, but this time he was using it in a healing, transformative way. As fear had been such a strong presence in his life, Guy keyed in on addressing that emotion. Consequently, he wrote the powerful song “Because of the Fear”, to which two videos were produced. The first video, using the title of the song addressed fear from the material, physical perspective. However, the second video incorporating Tibetan gongs and called “Gongs of Change”, presented fear from the energetic perspective. Both videos are available on Guy’s site.

After producing the videos, the flood gates opened for Guy and he began writing and composing songs profusely. It seemed he was presenting a new song to us almost every week. We found them inspirational and deeply moving. For Guy, the songs were about his “journey to forces calling him to see something greater than himself.” So many things inspired him. For instance, after watching a YouTube video by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor about her experience when she had a stroke, he was inspired to write “Silent Mind.” Nonetheless, most of his songs were about what he was learning.

In 2007, Guy was ready to present his work to the world and after his web site Pneuma-Yod was set up, he began making some of his songs available for download. During this time, although he worked with a couple of ex-members of the Mr. Nobody band, he didn’t try to put the band back together that door was forever closed; he was different and therefore his music was too. Still, the drive to share his music with the world was getting stronger, and the number of songs kept growing.

Following a mass e-mail we sent out to our former patrons of the 7 Keys in the fall of 2010, we received a reply from a young man who had been in the study group. His name was Dan Bogrand and after he conveyed a wish to continue studying with us, we invited him to our home. It soon became apparent that Dan supported the I.D.E.A Foundation’s goals and so he accepted our invitation to be a director. As expected, Dan and Guy bonded immediately, not only because of the same philosophy, but also because of their deep love for music. Expressing a desire to play the drums, Guy encouraged Dan to start practicing with him on a regular basis. At this time, Guy had signed with the record label TMG music group to produce a CD of his songs, which he had mixed in his home studio in a controlled environment. With this action, Guy laid the foundation stone for the Pneuma Yod Project, because the next step was to promote the CD, by playing in public.

Before we move onto the next phase, let’s take a moment to examine his choice of name for the project. The name evolved from Guy’s inward journey of self-discovery. Coming to understand the spirit is within us, he wanted to reflect this in the name. Pneuma is literally the Greek word for “breath”, but philosophically it is more akin to representing the Soul or Life-force. On the other hand, Yod, the tenth letter in the Hebrew Alphabet means Spirit and represents the spark within us all. By combining the two words, Guy wanted to convey the importance of both aspects in the human being.

Dan and Guy’s practice sessions were getting better and better and as the drummer, Dan became known as the “heartbeat” of the band. As their confidence grew, both were feeling they could play out in bars and clubs, but they both felt they needed a third member to build the next level in as they were calling it, “the temple of sound for the soul”. After all three is the minimum number needed to build a structure. The universe must have heard them, because shortly after Guy was in Starbucks one spring morning of 2011.

Standing in line for coffee, Guy noticed the young Barista standing behind the counter. When he reached the counter, the young man asked, “Are those guitar pegs?” Guy immediately knew what he meant; Guy had worn guitar pegs as earrings for most of his adult life. Introducing himself as Mark Larsen, after Guy affirmed his assessment, the young man offered, “I play guitar myself.” Considering his desire for someone to join the band that he and Dan were putting together, Guy smiled and said, “Great. Why don’t you come and play with us.” Mark did, and Guy later related to us that to say that Mark “played the guitar” was an understatement in the extreme. Emphasizing the point, he added “I think he is a prodigy.” At the time we had to take Guy’s word for it, although we knew that when it came to music he was usually brutally honest about a person’s talent, or lack thereof.

What neither Guy nor anyone knew at the time was that Mark also used music to heal and he had an understanding of music that went very deep for one so young. We would call him an old soul, because like Guy and Dan, music was so much more than just something pleasant to listen to for Mark. This understanding became clearly apparent, when we asked Guy to write and create the music for a meditation we were putting together for the summer Solstice of 2011 for the Bridge to Peace Project. As well as writing the music for the meditation, we also asked Guy to narrate the guided meditation.

The project had grown out of our connection with the work of Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. Early in 2011, we had read his book “The Purposeful Universe”, and realized how his work could be applied to promoting world-wide peace. After contacting him through our director and friend Leyland Carney, Dr. Calleman graciously consented to supporting the project by becoming a Close Associate of the I.D.E.A. Foundation.

For the meditation the three members decided to incorporate the powerfully healing 432 Hz as well as the Tibetan gongs and Solfeggio tones. The tones and the gongs together created such a unique and riveting sound. After Guy had written his guitar piece, it was no problem for Mark and Dan to find their inspiration and contribute their piece to the music. The result of their efforts was the truly moving and hauntingly beautiful arrangement that is the center piece for the guided meditation.

Following the meditation, the Pneuma Yod Project stalled for a short time, while Guy exorcized the demons, so to speak of his experience in 2004 through writing the e-book. The main result of writing the book was that Guy recognized the different “players” in the events. Through this, he understood that the “aliens” he encountered were merely trying to help him remember his purpose here; that is, to use music to help bring peace and harmony to the world, by touching people’s souls.

When the book was finished, Guy posted the link onto his Facebook page, which led to another important connection for us. While he was working on the book, he had connected with the so-called UFO community on Facebook, and through them had learned of the work of Dr. Carol Sue Rosin, and had friend requested her. On November 11 2011 having sent a message to Dr. Rosin, Guy was in the middle of writing to another friend when a box appeared on his screen indicating the former was responding by instant message. Carol related that although not intending to turn her computer on, “something” had moved her to do so. Discussing the serendipity of connecting on such an auspicious day ---11:11:11, as the world focused on Peace through multiple events, the serendipity of the contact was further reinforced for Guy on learning he and Carol shared the same birthday. The next day Guy sent Dr. Rosin a letter explaining our work and she again delighted him with an immediate response not only saying she felt they could work together, but also expressing a desire to speak with us. The rest as they say is history, we immediately bonded and began helping promote the Peace in Space Treaty banning all space-based weapons.

Silent Mind” CD was released in early 2012 and the Pneuma Yod Project moved into full swing again. At first, it was unclear as to what direction they were going to take, but Guy felt they needed to take the next step by bringing the energy of the songs into the material plane by playing live.

Today, all three members see PYP as still evolving and envision the project growing and developing as other singers and or musicians are moved to help them build their temple of sound. They encourage anyone, so moved to contact them. Philosophy, and or beliefs are not a consideration, other than each potential member recognizes the truth that at the soul level, everyone on Earth wants to live in peace and harmony.
We await PYP’s first live performance with eager anticipation.

Thank you — Namaste, Peace and Love — Craig and Suzzan


—THE BRIDGE TO PEACE PROJECT — March 26th, 2012 —

Bridge to Peace Link

Hello Friends for Peace— As you know we have been searching for 144,000 world peacemakers for our map with at least one person in each country. Through your generous support, we are delighted to say that we have succeeded in finding a world peacemaker to represent every country (165 plus) on the map. We also now have more than 1% of the 144,000 names on the map. Now we need to build on this by moving onto the next step, which is the Bridge to Peace Project. The project is an “experiment”, which uses the premise that symbols and archetypes can initiate a change in the mass consciousness and create a frequency shift.

Our “experiment” or the Bridge to Peace Project was formulated to apply Dr. Calleman’s theory of a universal generator driving evolution that he calls the Cosmic Tree of Life. This “tree” is reflected in every cell of our bodies by a miniature tree of life. The way we are employing Dr. Calleman’s theory is to bridge the gap between the universal Tree of Life and the cellular Tree of Life, by creating 3 energy trees that represents the Universal/Divine, the Objective or Physical, and the Sub-conscious or Inner Kingdom Planes. To do this we are taking the (logos) or visual representation of 33 (32 + The Bridge to Peace Project) carefully selected groups who are working to create a better world, and or actively promoting peace and arranging them in the form of 3 Trees of Life on 3 web pages we are calling the Partners in Peace Pages that links directly to their web sites. This will create a bridge between the Macrocosm or Super-consciousness, and the Microcosm or sub-conscious through the conscious intent to actualize the intent of the world peacemakers on the map.

The (logos) or visual representation of the 33 groups arranged in the forms of the Tree of Life that links directly to their web sites will archetypally represent the Conscious intent of the growing number of world peacemakers and generate the deepest level of Peace. At the center of the Conscious energetic "Tree" representing the Bridge to Peace Project is the picture of two pyramids denoting As Above; So Below – As Below; So Above that were especially created to heal the world.

Dr. Calleman’ theory is that if we can find resonance with the Cosmic Tree of Life we will then begin to manifest the Cosmic or Divine Plan. We believe that this resonance is the purest form of peace that is referred to as the “Peace that passeth all understanding”. As was written in the article on the Peace Page — The Multiple Levels of Peace, we believe that Peace at the deepest level is an evolutionary imperative we are all subconsciously seeking; as reflected in the ancient greetings “Peace be unto you” still used in the Middle East by both Jews and Muslims. This level of “inner” Peace is what is required for us to co-create the world we all want and employing Dr. Calleman’s brilliant theory and finding resonance with the Cosmic Tree of Life will achieve it.

Basically, we are using the critical mass number of 144,000 people?s first names, or the name(s) they are resonating spiritually with to create a mass resonance that will emanate throughout the world bringing a new balance and harmony to this chaotic world. This will in no way usurp people’s free will, because they will each have to decide how they react. It will however, create a space or “eye” if you will in the storm and give people the time to ask the question “Why am I here?” Many people will think that this is “pie in the sky”, but to us we believe that Dr. Calleman’s scientific theory could finally shift the balance from fear and despair in the mass consciousness to hope and joy, which of course will generate both Love and Compassion and will start creating a peaceful harmonious world. Moreover, we believe our “experiment” will create a critical mass to shift the mass consciousness towards peace and get Dr. Carol Sue Rosin’s Treaty signed.

For our “experiment” to be successful we need to gather 144,000 names ASAP so that their intent and energy can be connected to the Tree of Life on the Partners in Peace Page. Obviously, individually contacting this number of people is logistically impossible for only a handful of people. Consequently, we are looking for “Promoters of Peace” who will help us gather the names by asking their Facebook friends to allow them to recognize them as World Peacemakers. Then ideally, these promoters will send us a list of their names with the town/city – country/state.

(We need the full name and location, to keep track of the number of people on the map – there can obviously be several people on the same list. This is not a problem as it will only add to the energy being generated. We just have to make sure that we keep an accurate count.)

We will then create a PDF document for the map that lists your full name (and photo if you want) as a Promoter in Peace, with a list of just the first names; or name they wish to be recognized by.

If you don’t have time to collect all the names, but would still like to help, you could ask your friends on Facebook if they would agree to allow us to gather their names and locations. Again, we will only ever use their first name and will never share their information with anyone.

The energy of Altruistic LOVE is of the same vibration as Peace and to increase both exponentially we need to come together in perfect harmony surrounding the planet with an umbrella of Peace & Love. The Bridge to Peace project and the world peacemaker’s map was created to do just that by getting the Treaty signed. Please help us spread this message of how anyone who wants peace can help make it a reality by simply adding their first name/alias to the map.

Namaste, Peace and Love, Suzzan


—November 11th, 2011—

Government Web Site            KTI Map Guide and Link to World Peace Map


As you know this has been a multi-staged project that began when we co-sponsored a world wide press release with the organizers of the Lothlorien Peace Festival in France September 21-24 calling for a 3 Day Moratorium on all News to focus on peace. Our goal then was to get 144,000 people to focus on peace to utilize the energies being generated by a Global Meditation on Peace on the 23rd during the start of the Cosmic Convergence of the comet Elenin. We succeeded in getting 144,000 when our co-partner in peace Tony Burroughs sent out a letter I wrote to his Vision Alignment Project Intenders to align with the Peace Festival. This facilitated our being able to hold a place for every country not represented by a world peacemaker, until October the 28th. Afterwards we had to take down the purple dots holding the place in unrepresented countries, but we were still working towards locating 144,000 for the 11:11:11 event. As you know we are in charge of our reality and the 11:11:11 event took off with people from all over the world planning ceremonies of one kind or another. In particular, the Council of World Elders (all of whom are on the KTI Map and were very much a part of the Peace Festival) announced they were taking the 13 Crystal Skulls across the country to Los Angeles to perform a ceremony there. Moreover, as it is also Armistice/Veterans Day which honors the time when on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918 the final shot was fired that ended WW1. Plus the “Occupy movement” being ongoing and indirectly focusing on peace by hi-lighting the greatest enemy to peace— greed, also adds energy to the 11:11:11 date. All of these factions are converging facilitating an opportunity for Humanity to shift the consciousness with only 1% of the 144,000 or 1,440 people identifying themselves as world peace makers. I realize that this may sound crazy to many people and pie in the sky, but to us; if there is the slightest chance that finding 1,440 people could change the world for the better for everybody, we have to try (…we got the numbers— thank you everyone).

