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In this second iteration of Stage 3 Intuition, we added our dear friend and a director of our Foundation Guy Juarez’s updated book, Chronicles of Guy’s Intradimensional Divine Encounters as study material. Consequently, we need to clarify this new addition, but first we should explain the reason for the revised title from the original Chronicles of Guy’s Alien Encounters. As we reported in Stage 1 Reason, regarding our updated book The Good News Reverberation, we had new understanding concerning our Evolution. Although we discussed this in Stage Reason, we will refresh our memories by reviewing that particular posting below.

Our new understanding began while helping Guy with his book, because initially we all thought that he was interacting with visitors from another planet. However, in using Higher Reason we came to understand the “entities” that Guy called the Clickers, and thought of as “Time manipulators”, were from our future. In the excerpt below, Guy and I were addressing the reason for the apparent waning of encounters with this group:

The apparent lessening of contact with the Intradimensional Clickers had puzzled me, so I turned to Great Spirit-Mind for answers. In my contemplative meditation, I remembered that when the “Shadow” was neutralized the entire Soul Plane was purified. As I related, both sides used the Astral Plane to help in the case of the “Light” or manipulate in the case of the “Shadow.” Therefore, once the Spiritual world was in line with the Divine/Universal Plan then their vibration would make interaction with the Physical Plane near impossible. So, who are these Clickers?

Initially, Guy referring to them as some kind-of time travelers, or as he called them time manipulators didn’t sit well with me. This was because I was led to believe through Steven King’s inspired Langoliers that time travel was impossible.

Nonetheless, as I wrote although we cannot return to the past because it is absorbed shortly after the Human Race passes into the future, remnants of the past exist in moments people cannot forget, such as the Holocaust, JFK’s assassination, and 9 11. For example, these events continually come up in TV shows and movies. This is understandable in the case of 9 11, because millions witnessed the replays of the second plane hitting the south tower, as well as its, and the north tower’s subsequent collapse. However, linear time is subject to the Human Race and on one level, the future exists. In discussing this, we thought that the Clickers were advanced extraterrestrials from a distant galaxy manipulating time to witness events on earth. Yet astronomers have determined that when we look out in space, we look back in time.

Thinking about the Clickers being from the future, and that space is in the past, the thought that they were not extraterrestrials arose. Once I let that thought germinate, I considered the possibility of evolved future human beings. Mentioning this to Guy, he remembered reading about Dan Burisck interviewing one of the so-called “aliens” from Roswell. Apparently, the “visitor” claimed he was from 7,000 years in the future, and amazingly was a human being. Seeking answers about this astounding revelation, I came to understand that these “visitors” were peaceful observers from the next round in our Planetary Chain. I believe this is why we wrote in FOR THE CHILDREN that “Evolved beings are pacifists.” Although the following was written identifying the UFO occupants visiting us as ETs, we believe it applies to evolved human beings from the future as well:

“In our writings, we speculated that the ETs traveled through the Astral Plane, which is why they can appear and disappear at will. This was the main reason we made the error of deducing that as they moved through the Astral Plane it corrupted some of them, causing them to align with the Shadow. However, having determined their nature is unchanged, we realized that they must have a unique makeup that allowed them to move through the domain of the Shadow and remain untainted. They did. Moving through the Astral Plane did not taint the ETs because of their attunement to the Love Frequency.

“By operating, or if you prefer vibrating, at a higher frequency outside, or rather inside the Schumann Resonance cavity they were able to remain wholly unaffected by our thoughts and emotions permeating the Astral Plane…

One of the main reasons the ETs have not landed on the White House lawn is because of their frequency; the Love Frequency makes them powerless to defend themselves. This is not because of an inability to. There is ample evidence of the ETs ability to disarm weapons. It is because their frequency makes them incapable of physical violence. Therefore should they be physically confronted by military personnel attempting to detain them, they would be helpless. We realize that this is in direct contradiction to the consensus of opinion. Most people tend to think that such an extremely advanced species would be able to swat us like a fly. However, because they have evolved past the animalistic nature that the Human Race still struggles with, violence of any kind, even in defense, is an anathema to them.

“Evolved beings are pacifists, which is why the ETs offer advice to a select few. Even then, when the Shadow was in play, some of the contactees became a problem. Muddying the waters of the ET agenda, some contactees’ pain-bodies created memories of a truly terrifying experience. Nonetheless, enough people like Carol were able to receive their message of Peace and it has entered the mass consciousness. Carol told us that like the Star Trek Prime Directive, the cosmic cultures would never interfere with the Human Race’s development. This fact did not surprise us, as there is a universal directive never to usurp free will. Then of course, there is the point that the cosmic cultures were tasked with watching us. For that reason, until we show them we will not respond with violence, they will remain observers… Ironically, the cosmic cultures represent our evolution into the Frequency of Love, where we too will be incapable of violence of any kind.

