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"Guy’s encounters began in 2004 when he turned 40 in the middle of his Uranus opposition. At this juncture in life, astrologers tell us we learn the purpose for our lives. However, it is difficult to see how anyone could learn anything in the chaos and terror Guy was living through that year."

It is difficult to navigate uncharted waters…sometimes “INTUITION” is the only thing that moves us forward, as Guys’ experience demonstrates.

A statement at the top of our website’s previous opening page was: “Wondrously, the universal and divine forces gave us the solution thousands of years ago.” However, what was not apparent from the statement was (posted further down the page) the solution is for “a virus in our consciousness software creating misconceptions of our life’s purpose.” In respect to this, FOR THE CHILDREN takes the highly symbolic data of the seminal work of the RT group in THE RABBI'S TAROT, which we introduced in Stage Reason and is addressed in the next Stage Knowledge. Here in this Stage Intuition, using three individuals’ life stories, FOR THE CHILDREN  interprets the teachings in a modern way by matching the teachings to real life experiences. Participants following the Know Thyself Initiative will recognize that the ‘virus in our consciousness software’ is the false self, or the ego and pain-body.

Craig and I began our mission from a traditional Judeo/Christian perspective, but gradually we saw a flaw in our understanding. Rather than putting our focus just on the Bible, we had to open our minds to all religious writings and teachings to find the core of truth within them all. Our book, LOVE: The Common Denominator reports the results of that quest. For me, a large part of discovering the truth within all the religions came with understanding the nature of evil and its origin. In the previous Stage – Cycles, I discuss the contest between the Shadow of Deception, (Shadow for short, or what Eckhart Tolle terms the Collective Pain Body - CPB) and the Light of Truth, since 0.C.E. To recap: the Shadow or CPB connects to each person through his or her individual pain-body, the subconscious aspect of the ego. Investigating the development of consciousness, I learned that the self-conscious is a relatively recent development. It was born from our individuation around 5,000 years ago. Sadly, due to the presence of the Shadow the conscious aspect of the pain-body, the false ego also came into being. I say false ego, because we have a true Ego, which is our divine self. Our life’s purpose is to integrate the false ego into becoming who we really are. Put another way, we bring our human will into alignment with the Divine Will. Still that was then and as I said in Stage Cycles, Eckhart Tolle’s CPB, or the Shadow is no more, because it was neutralized in 2010. Regrettably, as very few people know this, or what it means, the Shadow’s agenda is still in play. One word describes that agenda, division, in that before its neutralization, the Shadow sought to promote division throughout the world, both through war and conflict between countries, as well as rancor as discord in friends and families. (To avoid confusion, I will use the term ego for the false ego and pain-body in this discussion.)

As you know, Craig and I view everything in terms of consciousness and energy and today we have an opportunity to see how the ego is still carrying out the Shadow’s agenda though the election process. Contentious debates and violent outbreaks in some rallies reveal how the ego operates, but in truth, in the rancor and vitriolic rantings from supposedly intelligent people, we are witnessing the death-throws of the ego desperately trying to maintain control of its charges, human beings. The problem is that this is manifesting in good people’s egos inciting them to support statements they do not believe. To give you an example, watching scenes from some televised rallies, I do not need to be physically there to see that the level of anger amongst the crowd is palpable, because it radiates through the TV screen. From the energetic perspective, we are seeing genuinely good people caught up in the mob mentality consciousness.

Using good intentions to achieve its goal, (to divide us and create chaos) is a perfect example of how the ego operates. Obviously, most of the candidates’ supporters desperately want a better world for everyone. Unfortunately, his or her ego uses that desperation to manipulate them into compromising the integrity of their beliefs. In these individuals, I include the candidates, because at their core, they are all good, caring people, who went into politics with the goal of helping to change the world. Alas, sometimes their egos manipulate them into behaving in a way contrary to their true nature. The truth is if we forget our true purpose, or the truth of our connectedness, our egos will cause us to devolve into prejudice, bigotry and intolerance, which is exactly following the Shadow’s agenda.

Unfortunately, we need to address this, as some egos are creating an energetic backlash that affects the mass consciousness. Candidates’ statements condemning all Muslims are irresponsible at best and at worst could be downright dangerous in today’s climate. Having lived in the Middle East for 10 years, I know Islam is not the problem, as 99% of them only want to live in peace, which is a fundamental teaching of the religion. Arabian mystics will tell you that the term jihad, translating to holy war, refers to the inner struggle with evil within a person, not literal war with an outside enemy. This would be an example of Islam teaching of the ego. An important fact that most westerners do not realize is that the impetus behind the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS does not come from conventional Islamic teachings. These groups’ ideology originates from what scholars describe as an ultra-conservative doctrine known as Wahhabism. This particular doctrine received its name from an eighteenth-century preacher and scholar, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703–1792). I am sure, if more people knew this, they would see that holding Islam and all Muslims responsible for Wahhabists actions, is tantamount to holding Christianity and all Christians responsible for the actions of Jim Jones and Warren Jeffs. Deep down, most people crave for the world to be at peace, which the egos work tirelessly to sabotage. Isolationism through fear is a primary function the ego uses.

Something that took me a while to understand is that the members of these groups are even more victims to the Shadow’s agenda than the rest of us. Let me explain why I say this. To do this, I need to take you back to the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Living in the UK at the time, I was aware of the Mujahedeen freedom fighters, but as I moved overseas in early 1984, I did not follow the progress, or understand the toll it took on the Afghan people. That is until a friend told us about the movie Charlie Wilson’s War starring Tom Hanks.