The movement cannot stop with the 11:11:11 event, and so we created a petition for peace aimed at giving validity to the “Occupy movement” for acting as the conscience of not only America, but also the world. Our goal in this petition is to stir the sleeping giant into realizing that everyone has a voice and there is authority in a united untiring effort. The 1960s Civil Rights movement instigated the end to Segregation however; it was the people that passed the Civil Rights Act by using their voice in contacting their representatives in Congress and “voicing” their wish to end it. For far too long, those working for peace and a better world were considered “fringe elements”. It is our intention to correct that assessment by showing that spiritual growth is on every level and we all have to work at the practical level as well as the spiritual to affect real change. We hope that you will support this effort by signing the petitions to align with “Occupiers” shining a light on the greatest enemy to peace— greed.


—Wall Street Movement & Elenin?s Zero-Impact Shows Success of 3 Day Focus on Peace Say World Peacemakers— ?Just a Start - 11:11:11 is The Turning Point? —October 11th, 2011—

Hunab Ku
—4th World Wide KTI—Press Release — Sent Out October 11th, 2011 —


—World Peacemakers Call for 3-DAY Moratorium on All News 9/22-24 During Peace Festival
to Stop the World for Elenin?s Approach — September 6th 2011—

3rd Press Release
—3rd World Wide KTI—Press Release — Sent Out September 6th, 2011 —

— Link to: congress of the Council of World Elders "A New Consciousness of a New Earth" —
World Elders



Join the 3 Day Moratorium on All negative News.

Dr. Carl Johan Calleman and organizers of the Lothlorien Peace Festival in France September 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th, together with the Know Thyself Initiative have recognized Humanity is being offered a rare opportunity to change direction. The opportunity is being afforded by the entrance into our Solar System of 3 cosmic bodies, comets Honda, Levy and the most important Elenin. Many believe the advent of these cosmic bodies may well be fulfillment of the Hopi prophesy identifying the return of the Blue Star Kachina (Elenin) along with the two brothers (Honda and Levy).

Various videos are circling the Web linking alignments of Elenin with the recent major earthquakes in Chile, New-Zealand and Japan. Having detected another major alignment on September 26th, where Elenin passes between the sun and the earth, many are sounding the alarm and warning of the probability of at least one major earthquake. Although conceding that this is one possibility of the alignment, we would like to offer another outcome. Seen from a purely energetic and consciousness perspective, this alignment can be used to propel the Human Race into the next step in evolution. Science today acknowledges everything is energy and Elenin is no exception. With that in mind, if we change the way we think then we can use this “Elenin energy” to usher in the long awaited Shift in Consciousness.

If you have switched off, thinking this is just pie in the sky or wishful thinking, let us talk about how a small number of people can affect the mass consciousness. We have seen time and time again how a few angry people can stir normally reasonable individuals to become an out-of-control rioting mob. Psychologists say this happens because of the collective consciousness. Fortunately, as with every group scenario it also works the other way, a positive message of hope can motivate people to believe in the impossible. This is what we are advocating. The Cosmic Convergence September 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th will use the energy generated by the Peace Festival where people present, as well as a multitude of groups and organizations outside will be focused on one single thought: Peace.

There are three ways in which you can participate in the Cosmic Convergence and like concentric circles; they grow larger as we move away from the center. The first is to go to France to the Peace Festival and join the spiritual teachers like Dr. Calleman, Masuru Emoto, the Hopi, Mayan, and many Indigenous elders in generating Peace throughout the world. The second way is by declaring your intention to align with the two statements below that Dr. Calleman suggests.

  • That we will consistently let our lives be guided by divine guidance rather than our egos.

On the face of it this statement may seem a no-brainer, but that could be an over-simplification. If we consider that “divine” represents our individual spirits, which are all connected to each other and always want what’s best for everyone; whereas the “ego” is the part of us that always looks out for number one, so to speak, then we can see the deeper implications to the declaration to commit to “consistently” following “divine guidance.”  The way we can identify the difference between the spirit’s input and the ego’s, is to remember the spirit finds common ground to unite us; whereas the ego points out differences to keep us separate from each other.

The second declaration is also not so cut and dried and needs some explanation.

  • That we surrender our “right” to respond with negativity to negativity in others or respond with violence to the violence of others

In his article that calls for participation in the Cosmic Convergence, Dr. Calleman says, “…it is important that the very far reaching consequences of these declarations are recognized and probed in depth by those that choose to make them.” He goes on to quote Gandhi by saying we need to be the change in the world we seek to see by accepting our responsibility. Dr. Calleman is aligning with the YouTube video “Declaring our independence from the dark side.”

Considering what is happening in the world today, it is understandable why Dr. Calleman and the people in the YouTube video felt the need to make the statement: “I declare my independence from the dark side now!” This falls in with the 3 Day Moratorium on ALL negative news, as in “turning our backs” or declaring our independence from the dark-side/all negativity.

Nonetheless, to tap into the transformative energies being generated at this time we need to take the next step. The Collective Pain Body has been neutralized, now we need to neutralize it individually. We do this by not giving it any energy at all and presenting a united front with one single focus: Peace.  Apart from the Lothlorien Peace Festival in France 21-24, there is the Earth Dance Festival in Northern California promoting Global Peace from September 23-25. Of course the Cosmic Convergence runs from September 23-26, with a global meditation scheduled for the first day. We think it is easy to see that September 23rd is the key day as all three elements are converging then. Following the principle of canceling the negative with the positive, we now change the original declaration to:

  • That we pledge to focus on Love & Compassion for ALL Life seeing the world united in peace.

We believe the energy generated by this new declaration can utilize the energy being generated and shift it to the positive. It is important to state that when we speak of Love we are not speaking of the feel good romantic love for a person, but the All-powerful Creative Force that permeates the universe giving life to all. This Love is experienced as a mother holding her newborn baby for the first time, or the first sight of breath-taking natural beauty as in the Grand Canyon, or a moonless star-filled night sky. This kind of love has power to change us in every way; Masuru Emoto’s work with sounds/words and emotions affect on water crystals is a perfect example. The individual human spirit experiences only 3 emotions, Love, Compassion and Joy. Consequently, this declaration was formulated to engender an awakening of the spirit.

This is why Dr. Calleman graciously allowed us to use the positive version for our recent press release to reflect the spirit of the Peace Festival. Energetically those able to make these declarations and focus on them in meditation or prayer will be literally tapping into universal creative energies to raise not only their vibration, but the planet’s too.

However, many in society are dealing with so much stress and anxiety that to loose themselves in Love and Joy is impossible. For those immersed in everyday life and struggling to survive let us remind you of the sub-heading “Join the 3 day moratorium on All negative News.” This is the third and in some ways most effective method of connecting to the Cosmic Convergence. Again science, particularly in quantum physics has demonstrated that we affect matter by our thoughts. Today in this technological age we are faced with a barrage of bad and negative news every day. This only adds to the stress and anxiety already experienced at intolerable levels by large numbers of the population. Unfortunately, because of the connectedness of the mass consciousness this also lowers the collective consciousness.

Consequently, for those of you desperate for some relief from this, we offer the third way to help yourself while at the same time adding your energy to the Cosmic Convergence.

For three consecutive days, September 22nd, 23rd and 24th those of you recognizing the need for change can pledge to only allow positive thoughts to enter the mass consciousness from you, by abstaining from:

  • All news, TV, Radio, Newspapers or Web News
  • All violent video games
  • Any use of obscenities
  • All movies that use obscenities and or violence
  • Any music whose lyrics include obscenities
  • All television shows that cause you anxiety

We say to abstain from obscenities not for moral purposes, but purely as an energy thing. These words lower the vibration, even when spoken in jest. Instead, if you let your speech reflect only positive thoughts, abstaining from all negative input and then perhaps the event becomes a self fulfilling prophecy– “3 Days of Darkness” by way of a media “blackout”. We turn our back on “news as usual” and create the alternative: Peace.

A good example of the effectiveness of “turning your back” on all negative input for 3 Days can be seen in the mini-series Merlin. In a nutshell, the plot centers around Merlin trying to end the constant conflict in Arthurian Britain while being constantly thwarted by an evil twin of the Lady of the Lake: Min. It is how Merlin defeats Min that demonstrates what we are advocating with a 3 Day Moratorium. During the final battle, where Min looks as if she has the upper hand, Merlin simply tells her she no longer has any power over him and turns his back to her, along with all the onlookers. As Merlin stands there, Min tries to get his attention, but when he and all present continue to ignore her she slowly disappears. Although this is a fictional story, its writers were inspired to present this to enter our subconscious and remind us that denying negativity weakens and dissipates it.

Another way of looking at the effectiveness of the 3 day Moratorium is employing the principle advocated by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now. By disconnecting from the flow of input (news), people are in effect living in the present or in other words “Stopping the world.”

Consciousness is neutral and will reflect our focus. If we are immersed in fear, stress and anxiety the negative grows exponentially until it dominates the mass consciousness. What we are proposing is to take a time-out from this stimulus and re-focus on things that bring you joy, whatever that may be. Some of you may want to look at beautiful photos (see transformative art below) or visit family or good friends. As long it does not involve negative emotions or thoughts, what you choose to do for those 3 Days is entirely up to you. By disconnecting from this reality, or being in the world but not of it, you will be connecting with the Peace Festival in France and the many groups focused on Peace during the Cosmic Convergence. 

For those of you so motivated to do so, you can add extra energy to your intent by placing your light on the global map located on https://bridgetopeaceproject.com/5-MAP.html for the Know Thyself Initiative. As more and more lights are added to the map, the positive energy will grow in the mass consciousness. This is then increased even further by the multiple groups working around the world to bring peace and harmony. The power is in your hands; recognize that each of us is here at this time to be a part of the wonder and get involved. Placing your light/name on the map publicly declares you see a need for change and are aligning with like-minded individuals. If a large number of people simply abstain from the negative for 3 days it will add to the energy being generated by the Peace Festival and Cosmic Convergence in a positive way becoming the catalyst for the Shift in Consciousness.


—2nd World Wide KTI—Press Release — Sent Out August 15th, 2011 —

2nd Press Release


— Purpose for Creation of Ancient Mysteries and how they were handed down — August 11th 2011 —

 *** We have shifted "ALIENS" identification to "FHBs" (Future Human Beings) ***

With the popularity of the History channel’s Ancient Aliens, more people have been made aware of the evidence of ancient astronauts visiting our ancestors thousands of years ago. One of the theories put forth by some of the shows contributors is that these ancient astronauts may have genetically altered the native species of Earth. I addressed this in detail below in the 3-part article entitled “What role did Ancient Aliens play in the Divine Plan” –December 8th, 2010.

Note-March 2016: Here we need to add an important update that we have recently determined through additional evidence. This is that we need to correct the identity of the perpetrators of the unforeseen event. Originally, we thought that as only a supremely advanced people would be able to use genetic manipulation, they could not be human. However, having reconsidered our conclusions, together with additional input, we now know that the genetic manipulators could not have been extraterrestrials. We addressed this fact in our new book FOR THE CHILDREN, which we wrote for Dr. Carol Sue Rosin and so we will use the appropriate extracts to illustrate the reasoning behind this change of heart:

For quite some time we interpreted the Watcher’s Mistake as being responsible for the proverbial Fall, but knowledge is dynamic. Therefore, as we evolve and are able to assimilate deeper understandings our interpretation often changes. In Craig’s and my case, there were two main reasons for reevaluating our conclusions, our discussions with Carol and working with our friend and associate, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. Having come to know, respect, and work closely with Carol, we discussed our views on the role extraterrestrials have played in history in particular the theory of their role in the Fall. With her absolute conviction that the cosmic cultures did not cause the Fall, we began to wonder about our conclusions.
Throughout our journey, we have found it is essential to pay attention to everything. Often through a new friend like Carol’s perspective, or new information emerging we have made the greatest breakthroughs. Our recent questioning of our interpretation of the Watcher’s Mistake is a perfect example of the need to remain not only open, but also attentive…

In chapter VII’s section Forbidden Fruit, we mentioned our discovery of new evidence about the so-called gods of Sumer and Babylon. Surprisingly, it was not through a new book, but instead one over 100 years old.
In 1905, Julian Morgenstern published The Doctrine of Sin in the Babylonian Religion, in Germany. As the title implies it is a study on the ancient Babylonian religion. The author believes that ancient writings that referred to the gods were recounting actual historical events.
Since the word worship originates from the word work, it is a fair assumption that the Babylonians did not just worship the gods they literally worked for them. Yet, in these tablets, there is no mention of the gods requiring people to mine gold. On the contrary, the only worship/work Morgenstern refers to is the individual’s duty to feed the gods, bread, and wine.
A key point in the tablets pointed out by Morgenstern was the need for purity. The gods required not only the food to be pure, but also the provider. Through this Law, the need for purity came to be associated with performing rituals of purification. Morgenstern observes, “It was first of all his duty to keep himself ritually pure. Any neglect of these duties was sufficient for the food to miss the mark and to cause the anger of the gods.”
The Babylonians interpreted impurity as sin, or more accurately “missing the mark.” Nonetheless, this teaching was far more practical because impurity became associated with sickness. It was akin to the Jewish reaction to lepers. Nevertheless, in these writings we find another level of understanding. Anyone who was impure (sick) was forbidden to participate in any religious rite or service. Instead, their “sin” put them in a kind-of quarantine.
Many of the tablets refer to a person suffering from a sickness as being afflicted with evil spirits. We see this practice in some of the prayers and supplications reported in the book concerning how the populace viewed sickness:

  • Mayest thou be freed from transgression, wickedness, curse, sickness, sighing, witchcraft, spell, charm, evil machinations of men.
  • Uncleanliness has come against me to judge my cause, to decide my decision
  • Tear out the evil sickness of my body
  • Destroy all evil of my flesh and my sinews
  • May the evil in my body, my flesh, and my sinews on this day come forth, and may I see the Light.