“In the Frequency of Love, everyone has evolved past all concept of separateness. Hate, prejudice, envy, jealousy, and cruelty are concepts of the past. Compassion and Understanding dominates our consciousness. There is no such thing as selfishness or self-interest because although we understand we are individuals, we also know we are each a part of a whole that is interconnected.

…as stewards of the Earth, we recognize our role in working together to ensure that we preserve our planet for our children. Joining our brothers and sisters of the universe again, we gain access to all the cosmic culture’s technology amassed over several millennia. As a result, we will restore our beautiful Garden-Water planet to its full glory. For instance, I was recently given that our cosmic brothers and sisters could return our atmosphere to the condition it was before the Industrial Revolution, at the push of a button so to speak. They can also remove all toxic waste and pollution, which would open up many acres of land for cultivation. Is this not what everyone wants?


Regarding the comment that the events of the Holocaust, JFK’s assassination, and 9 11 still exist because people cannot forget them, it is indicative of how powerful emotions are stimulated through our sight. JFK’s assassination, and 9 11 are understandable because in the case of the former, not only do we have the Saputo witness’ video recording the actual assassination, we also have the multiple movies and documentaries dissecting every aspect of it. As for 9 11, as we said, millions witnessed the constant replays of the plane hitting the tower, and the towers collapse that this event is seared into the very fabric of our reality. Even so both of these events were televised acts of violence, but what of the Holocaust. Apart from the barbarity and inhumanity of genocide, although the actual Holocaust was not televised, as the public were exposed to scenes of mass graves, as well as mounds of clothing, eye-glasses, and other personal items from the six million victims, like 9 11, every second of this atrocity is again seared into the very fabric of our reality.

So why are such tragic events preserved? Surely, it would be enough to just learn from the events and record them in the history books. The answer why, comes down to the purpose for Life itself, which lest we forget is to transmute the 4 Elements made from Sophia’s essence, through processing emotions. As stated, we do this in order to release the divine sparks trapped within the Elements back to Spirit, but we will discuss this later. For now, we want to return to our revised understanding of the so-called Extraterrestrials.

In FOR THE CHILDREN we related that I struggled with some abductees experiences. That is until I understood they were interfered with by agents of the “Shadow” before “he” was neutralized in 2010. As I reported, initially I thought it was a case of false memories but when I asked, Great Spirit-Mind answered:

“Not exactly false memories, but this was a part of the misunderstanding.” Naturally, the next question was what this meant. “The answer lies in Guy’s story”, was equally unclear, but I knew I needed to find the answer for myself.

World Tarot CardReturning to Guy’s story, as stated, I found the answer in identifying the “Clickers” as evolved humans from the next round in the Earth’s Planetary Chain, which card 21 The World is depicting. Even so, we discovered these were no ordinary human beings, because we believe they are connected to the beings mentioned in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. The clue came when we realized that Solomon was from the previous Solar System, i.e., Globe C. Meditating/praying about this, the answers clarified so many of Guy’s experiences. One of the most terrifying events was seeing himself as a “blue man” vibrating in and out of phase at the gas station. Recollecting that he was able to “breathe” the atmosphere created by the Clickers, then obviously he is not a normal human being. Naturally, Guy had a difficult time accepting this possibility, as he explained:


“…My visitations occurred during the day, while I was wide awake. This was the most difficult part, as I couldn’t pass them off as lucid dreams, or even visions from a dream. No, these experiences could happen anytime day or night. For instance, I was just filling my car at a gas station when I saw myself as a Blue man in the back seat of a car! No one knows how he or she would react to such a sight until it happens to them. Sure, some might joke about it, saying they would go talk to his or herself, or make light of the situation. For me, the scene did not warrant such behavior. Quite the opposite, it was life changing, so much so that I tried to let the people around me know. Unfortunately, I couldn’t speak until after the car sped out of the station. As stated, I went to a pay phone to call Linda, and she immediately knew something was wrong, asking if I was OK. It took all of my concentration to utter any words. Even I did not realize the effect it had on me, until I was recounting the story to Suzzan, and found myself breaking down and balling like a baby. I don’t know who was more surprised, Suzzan or me, as it was seven years after the incident, and it was still as difficult for me to process…”

Considering the events of Guy’s story, we questioned whether his visitors were in line with the Divine Plan. It was identifying the Clickers that provided the answer, because from the start Guy sensed there was something different to these “visitors.” As he related, “For one thing before interacting with me, the Clickers would knock as if asking permission to come into the room.” It may help to share a few excerpts from Guy’s book on these incredible encounters.
(Note: three women with the same name were seeing Guy in various capacities during his “encounters” in 2004. Consequently, to respect their privacy we changed their name and list them as first, second, and third Linda. Also, Mindy is an alias for his ex-wife.)