The movie shocked me. First, I had no idea that the Soviets were massacring civilians, including children with impunity, or that an American Senator was behind the US supporting the Mujahedeen. Tom Hank’s character, Charlie Wilson makes an interesting observation at the end of the film. I am paraphrasing, but he says that the Soviet withdrawal did not end America’s need to help the Afghan people. Over a million men, women and children lost their lives during the occupation and they left the country in ruins. Still, as the character observes, the problem was there were thousands of children under the age of fourteen without any real help. These children were traumatized from the occupation and abandoning them proved a colossal mistake, because it left them vulnerable to the influence of the Shadow’s agenda, promulgated by Wahhabism. We all know what effect turning our back on the Afghan people had on the children, most became radical, forgetting that America was their ally in fighting the Soviet invaders. Without schools and education, the children only heard the rhetoric from the radical Wahhabists. Of course, this was how the infidels (non-Muslims) exploited them to further the West’s greed for power. A primary tool of the Shadow is fear and traumatized children rarely move past a feeling of insecurity, so they literally become reactive driven by the ego completely, seeing anyone different as the enemy. Experts term this as xenophobia.

I think it is important to remember the axiom if we forget history then we are doomed to repeat it. At this very moment, we stand on the brink and need to make a choice. Thousands of children in Syria are being traumatized and need the adults of the world to speak up for them and protect them. Children are malleable and if the wealthy step forward to help and protect them the children’s egos will not be able to twist their young minds. This is why; I mention the danger of condemning Islam and all Muslims. For people in the Middle East, worship is a way of life, so for Muslim children to hear anyone condemning them for their faith immediately alienates them and leaves them vulnerable to adults ruled by their egos and still following the Shadow’s agenda. Each of us has to ask ourselves “Do I really think Muslim children deserve my hatred?” Didn’t Jesus say, “Suffer the little children to come unto me”…? As adults we must protect all children at all costs, which means not retaliating by bombing them when former traumatized children’s egos lash out. We have to stop the cycle and we do this through Love and compassion, but most of all through revealing the true enemy within, the ego.

In spite of the discussion above, there is good news. As I said, due to its neutralization the Shadow is no longer an issue. With its removal, the universal forces or Cosmic Cultures are teaming up with the Spiritual or Divine forces to help us evolve. Moreover, the Divine or Universal Plan is now in action, replacing the Shadow’s agenda completely. We can see evidence of this everywhere, with the multiple groups, organizations, and projects endeavoring to help those less fortunate.

A development particularly relevant to this discussion is Dr. Steven Greer’s new project, because it focuses on the individual. In his video, he calls on all of us to step up and get involved. His primary message is that the Cosmic Cultures are not “overtly” hostile. However, I need to state that the Cosmic Cultures are not only not “overtly” hostile; they are incapable of violence in any form. Consequently, for people to believe ETs capable of secretly helping the US to create weapons, is ludicrous. The absolute truth is the Cosmic Cultures are so evolved that they have moved into a much higher frequency, the Love Frequency. True, they contact some people from time to time, in an attempt to try to help us move beyond war. Nonetheless, they would never usurp our free will in any way and therefore until we show them that we will not attack them, they are powerless to help us with our problems.

Moving past the mentality of war and conflict is critical to our survival, which reminds me of the statement on the front of our book FOR THE CHILDREN – “There is no guarantee due to the human ego.” Originally, this meant that if we did not integrate the ego, bringing our individual will into alignment with the Divine Will, then the Shadow’s agenda would prevail. However, as I said, this is about good news and the statement was made before the Shadow’s neutralization. Now the ball is completely in our court, so to speak. Moreover, as the Shadow’s agenda has gone, replaced by the Divine or Universal Plan, we all have help. All we need to do is ask. The change came about through our actions demonstrating that we were beginning to change the way we think, through our collective support of global events such as the 11-11-11 peace gatherings around the world. As such, in a way we have already won, to cement the victory we only need to remember the light of the hope we felt during the 11-11-11 events.

It starts with understanding how the ego sabotages our lives. This is why we wrote the book FOR THE CHILDREN, which was expressly written to not only raise funds for the treaty banning Space-based weapons and to help children, but also to raise awareness of the real enemy within us, the ego. The Divine and Universal forces know how insidious the ego is and recognize that for many of us it is a task beyond our capabilities. So many are simply trying to get by in this world and are consumed with the worldly problems, such as putting food on the table, or keeping a roof over his or her head. Dealing with an enemy that he or she cannot see, or deal with in a tangible way, is just too much. Fortunately, the Divine/Universal plan allowed for this and each of us has their own role to play. Some may simply support organizations helping the less fortunate, not necessarily financially, sometimes just sharing their work in e-mails and Facebook is enough. An important point we must all do though is ensure that we do not support the defunct Shadow’s agenda energy by guarding against any speech that causes division.

For those who feel moved to go a step further, he or she can become one of the 777,000 who change the way they think. These individuals make up the small percentage needed to be a critical mass and shift the collective consciousness as a part of the Divine/Universal plan. Their tools are the ancient teachings, often referred to as the Mysteries, which as I said Daphna Moore collected in her The Rabbi’s Tarot. This incredible book will be covered in the next Stage of KTI – Knowledge.

In the meantime, we encourage you to get a copy of FOR THE CHILDREN as all the royalties are being divided between promoting the Peace Treaty banning all space-based weapons, and children’s projects.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always, - Suzzan