Neighbors also viewed sickness and disease as a person being possessed of the evil spirits; sound familiar? You have only to read the New Testament to read how the ancients attributed Jesus’ healing to casting out evil spirits. Compare:

  • They put a woeful fever in his body
  • A bane of evil hath settled in his body
  • An evil disease they have put in his body
  • An evil plague hath settled in his body
  • An evil venom they have put in his body
  • An evil curse hath settled in his body
  • Which have been put in the body of the sick man


With Luke 13:11 “There was a woman which had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bowed together, and could in no wise lift up herself.” In this case, the passage goes on to relate how the Jews castigated Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. His response clearly shows that her infirmity is attributed to evil, although it was not from any fault of her own. Verse 16 has, “And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath day?”
Ancient civilizations had no concept of bacteria or viruses and could only interpret unexplained experiences from their point of reference. So keeping this in mind, we can perhaps see what they were relating to from our frame of reference. Obviously, anything out of the ordinary to them was supernatural and attributed to the power of the gods. Sickness came on suddenly. As a result, superstitious, uneducated people saw this mysterious evil that afflicted people as the god’s punishment. In this way, ancient people saw sickness not only caused by evil spirits, but also attributed it to the gods inflicting individuals with sickness for disobeying them. Morgenstern asserts that for the Babylonians the terms, sin, uncleanliness, sickness, possession by evil spirits, are pure synonyms referring to the condition of a the body resulting from “divine anger.”
To be honest, like most rational people we never considered sickness and disease as caused by evil spirits. However, working with Phil on his investigation into the teachings of The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz introduced me to information that made me rethink this assessment. It concerned the teaching on what happens when we sleep.
Anyone studying metaphysics will know that we have more than one body in our energy field. For those unfamiliar with metaphysical teachings, think of the human aura, whose color reflects an individual’s mood. The human aura is multi-layered. These different layers represent our individual and unique energy field. The two most relevant to our discussion here are the Astral and Etheric bodies. Phil explains:

“...when a person sleeps his or her “I” and Astral body detach from the Physical body that remains with the Etheric body in bed. During this time when the two higher entities of a human being have exited the body, higher beings radiate their energies into the sleeping Physical body, regenerating it. As stated, the Astral body records all that has happened during the day, taking the information into the Astral World at night. Regrettably, this means the influence of the higher beings on the Physical body is often hampered because the individual was not true to his or her spiritual self.
We discussed how harmful lying was in terms of spiritual progress in the previous day; perhaps this is why Shakespeare was inspired to write “Above all, to thine own self be true.” Along with lying, a more obvious infraction would be violence of any kind, in particular murder. In both cases parts of the perpetrator’s Etheric body separate completely from the body. Floating independently through space, these parts of Etheric bodies are of such a fine substance that they cannot be seen. In reality our world is full of such subtle objects acting as a hindrance to our development. All of this may explain why people see ghosts where severe crimes have been committed.
When our actions are so removed from spirituality, such as in war, parts of the Etheric body forced to separate are so dense that they become the smallest molecules; i.e., viruses and bacteria that generate illness, and epidemics.
At such times, pre-incarnate souls determine to take on the illness to transmute and dissipate its effect. An example of this could be seen after WWI with the outbreak of Spanish Flu that claimed 50 million lives, predominantly healthy young adults. This was a supreme sacrifice, even if it was unconscious at the human level.”

Nonetheless, lying and murder are not the only cause for energetic parts of a human being to become germs and viruses. Far more dangerous than either of these is the practice of magic. As stated, the Fall caused magic to enter the world. With the presence of the Shadow, some people were incited to use magic against their neighbors. The direct result was releasing epidemics into the populace, which threatened the survival of our race. It was for this express reason that the ETs came to the Earth 7,000 years ago.
The Babylonian tablets describe how the gods or rather ETs approached the problem. They used holy water. For the gods water was the giver of life, particularly the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates. In fact, the text according to Morgenstern says, “Marduk is directed by EA to take the water from the mouth of the two streams and with it sprinkle the sick man.” He believes, “This was but natural. The waters of the Euphrates and Tigris were sacred; therefore efficacious in driving out evil spirits.”
Further on Morgenstern relates that the tablets refer to the use of prayers in conjunction with the water. Over time, people sanctified natural springs using them to exorcise evil spirits. Although, Morgenstern believes the first and therefore purest form of treatment was sprinkling water, the use of sound (prayer) makes sense. When we remember the work of Masuru Emoto, then using sound to purify, or alter water is logical.
The Watcher’s task was to observe the Life-Principle as it evolved on Earth. Consequently, when the ETs saw the consequence of the populace altering their consciousness, they came to try to help. First, they came as kind-of doctors helping the population deal with the epidemic. Could this be why, the tablets report the gods giving the doomed man evil spirits? Obviously, if they were inoculating people and or injecting medicine, to the common person, it might appear that the ETs were causing the illness, especially if the patient died. One of the side effects of magic, so to speak was the destroyer of rational thinking—superstition.
Apart from helping the Human Race survive the epidemics, The ETs goal was also to help the people understand their purpose. Therefore, rather than exploiting Humanity, after the spiritual beings caused the Fall by introducing magic to the world, the ETs began visiting Earth in an attempt to try to mitigate the damage…
In the Forbidden Fruit section of Chapter 7, we concluded that the angels gave human beings access to the Astral Plane before they were ready. We also observed how the angels’ actions permitted the lower thoughts and emotions of humans to permeate the higher planes, corrupting the Angelic Realm. I had always found it difficult to understand how angelic beings could be jealous of us and betray their Creator. Even allowing for angels possessing emotions, considering the belief their creation was “a little above” human beings. It is inconceivable that a being of the vibration to exist in the Divine Realm could spontaneously develop emotions of a much lower vibration and frequency. The only explanation was that something must have caused their exposure to these lower vibrations…
In our writings, we speculated that the ETs traveled through the Astral Plane, which is why they can appear and disappear at will. This was the main reason we made the error of deducing that as they moved through the Astral Plane it corrupted some of them, causing them to align with the Shadow. However, having determined their nature is unchanged, we realized that they must have a unique makeup that allowed them to move through the domain of the Shadow and remain untainted. They did. Moving through the Astral Plane did not taint the ETs because of their attunement to the Love Frequency.
By operating, or if you prefer vibrating, at a higher frequency outside, or rather inside the Schumann Resonance cavity they were able to remain wholly unaffected by our thoughts and emotions permeating the Astral Plane. They are advising us to adopt the higher Love Frequency, because the ego and pain-body use the lower frequency of 7.8 Hz. Consequently, by rising to the Love Frequency the ego and pain-body lose control over us.
One of the main reasons the ETs have not landed on the White House lawn is because of their frequency; the Love Frequency makes them powerless to defend themselves. This is not because of an inability to. There is ample evidence of the ETs ability to disarm weapons. It is because their frequency makes them incapable of physical violence. Therefore should they be physically confronted by military personnel attempting to detain them, they would be helpless. We realize that this is in direct contradiction to the consensus of opinion. Most people tend to think that such an extremely advanced species would be able to swat us like a fly. However, because they have evolved past the animalistic nature that the Human Race still struggles with, violence of any kind, even in defense, is an anathema to them.
Evolved beings are pacifists, which is why the ETs offer advice to a select few. Even then, when the Shadow was in play, some of the contactees became a problem. Muddying the waters of the ET agenda, some contactees’ pain-bodies created memories of a truly terrifying experience. Nonetheless, enough people like Carol were able to receive their message of Peace and it has entered the mass consciousness. Carol told us that like the Star Trek Prime Directive, the cosmic cultures would never interfere with the Human Race’s development. This fact did not surprise us, as there is a universal directive never to usurp free will. Then of course, there is the point that the cosmic cultures were tasked with watching us.
For that reason, until we show them we will not respond with violence, they will remain observers. Nevertheless, because the Fall was not the fault of the Human Race, from time to time they have tried to help us. The truth is they care deeply for us and hope when enough people hear the wisdom of their message; the Human Race will adopt the Frequency of Love. Ironically, the cosmic cultures represent our evolution into the Frequency of Love, where we too will be incapable of violence of any kind.
In the Frequency of Love, everyone has evolved past all concept of separateness. Hate, prejudice, envy, jealously, and cruelty are concepts of the past. Compassion and Understanding dominates our consciousness. There is no such thing as selfishness or self-interest because although we understand we are individuals, we also know we are each a part of a whole that is interconnected.
In short, when we correct the Fall by integrating the ego and dissolving the pain-body, we align with the Divine Will. Then as stewards of the Earth, we recognize our role in working together to ensure that we preserve our planet for our children. Joining our brothers and sisters of the universe again, we gain access to all the cosmic culture’s technology amassed over several millennia. As a result, we will restore our beautiful Garden-Water planet to its full glory. For instance, I was recently given that our cosmic brothers and sisters could return our atmosphere to the condition it was before the Industrial Revolution, at the push of a button so to speak. They can also remove all toxic waste and pollution, which would open up many acres of land for cultivation. Is this not what everyone wants?

With this update and some might say reversal of our theory, does the information below, still have validity? We believe it does, because it describes how humanity became corrupted. The only thing we need to do is identify who the genetic manipulators were.
Naturally, as we are referring to events occurring long before historians wrote anything down, we have little choice, but to speculate over this. However, when we consider how far the human race has advanced in a little over 100 years, and then bring in the evidence of advanced civilizations, such as Atlantis, we believe it is possible to allow for the possibility that they were human.
We know from ancient tradition that the world experiences periodic resetting at the end of a precessional Age. Moreover, these resettings would sometimes occur during the presence of advanced civilization. If we consider that causing the spiritual separation of the masculine and feminine principle was very serious. So much so that it created such a rift, it indelibly seared it into the subconscious that it has survived up to today, in the myth of the Garden of Eden and the Fall. Therefore, let us review the below from the perspective that our protagonists were not ETs, but rather advanced human scientists driven by their false self, with the support of the Shadow.

As I said, we agree with the theory that in the dawn of history an alien race genetically altered one of the native hominid species on Earth splicing their DNA with the our ancestors. Part one of the thesis (AHD) Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked identified this event as the “Watcher’s Mistake” mentioned in The Book of Enoch. Moreover, we determined the “mistake” created a consciousness and spiritual problem that would take 42,000 years to correct. It was so serious that this information has been carried down to us in the collective psyche as the allegory of the Garden of Eden and “original sin.” Unfortunately, as the allegory alludes the “mistake“ (AHD)  caused a permanent handicap that was consciously and genetically infused into the human DNA and could not be corrected immediately. As bad as this was for the development of the Human Race, it was far more serious for the Divine and Universal forces, because human being’s thoughts and emotions became a conscious entity and adversary known as the World Soul.

The “Mistake” occurred during the 3rd Root-Race, which was intended to be the first hominid species to reflect distinct masculine and feminine differences, while still maintaining a spiritual balance. In order to splice their DNA onto the native species, the “Watchers” cloned a male and female of the chosen species. It was this action that was devastating spiritually, because it separated the feminine and masculine consciousness within and they became unbalanced both energetically and consciously.

For those benevolent forces both Divine and Universal, all they could do was provide the means to rectify the damage by creating a method to carry the information down through time as the Human Race evolved and became more individualistic. This may seem a contradiction in terms, but in order for the Human Race to find their balance again they first had to become complete separate individuals. As I’ve explained this did not occur until Root-Race (3) evolved into Root-Race (5), which occurred between 3,600 and 2,500 B.C.E. Interestingly, it is only recently, through reading the work of Dr. Carl Johan Calleman with the Mayan Calendar that I realized this coincided with the start of the Mayan Long Count of 13 Baktuns.

Regardless, of which mythology we use, as they are all connected, the method used to teach the Human Race how to correct the “Watcher’s Mistake” was a formula known to us as the Ancient Mysteries. Just before the Long Count began and during the rise of civilization various incarnations of Universal and Divine teachers, such as Osiris, Quetzalcoatl/Virachocha and Krishna and The Buddha seeded the world with the Mysteries. After the Golden Age ended, the information was taught orally in secret to carefully selected initiates for more than two thousand years. With the rise of Greek Philosophy, the Mystery schools and libraries began appearing holding vast quantities of the world’s knowledge, which of course included the Mysteries. At the beginning of the Common Era, the Divine and Universal forces were ready to put their carefully prepared plan into action. It began with the separation of Globe D  (AHD)  or the 4th world, where only the last four sub-races of Root-Race (5) would join the emerging Root-Race (6).