From the first night when Guy began sleeping in Mindy’s garage, in late August of 2004, the Clickers visited him every night. Unlike the time in the third Linda’s house when Guy had physically felt the Clickers touch him, in the garage he would sense them operating ten to twelve feet above his head. At first, this puzzled him because the ceiling was not that high, but once he allowed his mind to consider different possibilities, he sensed that the Clickers were operating in another dimension, intersecting with ours over his head.

Guy’s encounter with the Clickers in the garage, also differed in another way from his first encounter with them in Seattle. When the Clickers first arrived, he did not smell the same pungent odor he had in Linda’s house. He speculates that they were testing him with different energies for compatibility. Adding that over time he understood, “they were preparing my body for something, and would run energy through me to determine which energy I was compatible with.”

Each night, after running energy through him “testing for compatibility”, the Clickers began physically interacting with Guy. Again he says, “They were never visible to me, but I would feel their energy as they moved my head back and forth. For some reason, they wanted to look in my mouth, because I would find myself compelled to open it and move my head as if a doctor or dentist was looking inside.” Amazingly, during this “exam”, a clicking sound the same as the Clickers started emanating from the back of Guy’s throat. Despite this my friend calmly states, “The strange thing was that by this time, I was okay with their ‘medical’ examination, although it was somewhat disturbing, I was at the same time fascinated by what was happening.”

A few days later, while he was painting Mindy’s walls in the main house, Guy received a much greater insight into the Clickers allegiance. Absorbed in his work with the door closed, outside through the open window he hears the unmistakable sound signaling the arrival of these mysterious beings. “I know they are there, because I could hear them talking, or should I say clicking, and the room was filling up with a strange aroma, which was not the paint. Stopping to listen and feeling relieved, I realized I am no longer afraid. Even so, I am still a little uncertain, so displaying a confidence that I’m not really feeling, I jokingly said, “Wow! Don’t they have any showers in space? You guys really smell.”

While confronting the mysterious Clickers, Guy became aware that the radio playing music in the background had changed. Hearing a man’s voice accompanied by very different music from what he was listening to, astonishingly Guy says the voice stated, “We believe in God. We are time travelers that have come to witness the events about to unfold. We have come to make sure that these events happen accordingly without interference.” Watching my friend as he adds that “stunned and in shock all I can do is just stare at the radio”, I observe that this was a defining moment for Guy. It also explained why he was not so afraid of the Clickers.

Later, Guy told me that he may have initiated the Clickers declaration, because when they arrived, he laid out the ground rules. Stating “At the time, my bible was literally my shield, and I told them that unless they believed in God, I did not want to have anything to do with them.”

While he was staring at the radio in disbelief, Guy smelt a strange unpleasant odor and he looked around the room for the source. Discovering the smell was un-mistakenly coming from the newly painted walls, he reports that “The paint had turned moldy with a disgusting putrid smell.” Standing there trying to figure out how freshly painted walls could become moldy in just a few seconds; he notices the room filling with tiny gnats. Evidently, “they just appeared out of nowhere.” Amazing me, he adds that “these tiny insects then flew into the wall and instantly disintegrated before my eyes.”

Although knowing that the designation “time-travelers” was a stretch, Guy believes that the Clickers could manipulate time on the Earth Plane. Therefore, he felt a more appropriate designation for them would be time-manipulators. As he explains, “I understood that they were showing me the moldy paint and the disintegrating gnats, to prove the point that they could manipulate space time in a localized area. The main message I took from this, was that the Clickers were in alignment with God and were telling me the truth.”

Despite identifying the Clickers as evolved human beings from the future (FHBs), some participants may wonder why we designate Guy’s book as study material. At first we wondered why too because his experiences were not only frightening, but with the neutralization of the “Shadow” in 2010 they were no longer relevant. We came to understand that there were several reasons, with one being to show the different forces working on Guy. However, the primary reason was because we identified the “Clickers” as our descendants. Obviously, their existence alone gives us hope because it reveals that despite our problems, the Human Race will ultimately survive. Nonetheless, it is why they exist that is the most important because it involves transformation, which brings us to the subject of the enemy within.