It is important to understand that I am not speaking of a new physical Earth, but the same earth on a different vibration. This “new Earth” was connected to the higher energy and knowledge of Globe C, through the incarnation of the Universal Christ, Sophia and Melchizedek just before the start of the Common Era. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine representing all the Wisdom Teachers of the world transferred the higher energies of the Mysteries into the mass consciousness of the Human Race in the forms of ancient temples and writings, some of which would remain hidden for millennia. Unfortunately, a key component of the plan was the first cleansing of the Soul Plane. This occurred through dispelling the densest aspects of the World Soul as the Shadow of Deception, prince of this world, or Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain Body.

And so it began, but instead of thousands of years for each sub-race of the Root-Races to evolve time began speeding up. An example of this is the seven sub-races of Root-Race (7) emerged within 700 years. There was one more difference in Globe D I should mention. On all previous Globes, including Globe C all the previous Root-Races and sub-races would dissolve into the next higher Root-Race. But in Globe D each sub-race remained in the consciousness and so as we are spiraling up to the point that the whole of Creation has been waiting for there are 18 levels of consciousness in the world.

How the Mysteries were hidden in plain sight:
Now the blue-print for next step in evolution

When the Mystery Schools closed 2,000 years ago, instigated by the “Shadow’s” agents, the initiates, teachers and teachings were forced underground. Some became troubadours and minstrels and kept the Mysteries alive through songs and myths told as they travelled from town to town; whereas others remained hidden safeguarding the knowledge. By 500 C.E. the initiates of the Mysteries were forming secret societies known as the “Orders of the Quest.”  (AHD)  The member’s main purpose was to keep the information on the Mysteries current, by updating it as the Human Race grew and developed consciously.

As the final Root-Race (7) was getting ready to emerge in 1,300, during a 400 year period from the 10th (1100s) to the 13th century (1400s), the “Orders of the Quest” as the Cistercian Order and the Knights Templars activated a plan to encase the Mysteries in stone. They did this by building magnificent Cathedrals throughout Europe and the near East. All these Cathedrals were built over carefully chosen energy points and scrupulously constructed to avoid the suspicion of the powerful Catholic Church. They were successful as anyone that has visited any of the Gothic Cathedrals, such as Notre Dame in Paris cannot fail to be deeply moved by the architecture and exquisite stain-glass windows. And so the Mysteries sat there, in plain site waiting until the time Humanity developed past fear and suspicion to be able to decipher them.

When the European Renaissance brought forth a change from austerity and plain attire to flamboyant dresses and vivid colors, it was time for the next stage in unveiling the Mysteries. Through the masters spectacular paintings, members of the “Orders of the Quest” such as Leonard Da Vinci, Bernini, Poussin and many others hid great wisdom in the symbols and colors of their works of art.

With the advent of printing around 1439, the “Orders” were able to take the next step in bringing the Mysteries to light. Francis Yates relates that the printers of the 16th and 17th centuries were associated to the Rosicrucians and Hermeticists of Europe. In fact, from the 15th century, the “Orders” produced multiple books on the occult, most of which remained in private collections. I must stress that “occult” simply means hidden and should not be confused with practicing the “black arts” or sorcery.

Nonetheless, books on the occult and great works of art were not the only way the “orders” were able to get the Mysteries into print. They succeeded in making the Mysteries available to the masses with the creation of the 78 cards of the Tarot Deck (22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana). Most people including myself considered the Tarot as an occult tool to foretell one’s fortune, which of course it was as each card connected at the subconscious level and could be interpreted by consciously aware individuals. Nonetheless, often without realizing it certain people would be receiving the deepest Mysteries subliminally as they gazed on the cards. At the start of the twentieth century a member of the “Orders of the Quest” made the Mysteries far more accessible to the public with the creation of the famous Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Nonetheless, a century and a half earlier the information of the Mysteries arrived in the New World, America.

Although the Mysteries had been taught in both North and South America for thousands of years, the new consciousness of the Europeans were unable to assimilate it. This was because the initiates knowledge and culture was held in the many temples and art work or the indigenous inhabitants of the South American continent.

I should explain that for the purposes of applying the Mysteries, the consciousness and resonance follows not a cultural path or even genetic, but instead a spiritual path. There were many of the greatest indigenous teachers of the Mysteries, such as the Mayan who reincarnated into the Hermeticists, philosophers and alchemists of the Renaissance. This is why the Know Thyself Initiative maintains that to uncover the Mysteries it is necessary to examine every possible form of teachings in the world.

The founding of the United States of America was a crucial stage in the handing down of the Mysteries, because it would be where the final phase of the 42,000 year plan would take place. Authors like David Ovason and Dan Brown have brought to light the astrological overtures underpinning the nation’s capital. With fifty separate zodiacs, including two in the Library of Congress, it is obvious that astrology played an important part in the planning of Washington D C for the Founding Fathers. Nonetheless, the fifty zodiacs was not the primary way the Founding Fathers promoted the location of the Mysteries, it was their creation of the Federal Triangle.

On the Living Knowledge Page is a visual recreation of how the door or vortex above the Tree of Life was developed. In the video, we also see how the Federal Triangle was created using three structures, the White house, Washington Monument, and Capitol Building to represent the three stars Regulus (Leo), Spica (Virgo) and Arcturus (Taurus) that appear over Washington DC. However, Washington DC was not the intended location for the Mysteries to come to light; neither was the 18th century the time. No, the main purpose for the Federal Triangle was to connect the nation’s capital to its namesake on the other side of the country Washington State. As the video demonstrates the Federal Triangle in DC has a natural twin in the three mountains of Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Olympus.

On the face of it, it would appear that the Founding Fathers knew of the natural twin in Washington State when they created the Federal Triangle. However, the area the mountains are located in was not incorporated into the state of Washington until nearly a century after the Federal Triangle was laid out.

In section 13 - sub-section of the thesis “Plan B for America”, I suggested that as the treasury building thwarted the original purpose of the founders, a second location using the same name and energy was chosen. But again, if Washington State was not even officially explored until Lewis and Clark ventured there in 1805, then there was no way the founders were consciously aware of the natural twin. However, although the Founding Fathers were consciously unaware, in the grand universal plan their individual spirits were completely aware of the layout of America. In short, the founder’s spirits knew that the final arena for the correction of the Watcher’s Mistake would be played out in the natural replica of the Federal Triangle in the City of Destiny, Tacoma.

As stated, when the Founding Fathers were laying out Washington DC in the late 18th century, Tacoma, the City of Destiny did not exist and it would not begin to play its part until the 21st century. So how did Tacoma come to be the location for the unveiling of the Mysteries? To understand we need to go back to the early 20th century and the creation of Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

In 1909 Arthur E Waite, a member of the “Orders of the Quest” commissioned Pamela Colman Smith to produce a tarot deck with appeal to the world of art. The result was the unique Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck (Rider being the name of the publisher). According to the entry on Wikipedia “While the images are deceptively simple, almost child-like, the details and backgrounds hold a wealth of symbolism…” The entry goes on to relate, “…the symbols used were influenced by the 19th century magician and occultist Eliphas Levi. In 1910, The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite was published, providing an overview of the traditions and history behind the cards, criticism of various interpretations, and extensive descriptions of their symbols…”

What was not widely known is that when the deck was published a Jewish Rabbi began studying the 22 Major Arcana to interpret the images in terms of consciousness evolution, the sacred purpose for the Mysteries. Obviously, he was a member of the “Orders of the Quest”, but he wasn’t the only one involved in the project. Before the Second World War, in the mid to late 30s the Rabbi selected a Jesuit priest in Rome to give the manuscript to. This Jesuit priest then worked on it for a further 40 years adding Christian symbolism to the Rabbi’s Kabalistic content. Then in 1978 he found the person destined to make the manuscript available to the world, Daphna Moore.

Daphna confesses to feeling she had something important to do since childhood. At age sixteen she became very interested in astrology and took a correspondence course with the Rosicrucian's in California.  This awakened her to Metaphysics and she would study astrology, numerology, tarot, and the Kabbalah for the next twenty-four years, amassing a large collection of Metaphysical books.

Everything changed after the planetoid Chiron was discovered on Daphna’s fortieth birthday in 1977. That Christmas she experienced a powerful light vision in her church, which she describes thus:

“Christmas Day 1977, while sitting in church I saw the most beautiful light around the minister's shoulders and then the room behind him filled up with a beautiful golden light. He disappeared into that light and then I disappeared and became just light, light more golden than the flame of a candle and I felt the most powerful love I have ever experienced, more than I have ever had for a lover, pet, child, or anything. I knew I had become one with my source, I was not aware of my body, only aware of overwhelming love. I then had a thought, ‘My God, what if people can tell I am nothing but light?’ I lost the experience right after that thought… It left me with a new awareness and a new outlook on my life…”

The following year she was moved to attend a lecture from Rocco Errico a renowned expert of the original Aramaic manuscript of the Bible. On stage with him was the Jesuit priest who had received the manuscript from the Rabbi. Daphna explains:

“I was very impressed with E.S.C. (Jesuit priest) I called the minister of the church and asked her how I could reach him as he lived in another city. She gave me his phone number and I called him. I told him I was very impressed with what he had to say and I would like to meet with him if possible. He replied, ‘Well, what is stopping you?’

“The following week I went to visit him. Upon my arrival to his office, he asked me to sit down and he wanted to hold my hand and just sit in silence with me for five minutes. Those five minutes felt like five hours. I think I finally relaxed the last minute. He said to me: ‘My dear, you are a great healer.’ …He was 40 years older than I was and to make this story not so long, he said to me that day, ‘My dear, I have something I want to give to you but you must promise me that you will study it and/or make it available for others and I want you to contribute with some of your own life's experiences because I know you have many. If you publish this I do not want my name mentioned as my name is not important.’

“He explained that the treatise he was giving to me was given to him in the mid to late 30's by a rabbi colleague of Carl Jung. E.S.C. was living in Rome at the time as a Jesuit Priest. When he was given the treatise, after reading it, he left the Catholic Church, never to return. He said to me, ‘my dear, the first 40 years of my life I collected the beliefs and opinions of the world, and these last 42 years I have been trying to get rid of every one of them.’

“After I promised him to acceded to his wishes, he gave me two big boxes of papers, some very fragile, some hand written, some typed. I took the boxes back home, placed them in my closet and they stayed until 1980 when I moved from Florida to Colorado. I placed them in my closet in Colorado…

“When he died in the mid eighties I began dreaming of him every night, remembering my promise to him. I took the boxes from the closet shelf and decided it was time for me to keep my promise. As I began reading the material I knew I had a big job ahead of me. It took me 19 months to complete what I titled The Rabbi's Tarot. I knew it was not just for me and that I needed to contribute my part as he requested me to do. He told me to put my name on the book. I was going to put anonymous but I remembered my promises to him.”

Making the “manuscript available” for the world was no easy task and Daphna had to sell her entire collection of cherished metaphysical books to set up her publishing company and publish the book in 1987. A year later she was contacted by Llewellyn Publications and they published The Rabbi’s Tarot in 1989, with a second printing in 1992. Although the book was well received in metaphysical circles and bookstores it did not gain the attention of the general public and remained essentially a treasured book for those who recognized its true value.

I first heard of The Rabbi’s Tarot in 1999 when a good friend handed me the book saying “You really need to read this book.” Intrigued, Craig and I read it from cover to cover in two days. We were amazed by its insight and it quickly became our study guide to understand what else we were discovering about our evolution. Having read about the long journey the manuscript had taken to publication, at first I had wondered why it was handed to Daphna: was she a member of the “Orders of the Quest?”

In 2007, we wrote to Daphna telling her how much we loved The Rabbi’s Tarot and how helpful it was. What I did not share immediately with her was that the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Rider-Waite Tarot had featured prominently in a vision I had in 2002 concerning the next step in evolution. The vision was so powerful because I was shown that The Rabbi’s Tarot contained the Ancient Mysteries. Moreover, by that time I had learned that Daphna carried the consciousness of one of the most prominent members of the “Orders of the Quest”, the cofounder of the Theosophical Society, Madame Helena Petrova Blavatsky.

We were delighted when Daphna told us that she was updating The Rabbi’s Tarot and wanted to include our comments in the endorsements on the back of the book, which she generously sent us a signed copy of. Over the next year or so, we regularly communicated and Daphna confided her desire to construct an index and glossary for the book. As I was deeply involved in developing the Know Thyself Initiative, in which The Rabbi’s Tarot was crucial, I thought a glossary and index would be invaluable and so offered to compile one for her. I was honored and delighted when she accepted my offer.

And so today, we have come full circle, through the courage and sacrifices of the members of the “Orders of the Quest”, the Ancient Mysteries are now available to all. Now anyone who is ready to use the Mysteries to evolve to the next level can do so. To make this as easy as possible, Daphna has permitted us to produce an electronic version of The Rabbi’s Tarot for $10 and generously donates $3 from each book sale to our foundation, the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity.

VIDEO – Sequence and Purpose
 *** We have shifted "ALIENS" identification to "FHBs" (Future Human Beings) ***

The video on the Living Knowledge Page depicts the Founding Fathers connecting Washington DC to Washington State. As they were members of the “Orders of the Quest” their goal was to further Humanity’s evolution. Over two-hundred years ago this group of enlightened individuals created a doorway between the planes for the consciousness of 2/3rds of the world’s population to transfer to the next level of evolution in the new millennium. In the video this is archetypally shown as the giant sign for the sun-sign Cancer Cancer sun-sign stretching across America connecting Washington DC to Washington State. As stated, the Founders had linked the nation’s capital astrologically to three major stars through Sacred Geometry as the Federal Triangle. When the Federal Triangle was connected to its natural twin, the three mountains in Washington State, the namesake of the capital, it facilitated an entrance into the next world.

The final part of creating the door took place 234 years later within the natural twin of the Federal Triangle in the City of Destiny, Tacoma. After a natural tree was located near the point the door was the final preparation for the creation of the door could begin. Consequently, starting on July 28th 2010 over a period of seven days, energetically the two triangles were brought together over an archetypal representation of the natural tree; now the Tree of Life. The sequence of construction was:

  • Day 1 – July 28th 2010 Triangles over Washington State and Federal Triangle rise up into the sky
  • Day 2 – July 29th 2010 Triangles move together
  • Day 3 – July 30th 2010 Triangles united create a rectangular opening in the sky.
  • Day 4 – July 31st 2010 Vortex appears within the rectangle.
  • Day 5 – August 1st 2010 A symbol of the Sun archetypally representing the Sun-Christ materializes in the center of the vortex.
  • Day 6 – August 2nd 2012 White dove archetypally representing the Divine Feminine appears over the Sun.
  • Day 7 – August 3rd 2010 Bird descends to the top of the tree and vortex expands, which energetically and archetypally represents the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth into the world.


The creation of the doorway during these seven days facilitated a great change consciously in the world that took place September 22nd at 3:33 pm PST. I mentioned this earlier in the aforementioned posting “What role did Ancient Aliens play in the Divine Plan”. Nonetheless, because of its importance it bears restating. On this day all spiritual negativity was neutralized with the neutralization of the “Shadow”, or Collective Pain Body.

Now the Divine forces are simply waiting for us to show our intent so that they can assist us. Moreover, there is another group of beings waiting to help us. The Watchers charged with watching the Earth and its inhabitants as they evolved. Because of the neutralization of the “Shadow” even those responsible for the “Mistake” are now a part of the Divine Plan. Furthermore, because of the neutralization of the negative forces last year the Earth is no longer under quarantine.

Nonetheless, because of the Universal Law that “Freewill is Sacrosanct” and can never be usurped no force will interfere until we demonstrate through our intent that we are ready. This information is crucial because it places the future in our hands. Unfortunately, as I said although the spiritual force or “Shadow” has been neutralized, “his” agenda still exists in the mass consciousness, as seen by the unfathomable acts perpetrated since then (Norway massacre).

Fear is still the primary emotion we as a race must overcome. Surprisingly, one aspect of that fear is trepidation over what kind of world we will have if the forces of light prevail. Some view this as an affront to personal freedom and cling to the familiar even though they recognize it will lead to utter destruction of the planet. For those with these concerns I would like to offer my concept of the new world. Even though no one can know precisely what this new world will be like, I believe this new world would be devoid of conflict and therefore able to advance the Human Race on every level. I see it being very similar to our world, except there won’t be any need for weapons as the strong will no longer victimize the weak. (A good analogy would be Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future in Star Trek.) As for personal freedom, I believe that once we understand our universal connection to one another, we will naturally want everyone to prosper.

One more thing I must address here; what happens to the 3rd that remain on this earth. As I’ve repeatedly said, this is the purpose for the Know Thyself Initiative. We are looking for the 777,000 individuals that carry the consciousness of the “Orders of the Quest” to implement the Mysteries contained in Daphna’s book and transform the world. If we are successful in finding them in time, then this world will be healed and those trapped in fear released into a world no longer over-populated and choking with pollution. Instead those “Left Behind” will experience peace and have the opportunity to grow quickly to evolve to the next level too. I for one would welcome this and all of us connected to the I.D.E.A. Foundation For the Benefit of Humanity are willing to give everything in the hope that there could be the slightest chance it might be true – Are You?

As I wrote this, the Hopi and Mayan prophecies and advice came to mind. On the phone with our dear friend and director Leyland I discussed the various theories of what the future holds circling the globe at this time. He reminded me that the Hopi and Mayan elders maintain their prophecies are not intended to generate fear, but to awaken us to our true spiritual natures. Their goal is to persuade the world’s population to return to caring for one another and the planet instead of seeking material wealth. As I listened to Leyland, the message that has been drummed into me for 17 years resurfaced. In a nutshell, evolution is not about going backwards to simpler ways of the past, but about growing in knowledge and learning how to apply that knowledge to the benefit of both the planet and all life on it.

Of course there are times that there is a need for a reset so to speak, where the population of life-forms have either grown to an unsustainable level, such as the dinosaurs or in the case of “intelligent” life they have so damaged the eco-system that the earth can no longer sustain life. For several decades now, scientists and indigenous leaders have been sounding the alarm that the modern lifestyle and use of fossil fuels was threatening All Life on Earth. Although many people throughout the world have recognized this truth, for the majority it has been received as exaggeration and been basically ignored.

So are we supposed to return to natural ways?  I believe the answer is both yes and no. There is very little dissention over concerns about over-population, but as no one wants to even consider putting restrictions on such a fundamental right as procreation, again it is swept under the rug.

For the last 17 years I have been slowly uncovering pieces of a jig-saw puzzle that when put together reveals a Divine Plan to solve all the world’s concerns. This is why the answer to the above question is both yes and no. In the thesis, which I have talked about extensively, I say that when we locate the 777,000 and they come together and change the way they think or Shift their Consciousness, the world will transform and cause 2/3rds of the population to transfer to Globe E. This tells me that not only 2/3rds of the world are ready for change, but also that 1/3rd is locked into the status quo, which of course is unsustainable. It is this group that I believe the answer of whether they need to return to a simpler way of living is yes. These are the individuals are the ones that will be helped by the indigenous elders and Divine teachers to let go of materiality and remember who and what they are. Again, as this group will be in a world of roughly only 2 and a half billion, the earth will be able to sustain them as they learn a new way of living.

As for the 2/3rds that go to Globe E, I believe that the answer is no they do not need to return to a simpler life. As the thesis shows Globe E is the next step in evolution, where human beings will have developed extrasensory senses. This group will also have re-entered the Galactic community and will be assisted by advance races to end disease and live in harmony with one another and the planet using advanced technology. Moreover, they will no longer be plagued with the counterfeit spirit that made them forget the spiritual reason for life; to transmute all emotions back to spirit. In short, they will be able to grow in every way leaving all suffering behind. That said, I must emphasize that this is not the end and only the next step. I keep hearing about ascension as if the Human Race will somehow miraculously become like gods. Accepting that we all contain the spark of God within us and that we all are destined to reunite with the ultimate Source, I think if anyone honestly examines themselves they will have to agree that we as a race are a long way from being of the same nature and consciousness as God. No I feel it is very important to keep this wondrous step we are about to take in perspective; it is only the next step, which many metaphysicians call the “super-human” level we achieve.


Another point that needs to be made, is the coming together of the 777,000 will cause such an energetic and consciousness shift on Earth that even the 1/3rd who remain on Globe D (our earth) will be able to quickly learn how to overcome the consequences of the “Watcher’s Mistake” and join their fellow human beings on Globe E.

To sum up then, I believe the three comets that are approaching are signs that we are ready for the next step in evolution. Nonetheless, we still have to demonstrate our readiness through our intent and the simplest way is to ask yourself this question “Am I so locked into my belief system that I will reject anything that does not fit in with it?” if the answer is No then all we are saying is to consider the possibility that there is something to what we are saying and that adding your light of Hope and/ or donating $10 to feed the hungry by providing us a name and location, just might make the difference and change the world.


— Reply Received from OPRAH — June 13th 2011 —

Since posting this on Saturday I have received a personal response from Oprah saying that she is taking a little rest and will ‘write soon’. Although contacting her, I am keeping this letter posted as I feel Oprah represents the very archetype of the call for individuals to get involved in the transformation of the world. Therefore I believe everyone that cares, should now know the letter below is personally addressed to them.

— OPEN LETTER TO OPRAH — June 11th 2011 —

Your open heart and mind is required to facilitate the Divine Plan to end All suffering
 *** We have shifted "ALIENS" identification to "FHBs" (Future Human Beings) ***

Dear Oprah,
I write this message as an open letter to you utilizing the premise of the Six Degrees of Separation ("Human spiderweb") in the hope that someone who reads it will personally know you and bring it to your attention. I am doing this because the message is too important for it to be lost among the hundreds of thousands of e-mails and correspondences you receive daily. As this message contains the way to end all suffering through a Divine Plan being offered to us, we had to ensue that it got through. Unfortunately, this plan is time sensitive and we have a limited time to actualize it by finding the 777,000 individuals born to implement it. Consequently as well as e-mailing you, we are broadcasting it to as many people as possible and asking everyone to post, share, or forward it to everyone they know.

Over the past 17 years we have periodically contacted you but obviously it wasn’t time then; now it is. My husband Craig recently e-mailed you providing the link to our site, but I felt that I should explain in more detail the purpose for the message, spirit to spirit. But first let me introduce my self. My name is Suzzan and as Craig said, 17 years ago we were in Jerusalem for the Energetic return of the Universal Christ. I realize that these words fly in the face of all conventional thinking concerning this event. However, as you have obviously come to understand that we are all energy and consciousness, demonstrated by your support of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, I feel that you can consider this claim with an open mind. Your obvious respect and admiration for Dr. Jill was especially striking to us because her amazing insight is a key element to our message of ‘changing the way we think’ and keeping the mind open. Seeing her so strongly featured in your last show made us realize that you had the insight and understanding to help us find the 777,000 (you are one of them).

To be perfectly honest I do not blame anyone for questioning our claim because, had we been presented with our story before the experience 17 years ago we would also have seriously questioned its validity. At the time both Craig and I had a traditional Judeo/Christian perspective on the Second Coming, but we also had open minds. That said, neither of us were pushovers and it took some convincing to abandon our previous understanding of the Second Coming. The gradual changing of the way we thought came from being spiritually guided through hundreds of writings, both old and new. What we ultimately came to realize was our experience in Jerusalem was connected to instigating a practical application of the Mysteries referred to in the New Testament. Rather than some kind-of mystical way to achieve new powers, the real power of utilizing the ancient knowledge of the Mysteries is to access the 1st stage of Humanity spiritually evolving to the next level and ending all suffering.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense cannot fail to ask how we can continue to overpopulate and stress the planet’s resources without consequences. The answer is we can’t. Throughout history written records and physical evidence reveal that periodically the Earth goes through cleansings where the inhabitants of the planet are greatly reduced by mass extinctions and global disasters such as floods. These occur at the end of periods known as Ages and this knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation through ancient writings. I doubt if there is anyone on the Earth today who has not heard of the end of the Piscean Age on December 21st 2012 prophesized by the Mayans and other indigenous peoples. Interestingly the message of what this means is divided with some believing there will be worldwide destruction; others see it as a peaceful transition from one age to the next. I believe the reason for the ambiguity is because whichever one of the scenarios that plays out, is up to us.

The culmination of our 17-year spiritually guided journey was to rediscover what Humanity has collectively forgotten. In this endeavor we discovered that there is a Divine Plan hidden among every religion’s ancient text, like important pieces of a mystical puzzle. I am sure that I do not need to tell you how this knowledge alone could unite the world in a common goal. As we placed each piece together we were guided to develop a 7-Stage on-line course we called the Know Thyself Initiative (KTI).

To give you a brief synopsis of KTI, the Initiative involves finding 777,000 individuals scattered throughout the world, which were born to create a critical mass by changing the way they think. When these individuals achieve this they will shift the consciousness of the world and facilitate the next step in Spiritual Evolution. I know this sounds grandiose, but it incorporates valid scientific principles proposed by quantum physics and the new science of Noetics.

As we watched your last show and heard you relate that Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor had taught you it is important for everyone to take responsibility for the energy they create, I knew it was time for us to reach out to you for help. But apart from your association with Dr. Jill, it is also your support for Eckhart Tolle and his book A New Earth that causes us to believe you are one of the 777,000.

Long before we saw your involvement with Mr. Tolle, we had assigned his book to the 3rd Stage of the Know Thyself Initiative - Intuition. Preparation for KTI took several years and it wasn’t until June 21st 2008 that we were ready to launch the 1st Stage - Reason. I know most will say this was a coincidence, but we were floored when we learned that the week of KTI’s launch you and Eckhart were covering the chapter in his book entitled “Know Thyself”. I cannot emphasize too much how influential Eckhart’s book was to uncovering the practical application of the Mysteries. We have tried to contact him to get his permission to use his material in the initiative, but unfortunately have been unsuccessful. We believe this is because like so many celebrities it is near impossible to get in contact with them without a mutual contact; perhaps you can help by assisting us in contacting Eckhart.

Many people have asked us why we are only looking for 777,000 individuals and cite the multitudes of groups like you and your network working tirelessly to help the world. The simple answer is that each member of the 777,000 contributes in their own unique way to KTI. For instance, one of our dear friends and directors Leyland (Les) Carney’s own web site is dedicated to connecting likeminded individuals who are working for the benefit of ALL. He acts like the name of his Page on our site: Ley-Lines; connecting each diverse group or pieces of the puzzle together. In short, KTI is not exclusive but inclusive. We believe that as units of energy and consciousness it is only by bringing together all our thoughts that we can find the answers; this is what we have been doing for 17 years. We have created a sanctuary of consciousness for the Divine Realm to guide us to the answers by promoting direct contact with the Divine.