Many people think of egoism or being egotistical when considering the term ego, but Ancient Wisdom saw it very differently. This is why in 2018 our website’s Opening Page suggested Saint Paul used the word “sin” in place of the ego. At that time we also had a strange statement: “Wondrously, the universal and Divine forces gave us the solution thousands of years ago”, which was originally preceded by the words, “There is a “virus in our consciousness software creating misconceptions of our life’s purpose.” The reason we switched the two parts was because of the possible inference to a computer virus. We knew that participants following the Know Thyself Initiative would recognize that the “virus in our consciousness software” is none other than the false self, or lower ego, and at that time pain-body/counterfeit-spirit. However, we also knew that some may take the statement literally when we were speaking figuratively about the ego. With the correction of the “Watcher’s mistake” on December 21st, 2021, one could be forgiven for thinking the previous statement is a moot point. Unfortunately, as we’ve reported, despite the pain-body or counterfeit-spirit being nullified with Divinity’s correction of the “Watcher’s mistake” , the world is still dealing with the lower ego. The fact is, as we have stated the real Ego is a critical part of Spiritual Evolution, which we reiterated in the updated Stage 2 Cycles, in regard to references to cycles of time:

Nearly every civilization carries some reference to this (cycles) concept, as in the Maya Days and Nights of the Nine Waves of Creation, and the Hindu Yugas or Ages, to name just two. Until Dr. Carl Calleman interpreted the real message behind the Mayan Calendar, scholars tended to interpret these cycles as referring to civilizations repeating destructive behavior. Although ruins and remnants of ancient civilizations do indicate such outcomes, Dr. Calleman points out that each Wave builds on the previous Wave. Due to this process involving the development of consciousness, he believes the Waves eventually advance civilization in general. Therefore, instead of cycles, we could view these periods (cycles) of time as spirals leading upwards to a higher level in evolution; such as the unicelled amoeba developing into the multi-celled mammals. To be honest, Craig and I approached the subject from a completely different viewpoint than Carl. Being unaware of his work when we began our investigation, our approach was from the spiritual level…

8-sided Pyramid It was through Carl’s work that we realized the creation of the self-conscious was a later development of the Human Race, which involves the active conscious aspect of the false self, or the lower human ego. This momentous bench-mark in evolution is a fairly recent change in terms of existence.


Left - Aerial view of Great Pyramid, from Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness

Carl addresses the development of the self-conscious brilliantly in his two recent books, The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness –  and -The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity. Carl relates the Maya assigned the 7 Days and 6 Nights of the Seven Waves of Creation to specific gods. We found it particularly interesting to hear that Quetzalcoatl was the “Lord of Light” overseeing the 5th Day.

With the development of the self-conscious the consequence of the Fall took full effect. From the start of the Sixth Wave or the Long Count, instead of transforming the elements, the ego in league with the pain-body or counterfeit-spirit, caused individuals to give into their baser natures and “feed” the World-Soul. (Note: the World-Soul was the consciousness of the “Shadow of Deception” on Globe C, before “his” worst parts were expelled to Globe D in 0 C.E.)

Using the highly symbolic data of the seminal work of the RT group, in our Tarot anthology Beyond Divination: Spiritual Transformation through the Major Arcana that we introduced in Stage Reason, taking three individuals’ life stories, FOR THE CHILDRENinterprets the teachings in a modern way by matching them to real life experiences. Up until 2010, for more than two thousand years since 0 C.E., Humanity was dealing with a contest between the Shadow of Deception or what Eckhart Tolle terms the Collective Pain Body (CPB), and the Light of Truth. At this point, we will review our initial Introduction of our first publication of the book in 2014 (under a slightly longer name), entitled “In Search of Peace: FOR THE CHILDREN Our Lives Entwined with Ego:”, As we wrote:

The Shadow or CPB connects to each person through his or her individual pain-body, the subconscious aspect of the ego. Investigating the development of consciousness, we learned that the self-conscious is a relatively recent development. It was born from our individuation around 5,000 years ago. Sadly, due to the presence of the Shadow the conscious aspect of the pain-body, the false ego also came into being. We say false ego, because we have a true Ego, which is our divine self. Our life’s purpose is to integrate the false ego into becoming who we really are. Put another way, we bring our human will into alignment with the Divine Will. Still that was then and as we said, Eckhart Tolle’s CPB, or the Shadow is no more, because it was neutralized in 2010. Regrettably, as very few people know this, or what it means, the Shadow’s agenda is still in play. One word describes that agenda, division, in that before its neutralization, the Shadow sought to promote division throughout the world, both through war and conflict between countries, as well as rancor and discord in friends and families…