I should state that bringing the KTI to fruition has been far from easy as it has required us to sacrifice pretty much everything. Opposition, for want of a better word has blocked us at every opportunity. Nonetheless, as all spiritual negativity has been neutralized, the Divine forces are simply waiting for us to show our intent so that they can assist us. The Universal Law is that “Freewill is Sacrosanct” and can never be usurped. This information is crucial because it places the future in our hands.

Today there is another group of beings waiting to help us. These are the watchers charged with watching the Earth and its inhabitants as they evolved. Unfortunately, as the investigators of Ancient Aliens have found, something happened to cause them to be expelled from the Earth and for our planet to be quarantined. This supposition is not new and today many credible investigators believe that we can no longer dismiss every single sighting of UFOs plus all the mounting evidence as either misidentified or delusional. In general, despite the clear mention of “Watchers” in ancient religious writings, most people do not connect the Aliens and UFOs with the Divine Realm and I have to admit that at first neither did we. That began to change with our guided investigation, but after hearing our dear friend and director Guy Juarez’s story of how he was led to us, we knew the Watchers/Aliens were connected with the Divine Plan. Evidently everything changed because of the neutralization of the negative forces last year and the Earth is no longer under quarantine. His amazing story Chronicles of Guy’s Intradimensional Divine Encounters is on his web site and freely accessible from our site.

Over the years many have asked why after 17 years we still believe in our mission. Good question, but despite giving up everything we have always had exactly enough money to keep going. Obviously, God would use people willing to help and it is this that has sustained our faith and trust throughout the years. There have been literally dozens of people that have helped in some way or another, some for a brief moment and others for several years. This is the main reason I am contacting you at this time. As I said, we have sacrificed everything and have no resources left to promote the Know Thyself Initiative. The other problem is we have no credentials in the academic sense of the word. Although we have spent 17 years in a spiritually guided study to connect together all world religions, philosophies, esoteric sciences, and sciences, we have no official certificates or diplomas. However, I am sure that you of all people know that God is no respecter of persons and that often He or if you prefer She calls the simplest of people to service. Anyway, despite having no “official” credentials we set about raising the money to promote KTI and find the 777,000 individuals to change the world. Because of Sir John Templeton’s mission statement being the very definition of KTI, we applied for grants from the Templeton Foundation twice, but were turned down.

As things stand today we have completed the 1st Stage – Reason and the four-part thesis that has culminated from the investigation to understand exactly how we have arrived at the condition of the world today. Listening to your message in recent years I think you would agree, most people would welcome a change in the world. As stated, our message is that the Divine forces have carefully set in motion an elaborate plan to do just that by helping us to put our spiritual and cultural evolution back on track. This is related in the first two parts of the thesis, Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked and Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked – Globe D. Both are freely available to all on the Triple 7 Center, Ancient Wisdom for Now page.

With the completion of the 4-part thesis we are ready to move forward with the Know Thyself Initiative, but first we have to find 1% of the 777,000 – 7,770 people. If you go to our web site, you will see a map of the world. This for us is the most marvelous part of the Divine Plan because it involves intent. To put this as plainly as possible, in the world today there is a clear division between those who want to move forward into new eco-friendly technology and those who cling to the status quo of fossil fuels. As we watch the heated debates between the two camps, most of us shake our heads at the possibility they will ever find common ground. The truly beautiful thing is they don’t need to. If enough people can show their intent to align with the Divine Plan it will create a critical mass reaction and shift the consciousness of the world. Please know that this does not mean they have to fully invest in KTI; rather just be open to our message and become a Point of Light for Hope. In other words, people do not need to completely believe everything or for that matter anything on the web site, they just need to be open to the possibility that KTI is part of a Divine Plan to end suffering. The way they do this is so easy, if someone is open then they add their light to the map and/or donate $10 to feed the hungry.

We look at it this way, even if there is the slightest chance that God is offering us a way out of the chaos and suffering, can anyone of us risk ignoring that help just because it is not presented in the way we expected? I heard a quote from the film Dean Stanley the other day which seems to sum up what we are up against. “Only a closed mind is certain.” We are not doing this for the money and have done everything possible to make it as inexpensive as possible by placing more than a thousand pages of information on our web site. Unfortunately though, to do anything in this world requires funds and any profit from the few written study materials needed for KTI, go to support it.

Apart from the 777,000 members for KTI, we are asking anyone who is open to the possibility that adding their light to our map could shift the consciousness, to consider donating $10 as a facilitator to show their intent to want change. This in effect adds their energy and could make all the difference. Of course if anyone is so moved to help us financially that would be wonderful too.

All we ask Oprah is that you use your famous open heart and mind and consider adding your light to the map. You are an inspiration for so many people and I believe that your light will be as a beacon of possibility to others to add their lights. I thank you in advance for hearing my plea and giving it due consideration. It is my sincerest hope that you can recognize what I know; that you are indeed one of the 777,000 destined to transform the world by changing the way you think, because you already have. Still, as I said each member of the 777,000 has their own unique contribution to make and yours could simply be to lead the way for your followers to light the world.

Love Always,


— Why so many people considered Harold Camping?s claim — May 30th 2011 —

I have to admit to being somewhat surprised to see Harold Camping’s claim of the Rapture being reported on ABC World News, but the newscaster explained it was because of the sheer number of people that believed him. At first, I was at a loss as to why so many people were buying into Camping’s claim, but then I realized that they were responding to a sense of being in a time of change. The ironical thing is that Harold Camping was also being moved by the same consciousness, only he was seeing it through the eyes of doctrine.

As has been reported May 21st was not the first date that Harold Camping had put forth for the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ. He originally said that it would happen in September of 1994. As this was the year that the Universal Christ’s energetic return occurred in Jerusalem we had been interested in his message. When Guy wrote “Like a Thief in the Night”, the title song for his soon to be released album, he contacted Harold Camping with a view to share experiences. But to no avail, as his inquiry to meet was ignored. Although this was disappointing we were not really surprised, because by then we knew that Harold Camping was convinced that Christ’s return would herald not only the Rapture, but the destruction of all non-believers.

I will not address the validity of Harold Camping’s interpretation of the Second Coming as our experience and interpretation in Jerusalem is thoroughly covered in the message posted November 15, 2010 entitled “Why we need 777,000?” In this posting I wish to investigate how Harold Camping arrived at the year 1994. As I have said, everyone on the planet at this time is involved in this pivotal time of spiritual evolution and Mr Camping is no exception. I saw this in two specific details of his prophecy. 1 – That he saw the year 1994 as a pivotal year and 2 – his identifying the date of the crucifixion as April 1st 33 C.E. In 1994 April 1st also fell on Good Friday and although we were not in Jerusalem until Monday the 4th, what I experienced on the battlements of the Byzantine castle in Kyrenia, Cyprus on Friday April 1st, occurred at the same time as the recorded time of the crucifixion in Israel. Both of these facts lead me to think that he was being inspired.

When nothing happened on Saturday May 21st, the first reports from Harold Camping were that he was searching for answers. Unfortunately, because of his indoctrination all he could do was deduce that he must have made an error in his calculations and amend it to October 21st 2011, but now he has added that the entire earth will be “obliterated”.

So, if I am right in saying that Harold Camping was being inspired when he worked out the date of 1994, why does his message differ so much from ours? The answer is simply because of his intractable belief in a God that will punish the Human Race. In other words his mind is closed to any deity other than a God of Judgment, which is paralyzing because it is based on fear. I am certain that he genuinely believes in his mission and desperately wants to warn people in time for them to be saved. But the truth is that God is the God of LOVE and loves all of us unconditionally and beyond all comprehension. His, or if you prefer Her LOVE for us is such that He/She has provided us with the means to spiritually evolve to the next level. These means have taken 17 years to come to light through the Know Thyself Initiative and so once again, we invite you all to leave all fear and judgment behind and join us by adding your light of Hope to our map of those transforming the world.


Some of you that have read my comments on the death of Osama bin Laden in the Pakistani earthquake of 2005 may have wondered why I have not addresses the recent news of his death April 25th. The reason I have not dealt with the apparent discrepancy of my report in Section 14  (AHD)  until now is because I was engrossed in other spiritual work. Nonetheless, this subject cannot be dealt with in a few paragraphs consequently, I have created an attachment that you can download and read.


— How the Divine Plan will be put into affect — January 29th, 2011 —

Everyone born after August 1945 was destined to prepare for the energetic return of the Universal Christ and Divine Feminine in 1994. At the appropriate time each member, like ingredients adding their flavor to a special dish, contributes their unique understanding to KTI, while keeping their spiritual integrity (mission). This ?dish? (KTI) is the portal leading to the next stage in Spiritual Evolution, Globe E?

The preparation for 1994 began with the discovery of the planetoid Chiron  (AHD)  on November 1st 1977; the archetype of the Universal Christ. Although it may not have been apparent, The Christ began working from the Astral Plane with multiple individuals inspiring books, TV shows, and movies to awaken the mass consciousness to the impending change. Of course, the “Shadow” was busy with “his” own agenda muddying the waters so to speak to stop any cohesiveness with those awakened. Meanwhile, “he” moved those in the deepest sleep to amass great wealth and power.

From 1994 the level of influence steadily intensified until the “explosion” of 9-11. On that infamous day the final stages commenced. Although not engineered by the “Light”, 9-11 facilitated the purification of the Soul Plane by removing all the lower thoughts and emotions that had seeped into it from the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. The necessity to separate from my body after 9-11 allowed me to discover the Divine Plan that was in place for Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution. I developed a much deeper spiritual understanding through multiple visions during this time. This resulted in my writing the 4-part thesis Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked parts one and two and Spiritual Evolution – or From the Fool to the Hermit parts one and two. These writings laid out the reason for existence and the plan for 2012. They were designed primarily for the 777,000, who were awakening throughout the world and would recognize the information from prior to their incarnation. Nonetheless, as we move closer to 2012 more and more people are able to grasp the intangible through inspiration and recognize that their thoughts and emotions contribute to reality.

As I said below, the neutralization of the “Shadow” in August 2010 caused an immediate change of all spiritual and extraterrestrial consciousnesses who were working for the “Shadow’s” agenda; they all began supporting the Divine Plan. Recently there have been videos and postings warning of various “groups” bent on world domination, with a particularly disturbing one relating the plan to remove most of the population through manipulating the food supply. Firstly I must say that there are “groups” who want to remove large numbers of the population, but that is not the point. Many, many experts are warning us that our way of life today cannot be sustained and they are absolutely right. The Earth cannot continue to support the population at the rate it is growing and something MUST and WILL happen. Nonetheless, if we follow the Divine Plan for us, its supporters will help us and deter through inspiration any individuals that were manipulated by the “Shadow” from carrying out their plans.

In the past the world has gone through periodic global disasters, which have in effect re-set the Human Race. The end of the Age in 2012 is one of these turning points with the difference being, what happens is up to us. Make no mistake, one way or another the population of Earth will be drastically reduced, but how this happens is entirely our choice. Many investigators speak of a wave that will automatically transform the earth and the people; they are partly right. There is a wave destined to transform the Earth but, this wave is neutral and is an evolutionary tool that can act in one of two ways depending on the consciousness of the population. I was shown this in the analogy of an episode from one of our favorite shows Star-gate SGI. In the episode, the Earth is threatened by three ORI ships that intend destroying the Earth with a powerful ray from their ships. The members of SGI save the day by finding a way to put the Earth out of phase so that when the ORI ray hits the planet, the rays pass harmlessly through it. This is much like the “ray” or Tortion Wave that many people are expecting in 2012. If we succeed in registering 777,000 points of light in the Know Thyself Initiative and all the “members” contribute their “ingredients” to the dish (KTI) then the mass consciousness of Earth will shift and rise. This changes the frequency of the planet in preparation for 2/3rds to move to the next level – Globe E. In this case the ray/wave acts as a positive tool assisting in the next stage in evolution –opening the passage for 2/3rds of Humanity to move to Globe E. In the analogy, this “shift” in consciousness would be SGI putting the planet out of phase (changing the frequency) and the ray/wave passing harmlessly over the Earth. If however we do not succeed in locating the 777,000 and making the dish, then the ray/wave will again act as a tool, but this time the tool will be to reset the Human Race and the ray/wave will hit the planet like a massive tsunami causing worldwide destruction.

Everyone on earth is involved in the decision of which scenario plays out. It is all about intent. Exceptional organizations like the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) and the Intention Experiment are demonstrating that human intent is crucial in changing the world. For instance, if the collective mass consciousness wants to predominantly move from fossil fuels to clean energy then that is what will happen. This is because the “intent” will open the door for individuals to be inspired with innovative inventions. The same applies in every aspect of life. I read an article on the IONS website entitled: “Changing the Way We Think Starts with a Re-examination of Cultural Values”. One aspect of the article relates that the connection being made between the Tea Party and the Founding Fathers is incorrect. Unfortunately, those promoting the status quo rely on not enough people checking their (the Tea Party’s) claims. This attitude maintains the status quo and will lead to the resetting of the Human Race.

Nonetheless, all is not lost because the Divine Realm is helping us to wake up and realize how much we have been deceived with the information on this site. Just reading even a small part of the thesis or KTI begins to open the mind. Even if you do not feel that you are one of the 777,000, you can participate by being a facilitator. I have done all I can, because I believe in the innate goodness of Humanity and know that if given the right information, most people will make the right decision. But it is up to you.


— What role did Ancient Aliens play in the Divine Plan (part-3 of 3 parts) — December 31st, 2010 —

 *** We have shifted "ALIENS" identification to "FHBs" (Future Human Beings) ***

Examining the origins of the Wisdom Religion I found overwhelming similarities between both its progenitors and teachings throughout the world. This implied the progenitors were connected, but how? Mulling the question over a vision of a three-stranded pearl necklace came to mind. I learned each strand of the necklace represented one of the three Divine consciousnesses and each pearl a world teacher…

These three Divine consciousness identities  (AHD)  were The Universal Christ, Sophia, and Melchizedek. They visited Earth as “watchers” from various alien races that are reflected in the myths of sky-gods with their buildings/pyramids oriented to different constellations. The “pearl/teacher’s” purpose was to educate the Earth’s inhabitants of their origins and initiate the Wisdom Religion, which grew into the Ancient Mystery schools. The plan was thwarted at every turn by the consciousness of the World Soul that took form from time to time to corrupt the populace. Consequently it wasn’t until the 6th Century B.C.E. that the plan to correct the “water’s mistake” could be put into action. This was facilitated with the birth of Greek Philosophy through Melchizedek as Pythagoras and the embodiment of Compassion through Gautama Buddha. The Buddha being associated with both the male Buddha and the feminine Guan Yin is explained by both Sophia and the Universal Christ involved in the incarnation.
Because compassion entered the world the entire Soul Plane was affected, which caused The Creator/Demiurge to temper justice with mercy. As at this time all the consciousness of the Life-Principle exposed to the “watcher’s mistake” had now evolved, the Divine Plan to rectify the “mistake” could now take place.
The first step was to create a separate  (AHD)  playing field so to speak for the “mistake” to be corrected. This was achieved through transferring the evolved consciousness to Globe D, which was slightly out of phase  (AHD)  with Globe C. Physically, this “transfer” manifested as global catastrophes and the change from a 360 day-year, which reflected the perfect circle/cycle to the awkward 365. 25 days.
With the separation of Globe D, the Universal Christ’s could show Humanity how to transcend the counterfeit spirit by incarnating as the fully human man Jesus with a lower ego and counterfeit spirit. Both Sophia and Melchizedek also incarnated in this way as Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist. The Universal Christ as Jesus sacrificed his life allowing the Human Race to grow and learn through re-incarnation, without the retaliatory part of the Law. Unfortunately as part of the Divine Plan involved the purification of the World Soul, Humanity had to contend with the adversary when the Soul Plane was cleansed of “his” lowest elements into the lower levels of the Astral Plane. These “elements” became the “prince of this world”,  (AHD)  or Eckhart Tolle’s collective “pain body” connected to each human being’s pain-body or counterfeit spirit. In the thesis Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked Globe D  (AHD)  I describe how the World Soul’s lowest elements became the “Shadow of Deception” determined to thwart the Divine Plane at every opportunity. It also demonstrates how the Divine Plan was forwarded by representatives of the “ Light of Truth”  (AHD)  in the form of the “Orders of the Quest”, the successors to the “Orders of Melchizedek".
Until 1945 everything was going as planned, but then the “Shadow” succeeded in manipulating the reversal of creation (AHD)  necessitating the return of all the Wisdom teachers. They returned through everyone born after August 1945 and were the generation guided by John and Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Although many of this generation remain dormant their promise is still present. After April 4th 1994, the impetus to awaken has grown stronger and many of them have become involved in trying to make this world a better place. Unfortunately, while the specter of the “Shadow of Deception” was still present, the consciousness of selfishness and greed overwhelmed the consciousness of altruism and generosity. However, because of the neutralization of the “Shadow” on the autumnal equinox transforming the entire spiritual plane, earth is no longer at the mercy of the “Shadow’s” influence. Even the “watchers/aliens” in league with the “Shadow” have been transformed and are now dedicated to helping us facilitate the Divine Plan. This is seen by the recent announcement that the quarantine of Earth has been removed. Now we all have a wonderful opportunity to take back our power and face the illusion that is our reality and remold it...part-3 of a 3 part series.
In the next posting I will explain how this has come about and exactly how it will work. Thank you


— All Spiritual forces are just waiting for us to implement the Divine Plan — December 27th, 2010 —

 *** We have shifted "ALIENS" identification to "FHBs" (Future Human Beings) ***

Many people seem to think the shift will just happen on its own. However that would contravene the law of Freewill being sacrosanct. All the players are in place, Aliens/watchers, Angels, Spirit Guides, Divine Forces; they all just need us to implement the Divine Plan. The consciousness shift can only occur when a critical mass of Humanity shifts their consciousness and frequency. All the forces are bound by Universal Law, which is that they can only assist in the process not instigate it or complete it for us. The Shift will not occur until we make it happen. As all the spiritual forces are involved with the Divine Plan they all know about the Know Thyself Initiative and the 777,000. So I ask all of you to meditate, pray, communicate with your spirit guide, angel, or whatever the Divine guidance is to you and ask this one question. "Is Suzzan telling the Truth about the importance of the Know Thyself Initiative?" Thank you


— LUNAR ECLIPSE STARTS THE COUNTDOWN — 547 DAYS TO FIND THE 777,000 — December 21st, 2010 —

Following a most spectacular Lunar Eclipse, we arrive at the countdown to the end of this age. Endings of ages were fearful experiences for ancient civilizations as Graham Hancock points out in his Fingerprints of the Gods. However, they were also seen as a time of transition, with cataclysms that greatly reduced the population described as necessary birth pangs, but this end of the age is unique.

It is unique because, unlike our ancestors at the end of an age where only a select few ascended or transferred to the next level, we have an opportunity to implement a Divine Plan to transfer 2/3rds of the world’s population to the next level through the Know Thyself Initiative.
Although we have been seeking members of the 777,000 to register as points of light in the Divine Plan of Know Thyself Initiative, as the numbers break down to only 1 member in 7,000 people scattered throughout the world, it is a painfully slow process. Now as we have reached the 18-month marker (547 days), we need to ask all those born to help facilitate the transformation of the world through KTI, to assist us in whatever way they can. This plea is directed to those of you that resonated with the stated premise of KTI that a critical mass of human consciousness can affect the mass consciousness, but are unsure if you are one of the 777,000. This is fine, because you may be a facilitator of the Divine Plan and can be of help in several different ways. You can still be a point of light by donating $10 to help the poor.  Just fill out the form providing us with your name, location, and e-mail to appear on the map of points of light. If you cannot afford to donate $10 you can help by promulgate KTI. For those of you fortunate enough to be financially secure, you could be of immense help in facilitating the Divine Plan as a point of light by financially supporting KTI enabling us to advertise KTI world-wide. We know all of you that resonate with KTI are being divinely directed and we are asking you to search your heart for guidance, after all 547 days is not that many. Thank you


— Can the super-rich of Washington be an example to Washington D.C. — December 18th, 2010 —

In this time of giving I am moved to address an urgent situation; the drastic cuts to most social programs in Washington State. Although many have given much to relieve the suffering of the poor, it simply is not enough. However, Washington State has a lot of very wealthy individuals born to transform the world, whether they remember or not. Now they are in a perfect position to fulfill that very goal.

Living in Washington State we are bombarded by the growing number of people affected by the budget cuts Governor Gregoire is forced to make everyday. The economic collapse that has caused such hardship was the result of pure greed. With the campaign to defeat Bill Gates Senior’s Initiative, to help children and the sick, the wealthy appeared reluctant to help. Consequently, the poor and vulnerable of Washington feel cast aside and hopeless.
The reason the Know Thyself Initiative is hosted in Washington State is because it is directly connected to Washington D.C. and the Founding Fathers through a replica of the Federal Triangle naturally occurring between three mountains. Reading Alex de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America,  (AHD)  I was struck by the intention the Founding Fathers displayed to help the poor and sick. Then it was seen as the responsibility of each State to ensure that everyone had enough.
The situation for social programs designed to help the poor in Washington State is in dire straits. Now the only way of saving the programs is for the budget shortfall to be bridged somehow. As I said, most of you (the very wealthy) were born to transform the world and here is a perfect opportunity. I realize that many of you have given already or plan to do so, but I’m referring to sharing your wealth. This could be seen as emulating the widow in the New Testament giving all she could (2 mites) as opposed to the two rich merchants tossing in a few coins for the poor. Which character would you rather be identified with?
What an incredible example the fortunate of Washington State could be to Washington D.C and for that matter the world, by demonstrating that it is possible for a “camel (rich man) to pass through the eye of the needle.”
In our 3rd book Our Story 1995 — 2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE, we wrote when Jesus spoke these words he wasn’t referring to the eye of a sewing needle. At the time there was a short narrow gate into the city of Jerusalem. In order for a merchant to bring his goods through the gate he would need to completely unload the camel and coax it onto its knees to edge its way through the gate. The message being that it is not impossible for a wealthy person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven just very difficult. The key to the door is always intent. If an individual understands and uses money as a tool for altruism, then the door is wide open. And so I ask the wealthy citizens of Washington State as they buy expensive gifts for one another to take a moment to consider that many of their neighbors do not have enough money to adequately keep warm or feed themselves.

If this resonates with you, please copy it and post it yourself. Thank you


— What role did Ancient Aliens play in the Divine Plan (part-2 of 3 parts) — December 13th, 2010 —

 *** We have shifted "ALIENS" identification to "FHBs" (Future Human Beings) ***

After learning that the “fall” was the genetic manipulation of the Human Race by aliens 42,000 years ago, I had wondered what had happened. If all extraterrestrials are participating in the Divine Plan as “watchers” then were other “watchers” responsible for the total disappearance of the aliens from earth?...

Alien investigators point to the reference of great battles in the sky mentioned in Hindu Scriptures, but who were the combatants? From the thousands of variations of UFO crafts sighted it seems that they are not all from the same planet. I found clues to their identities in the astrological alignments of the temples and pyramids. Two constellations seemed to dominate the ancient civilizations of Egypt and the Americas, Orion and the Pleiades. Through further research I deduced it was the Pleiadians that made the ?watchers mistake? by genetically altering the Human Race. Apart from the violation of genetic manipulation, the Pleiadians compounded the error by setting themselves up as gods on earth. The result was to cause the other watchers/aliens (Orions?) to physically force the Pleiadians to abandon the earth. This struggle is what is recorded in the Hindu Scriptures as huge sky battles and is evidenced with the ruins of utter devastation of ancient sites with radiation residue indicating the use of energy weapons.
I wrote of how detrimental it was for any spiritual being, alien or otherwise to interact with human beings, because it disempowered us spiritually and retarded our spiritual progress. However, because of the spark of God or the Spirit being within the elements of Earth, as well being able to transmute emotions the Human Race could also co-create through their thoughts and emotions. As I said, the most disastrous result of the “watchers mistake” was that it affected the entire Soul Plane, because Humanity’s thoughts and emotions took form and became the World Soul. This entity, at first had no consciousness of its own. Nonetheless, as the ages past, it became infused with more and more of Humanity’s thoughts and emotions. Until at last, it finally became fully conscious within the Soul Plane. Curiously, it wasn’t until this happened that the epic struggle could begin to overcome the actions of the aliens.
Initially to correct the problem The Creator reduced the life span and created three separate levels in the Astral Plane. These were Kama Loka, Devachan and Avichi, which acted as barriers to separate the purer souls and forces from the baser ones. Before the Human Race was genetically altered, human beings were evolving without the hindrance of the counterfeit spirit; otherwise known as Eckhart Tolle’s “pain body.” Therefore there was no need for the Divine to interfere with the natural course of life. Unfortunately, afterwards it was a very different story. The strong instead of protecting the weak, victimized them and it truly became a case of survival of the fittest. This was the opposite of the goal of spiritual evolution to work together in cooperation and unity to transform all matter back to Spirit.
Although the Pleiadians had been physically removed from the earth they were able to connect to human beings through visions and dreams channeled through the Astral Plane. The wide spread belief that the Atlanteans were extraterrestrials is substantiated by the legends of their advanced technology. The Reason the Atlanteans were so advanced technically was because the alien progenitors were still on Earth “guiding”, and giving them advanced technology. Nonetheless, the result of the alien “guidance” had repercussions  (AHD)  and did not serve Spiritual Evolution.
With the connection to the Astral Plane, The Creator/Demiurge created the Wheel of Necessity  (AHD)  or karma, which was meant to teach the Human Race of the Law of Cause and Effect, but alas it degenerated into the rule of retaliation, which is seen in the various stories of floods.
Eventually the global catastrophes ended and the descendants of the survivors were left alone to develop. Because some individuals were gaining deeper levels of consciousness and beginning to wake up to their true spiritual natures, their higher, purer thoughts and emotions affected the Soul Plane and therefore The Creator/Demiurge. The affect on The Creator was to adopt mercy and temper his judgment with compassion and help Humanity by placing the Law within their hearts. This activated the human conscience and paved the way for the Serpents of Wisdom  (AHD)  to teach the Human Race intuition and prepare the earth for the next step in the correction of the “watchers” mistake... only part-2 of a 3 part series. Thank you


— What role did Ancient Aliens play in the Divine Plan (part-1 of 3-parts) — December 8th, 2010 —

 *** We have shifted "ALIENS" identification to "FHBs" (Future Human Beings) ***

From the outset of my search for the purpose of life, I was confronted by the evidence of ancient alien visitation. My main question was “How did aliens fit in with the Divine Plan?” The answer I received was ambiguous, some appeared to be cooperating, but then I learned there was one race whose actions were so devastating it would take more than 40,000 years to correct…

To understand the above statement we need to first understand the purpose for our existence. Without going into it too deeply, The Good News: REVERBERATION relates that the Universe was created from the discarded emotions of Sophia or Wisdom, which became the four elements of Fire/ignorance, Air/grief, Water/fear and Earth/confusion. As the elements contained divine sparks, they were encased in the Life-principle of our Solar System to develop individual consciousness and transmute the emotions/elements; releasing the divine sparks back to spirit.