In the first decades of the third millennium, the world seemed more separated than ever, however, because of the existence of the FHBs (Future Human Beings), we know that we eventually come together. Yet, the “Clickers” told Guy that they were here “to make sure that these events happen accordingly without interference.” This statement made us initially think that our success was not ensured, but then again their message was before the “Shadow” was neutralized, so of course at that time nothing was guaranteed. Now, despite appearances, there is nothing preventing our Spiritual Evolution to the next level.

As initiates know, we view everything in terms of consciousness and energy. We had an opportunity to see how the ego is still carrying out the “Shadow’s” agenda through the last election process. This was evident with contentious debates and violent outbreaks in rallies, all of which revealed how the ego operates. Yet in truth, in the rancor and vitriolic rantings from supposedly intelligent people, we were witnessing the death-throws of the ego desperately trying to maintain control of its charges, human beings. The problem is that good people’s egos were inciting them to support statements they did not believe. For example, watching scenes from some televised rallies, we do not need to be physically there to see that the level of anger amongst the crowd is palpable, because it radiates through the TV screen. From the energetic perspective, we are seeing genuinely good people caught up in the mob mentality consciousness.

Using good intentions to achieve its goal, (to divide us and create chaos) is a perfect example of how the ego operates. Obviously, most of the candidates’ supporters desperately want a better world for everyone. Unfortunately, his or her ego uses that desperation to manipulate them into compromising the integrity of their beliefs. In these individuals, we include the candidates, because at their core they are all good caring people, who went into politics with the goal of helping to change the world. Alas, sometimes their egos manipulate them into behaving in a way contrary to their true nature. The truth is if we forget our true purpose, or the truth of our connectedness, our egos will cause us to devolve into prejudice, bigotry, and intolerance, which is exactly following the “Shadow’s” agenda. Unfortunately, as some egos are creating an energetic backlash that affects the mass consciousness we need to address this. For example, candidates’ statements condemning all Muslims are irresponsible at best and at worst downright dangerous in today’s climate. Living in the Middle East for many years, we know Islam is not the problem, as 99% of Muslims only want to live in peace, which is a fundamental teaching of the religion. We shared our discoveries on this apparent dichotomy in FOR THE CHILDREN:

Arabian mystics tell us that the term jihad, translating to holy war, refers to the inner struggle with evil within a person, not literal war with an outside enemy. This would be an example of Islam teaching about the ego. An important fact that most westerners do not realize is that the impetus behind the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS does not come from conventional Islamic teachings. These groups’ ideology originates from what scholars describe as an ultra-conservative doctrine known as Wahhabism. This particular doctrine received its name from an eighteenth-century preacher and scholar, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703–1792). We are sure, if more people knew this, they would see that holding Islam and all Muslims responsible for Wahhabists actions, is tantamount to holding Christianity and all Christians responsible for the actions of Jim Jones and Warren Jeffs. Deep down, most people crave for the world to be at peace, which the egos work tirelessly to sabotage, and isolationism through fear is a primary function the ego uses.

Something that took a while to understand is that the members of these groups are even more victims to the Shadow’s agenda than the rest of us. Let us explain why we say this, which entails going back to the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. At the time, we were aware of the Mujahedeen freedom fighters, but did not understand the toll it took on the Afghan people. That is until a friend told us about the movie Charlie Wilson’s War starring Tom Hanks.

The movie shocked us, as we had no idea that the Soviets were massacring civilians, including children with impunity, or that an American Senator was behind the US supporting the Mujahedeen. Tom Hank’s character, Charlie Wilson makes an interesting observation at the end of the film. Paraphrasing, he says something like, the Soviet withdrawal did not end America’s need to help the Afghan people. Over a million men, women and children lost their lives during the occupation and they left the country in ruins. Still, as the character observes, the problem was there were thousands of children under the age of fourteen without any real help. These children were traumatized from the occupation and abandoning them proved a colossal mistake, because it left them vulnerable to the influence of the Shadow’s agenda, promulgated by Wahhabism. We all know what effect turning our back on the Afghan people had on the children, most became radical, forgetting that America was their ally in fighting the Soviet invaders. Without schools and education, the children only heard the rhetoric from the radical Wahhabists. Of course, this was how the infidels (non-Muslims) exploited them to further the West’s greed for power. A primary tool of the Shadow is fear and traumatized children rarely move past a feeling of insecurity, so they literally become reactive driven by the ego completely, seeing anyone different as the enemy. Experts term this as xenophobia.