The most important thing to understand was that although life was developing throughout the Universe and alien races were evolving; only the elements of our small Solar System contained the divine sparks. The Divine Realm  (AHD)  set up a system where through multiple rounds, the Life-principle moved through different levels of existence on multiple globes of the 7 Sacred Planets to become individuated. The rest of the Universe inhabitants (aliens) were “watchers”, tasked to observe without interfering. To cut a very long story short, everything was proceeding as planned until the Life-principle reached Globe C of the 4th Earth Round. This was approximately 40,000 B.C.E. and spiritual evolution had reached the point of individualization with the 3rd Root-Race separating into male and female.

Although there was a kind-of Star-Trek’s “Prime Directive”, that the “watchers” aliens could observe but were forbidden to interfere, because of the universal law of free-will, the “watchers” were not forced to obey this directive. Consequently, around 40,000 B.C.E., one of them decided to begin mining the earth for its minerals to be used on their planet. Had they been content at mining the earth themselves, it may not have been a problem, but they decided to make the native hominid population do the work for them. However, the natives were uncooperative and one of the aliens/watchers decided to create a more docile workforce by genetically manipulating  (AHD)  one of the native species. To do this the geneticist cloned a male and a female, which created an imbalance between the active/masculine and the passive/feminine principles within them. With this imbalance, when the alien geneticist engrafted his species DNA onto the cloned specimens, the result was devastating spiritually. Although, the new species Homo Sapien sapiens took a huge leap in consciousness development and knowledge, it led to the corrupting of the Human Race with the insertion of the counterfeit-spirit. This is the real origin of the doctrine of original sin or the belief that every human being is born flawed.

As bad as this was for Humanity, the consequences for Spiritual Evolution was much worse. Because the Human Race had become individuated they were beginning to process and transmute emotions, which meant they were spiritually connected to the Soul Plane and many entities became corrupted (angelic rebellion). Even worse than this, was although the aliens/watchers were eventually driven from the earth, because of the genetic manipulation the thoughts and emotions of the genetically altered natives began escaping into the Soul Plane. As the affect of the corruption of the native species grew on earth, their thoughts and emotions began taking on a life of their own, eventually becoming a conscious entity known as the World Soul. KTI is the direct result of the “Watchers” mistake… only part-1 of a 3 part series. Thank you


— How do we change the way we think — November 30th, 2010 —

So many people have asked the question “what do you mean by change the way we think”; consequently before I continue my discussion on the 777,000, I feel I must address this important question. First the obvious statement is that changing the way we think is not the same as changing what we think; although they are connected. Let me explain…

A good analogy would be the Baby Boomer generation’s consciousness development through the visual stimulation of television. I will use my experience to demonstrate what I mean. The Apollo Moon Landing, with scenes of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon in 1969 was the first instance of changing the way I thought. Up until then, although I knew that we lived on a globe, I had not really been able to visualize planet earth from space. When the scenes of earth were flashed across the TV screen suddenly my world became a little more finite changing my view of the world, or the way I thought about it.
Changing what we think being connected to changing the way we think can be seen in the complete shift the Human Race made concerning the cause for contagious disease during the 20th century. A hundred years earlier, there was no concept of bacteria and microbes causing illness. Disease was explained either as Divine punishment or the work of the Devil. Today people think of this belief as ignorant and ridiculous, but at the time it was considered to be the only rational explanation. With the invention of the microscope and the discovery of Penicillin most people learned to accept disease was caused through bacteria and viruses. In other words, their knowledge expanded changing what they thought about disease, which in turn changed the way they thought about the cause.
To fulfill our purpose in spiritual evolution we need to go to the next step, which again follows the growth in knowledge. Through Quantum Physics we now know that solid matter is an illusion and that the Universe and everything in it is a complex mixture of dark matter and dark energy with a small percentage of micro particles of the elements. Physicists also tell us that the thing holding these particles together is the mysterious force of electro-magnetism. This knowledge has been expanding further with the discovery that these micro particles are affected by human interaction and can be altered from a particle to a wave simply by being observed.
For the 777,000, one aspect of changing the way they think involves reviewing the very nature of reality and Humanity’s role in the Universe using all means; including scientific information and the Ancient Mysteries. As these individuals open their minds to all possibilities, they begin to view all aspects of life from the energetic and consciousness perspective. This could be seen in the terms masculine/active and feminine/passive. Energetically, these terms become more than merely gender definition. When we can look at men and women objectively, we can see that the masculine/active energy is often present in women. For example, could anyone describe Sarah Palin or Hilary Clinton as passive? Seeing the universe in terms of consciousness and energy aligns and connects them to the Divine and then they can contribute to KTI from their life experience and knowledge. As the 777,000 strengthen their connection to the Divine Plan they see past the illusion of this reality to the door of the next stage in spiritual evolution. As their vision becomes clearer their vibration rises and they begin to illuminate the way to the door for others; as I described in the previous posting. Thank you


— Why We Need 777,000 — November 18th, 2010 —

Although only 7 levels take part in KTI, I must state that everyone on the planet today, consciously or not participate in the transformation process. So why are we only searching for 777,000? To quote my dear friend Guy we “wish that the love and light mentality would be enough to transform the world”, but because there is very little cohesiveness within this group it isn’t enough. Let me explain…

Unfortunately, even though there are millions of people awakening and promoting peace, love and harmony, for the most part they are following different paths to the same destination. This means that their contribution to the mass consciousness remains diffused and unfocused for now. The 777,000 individuals we seek are all connected to a specific point in time and space – Jerusalem 3:00 pm April 4th 1994 in the Holy Sepulcher Church. This connection is best demonstrated on the visual re-creation on the home page. In the video, you see me lying face down in front of the mural of the first stage of the crucifixion. I am directly over the point that the Universal Christ left Jesus nearly 2,000 years ago, which is why we were sent there that day. In the “video” the point of light in the middle of my back “explodes” and sparks of “light” fly off in all directions until they eventually fill the screen, turning it white. These “sparks” were the spiritual energy of all the philosophers and teachers that promoted the Ancient Wisdom; including all the founders of the world’s religions. In essence they were the combined consciousness of the Universal Christ and the Divine Feminine, Holy Spirit/Sophia. The mission of the “sparks” was to seek out the 777,000 individuals that carried the consciousness from their incarnations throughout time.

When we find the 777,000 individuals what will happen? To be honest although being told that this small number creates a critical mass, I did not know how. I was shown an allegory to explain why, which I think may help. Think of an ornate steel plate blocking the doorway to the next level that none of us can see. Ancient Wisdom was aware of the steel plate and sent multiple teachers to tell us about it. These teachers over thousands of years created sanctuaries where initiates would learn how to find a way past the block. Now that sanctuary has become available to everyone as a sanctuary of consciousness or KTI. With the 777,000 joining the Initiative, they connect with the Divine Plan and as they enter the sanctuary of consciousness come to know how to be in the world, but not of it. They begin to see through the steel plate and discover the door. Objectively re-examining what they believe about this reality, they begin to remember why they were born and the Truth about our role in Spiritual Evolution. This changes the way they think and raises their vibration, bringing them together with a single purpose and focus. Their consciousness becomes a torch, focusing a flame that starts burning a hole in the steel plate revealing the door out of this reality to the rest of Humanity. As they progress through KTI, the 777,000 gain greater and greater insight into the purpose of life, or they burn hotter and the opening becomes wider exposing the door. This in turn affects the mass consciousness and attracts those individuals that have awakened to seek the Truth and join KTI in their millions. As more and more join they investigate the ever widening hole in the plate and join their consciousness together, which begins to shift the mass consciousness. The hole in the plate keeps widening until a critical mass is reached then the entire plate disintegrates clearing the way to the door. With this we can then bring heaven to earth and end all conflict and suffering. However, this scenario can only start with the focused selfless intent of the 777,000 individuals that have the imprint from April 4th 1994 and is the reason why we ask that you help us locate them without delay . Thank you


— 18 Levels & Interpretation of the "Fall" Allegory — November 13th, 2010 —

I said when members of the 777,000 visited the web site, they would recognize its value and register and become a point of light. However, this does not mean only this number of people will join KTI, but only 777,000 will complete all 7 Stages. Many more will join and participate in changing the world but not finish. This is because there are 18 levels of consciousness on Earth. Let me explain…

I should stress that these “levels” have nothing to do with intelligence or social standing. They concern Spiritual Evolution and the doctrine of Root-Races. I discuss this at length in the thesis Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked part one and Globe D  (AHD)  found on the Ancient Wisdom For Now page. However, to encapsulate what was said, the thesis postulates that our world (Globe D) has only existed since 0 C.E. and was created for the Life-Principle in its highest form (human beings) to correct the “watchers” mistake. This mistake was allegorically portrayed in the Garden of Eden stories, but the version that has come down to us misses the point. The “fall” was not about “Eve” corrupting “Adam” by persuading him to eat an apple from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. The “fall” was “Eve” being taken from “Adam.”  Keeping in mind that allegories hold many meanings, one aspect of the allegory of the “fall’ is that the masculine and feminine principles in the human being were separated. This caused an imbalance of the two energies in the world; leading to the male energy of conflict suppressing the female energy of compassion. Please understand I am not speaking of men and women, as both of these energies can be present in either sex.
I will not go into how this imbalance came about, because it is explained in the aforementioned thesis  (AHD) . To get back to the 18 levels of consciousness; our world (Globe D) has become the arena for this imbalance to be corrected through Humanity working through its emotions to transmute them and spiritually evolve. In the year 0.C.E., there were only 5 levels of consciousness, by 1300 C.E. there were 12 levels and today there are 18. I said that these levels have nothing to do with intelligence, so what do they represent? They represent Spiritual Evolution, which determines if and when a consciousness is ready to evolve to the next level. Only the last 12 levels have reached that stage of evolution and only the last 7 levels hold the frequency of KTI. The important point is that everyone who joins KTI will combine their consciousness and therefore contribute to the transformation of the world. I will explain what happens to the 6 levels of consciousness that are not ready to evolve later. Thank you


— Introduction — November 9th, 2010 —

With all the conflict in the world, an objective observer on Earth could be forgiven for thinking the Human Race is hopelessly lost. However, I believe that at its core we are ready to change the world. This is what KTI was created for. Using principles from Quantum Physics and Noetics  (AHD)  this can become a reality; let me explain…

From the science of Quantum Physics we know that at the subatomic level all matter is vibrating energy. This is the scientific explanation, but this vibrating energy is fundamentally consciousness. In other words our world or reality is constructed from our collective thoughts. This means from the subatomic level, we are literally creating our world today, which is not news as the Ancient Wisdom, as well as all the founders of the world’s religions taught this Truth. If you doubt this, it may interest you to know that the word “repent” means to “change the way you think.” Until recently with the innovative science of Noetics, we did not realize that we could literally affect “matter” and our reality with our intent. Of course, the majority of the world does not think the same way; hence the chaos of conflict. So how do we get more than 6 Billion people to “change the way they think”? The good news is that 6 Billion do not need to, just a very small percentage – 1% of the square root of the population or 777,000.
In a nutshell, this is precisely how KTI will change the world. The premise is that within the population from every country, ethnicity and religious affiliation are 777,000 people with a unique energy matrix. The Initiative is constructed with a specific frequency (colors) that when these 777,000 people are exposed to it they will subconsciously remember their life’s purpose and create a critical mass to bring us all to remembrance.
KTI is not for everyone, but everyone can help. Any member of the 777,000 who visits the “Identifying the 777,000” page will recognize its value and become a point of light. When we have found 1% of the 777,000 we will post a map of the world with the points of light shining in the darkness. Even if you do not feel moved there is a very good chance that you know someone who is so please tell everyone you know – Thank you


— Important Message from God — October 13th, 2010 —



—1st World Wide KTI—Press Release — Sent Out November 9th, 2009 —

Press Release


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