We think it is important to remember the axiom if we forget history then we are doomed to repeat it. At this very moment, we stand on the brink and need to make a choice. Thousands of children are being traumatized and need the adults of the world to speak up for them and protect them. Children are malleable and if the wealthy step forward to help and protect them the children’s egos will not be able to twist their young minds. This is why; we mention the danger of condemning Islam and all Muslims. For people in the Middle East, worship is a way of life, so for Muslim children to hear anyone condemning them for their faith immediately alienates them and leaves them vulnerable to adults ruled by their egos and still following the Shadow’s agenda. Each of us has to ask ourselves “Do we really think Muslim children deserve our hatred?” Didn’t Jesus say, “Suffer the little children to come unto me”…? As adults we must protect all children at all costs, which means not retaliating by bombing them when former traumatized children’s egos lash out. We have to stop the cycle and we do this through Love and compassion, but most of all through revealing the true enemy within, the ego.

In spite of the discussion above, there is good news. As we said, due to its neutralization the Shadow is no longer an issue. With its removal, the FHBs are teaming up with the Spiritual or Divine forces to help us evolve. Moreover, the Divine or Universal Plan is now in action, replacing the Shadow’s agenda completely. We can see evidence of this everywhere, with the multiple groups, organizations, and projects endeavoring to help those less fortunate...

Moving past the mentality of war and conflict is critical to our survival, which brings us to the statement on the front of FOR THE CHILDREN – “There is no guarantee due to the human ego.” Originally, this meant that if we did not integrate the ego, bringing our individual will into alignment with the Divine Will, then the Shadow’s agenda would prevail. However, as the statement was made before the Shadow’s neutralization, the ball is completely in our court, so to speak. Moreover, as the Shadow’s agenda has gone, replaced by the Divine or Universal Plan, we all have help. All we need to do is ask. The change came about through our actions demonstrating that we were beginning to change the way we think, through our collective support of global events such as the 11-11-11 peace gatherings around the world. As such, in a way we have already won, to cement the victory we only need to remember the light of the hope we felt during the 11-11-11 events.

It starts with understanding how the ego sabotages our lives. This is why we wrote FOR THE CHILDREN, which was expressly written to not only raise funds for the treaty banning Space-based weapons and to help children, but also to raise awareness of the real enemy within us, the ego. The Divine forces know how insidious the ego is and recognize that for many of us it is a task beyond our capabilities. So many are simply trying to get by in this world and are consumed with the worldly problems, such as putting food on the table, or keeping a roof over his or her head. Dealing with an enemy that he or she cannot see, or deal with in a tangible way, is just too much. Fortunately, the Divine plan allowed for this and each of us has their own role to play…

Having traversed all seven temples in the first round of the Know Thyself Initiative, we are sure that everyone is aware our goal is to transform the false self, and integrate the lower ego. When a person does this, he or she will become a co-creator, fulfilling their purpose to transmute the Elements back to Spirit, thereby completing Sophia’s redemption. Even so, what does this mean?

Earlier we asked why that tragic events like 9 11 are preserved in the “fabric of our reality”. Answering our own question, we said that it concerns the purpose for Life itself, namely, to transmute the Elements back to Spirit. Notwithstanding the truth of this, it does not explain how, to understand we need to know the fundamentals in the Spiritual Evolution of consciousness.

To fully develop and evolve spiritually requires the Life-Principle to individuate, and become fully conscious free-will beings capable of making choices. This is because it is only as completely autonomous individuals that we can choose to evolve past separateness, and come together as one people working for the benefit of all. The need for this has become patently obvious in light of the events of the first decades of the 21st century, not to mention the Wild-fires, unpredictable weather, droughts, and floods caused by Climate Change. Nevertheless, as we have shown, from the consciousness and energetic perspective, all of these problems are of our own making. As we have repeatedly said, it is only by changing the way we think that we can change anything.

Throughout time The Mysteries have been passed down in various forms to help remind us of our spiritual purpose, by providing the Sacred Knowledge, or Gnosis. In the update to the next Stage 4, Knowledge, we share how our missions at home and abroad since 1994 helped us uncover this precious information that changed the way we thought about everything.

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