Originally, we planned on requiring a log-in for the Know Thyself Initiative, but due to so many changes since 2008 we felt it should be available to everyone from the Triple 7 Center on this web site. Even so, we are still searching for the critical mass number to use the information in KTI. Below we addressed an important question as to the purpose of the 777,000 individuals involved in the Initiative.

“Are the 777,000 going to be identified by just those who come through your web site ‘portal’?  Have you given consideration that there are thousands who are doing their spiritual work and will be very much involved in the spirit of your initiative who may never hear about your specific path or doorway to the goal...and yet are active participants in what you are endeavoring to accomplish through the initiative?  What are your thoughts?”

The above query sparked the need to answer a fundamental question about The Initiative. Is the Know Thyself Initiative the only means to become a catalyst for compassion that the Dali Lama challenged us all to become? The answer is most definitely NO! However, The Initiative involves 777,000 specific people to come together at this time as a body of Spiritually Guided Individuals. Let us explain:
The Know Thyself Initiative is one of the means the Divine forces are using to help Humanity. Of course, many individuals are working in other ways to help. That said, the 777,000 individuals we are looking for contain the exact frequency consciousness that will harmonize together and act as a vehicle for the catalyst of compassion. These individuals involved have chosen to incarnate at this period of history for this specific reason. Originally, (2008) these individuals consisted primarily of Baby-boomers, and their children. However, as a great many more potential members have incarnated, everyone who is over 21 (the age of spiritual decision), are potential catalysts. The key word is “potential”, as many people will fulfill their purpose in other ways. Even so, we are looking for a very small percentage who will become the catalyst for compassion through the Know Thyself Initiative.

A fairly recent film by M. Night Shyamalan called Lady in the Water reflects what is occurring at this time. If you have not seen this film, let us give you a brief synopsis of how the film illustrates our point. Basically the movie centers on a mysterious “lady” appearing out of the blue in the swimming pool of an apartment complex. This “lady” is a messenger sent by “good” forces to deliver a message, which will help Humanity. Of course there are also “not-so-good” forces present that are determined to stop her. It is left up to a small number of residents in the complex to thwart these not-so-good forces and protect the “lady”. The surprising thing is that it takes the combined effort of them all to be successful. Each of them was born with a specific skill to be used at the exact time needed. The individuals involved are completely unaware of their skill until they are mysteriously moved to utilize it, and save the day.

The Triple 7 Center’s mission is to facilitate the remembrance and awakening of the 777,000 by making The Mysteries accessible to them through the Know Thyself Initiative. It is essential to understand that only the 777,000 know who they are; we are merely creating an atmosphere for this remembrance. On the Web Site, The Initiative is contained within temples and the pillars of Jachim and Boaz, which represent archetypally the Temple of Solomon. In the book The True Philosophers’ Stone we wrote of the “Temple of the Stars” located in the south of France. We learned of the temple from Elizabeth Van Buren’s book, Refuge of the Apocalypse: Doorway into other Dimensions – Rennes-le-Chateau, the Key. In the chapter entitled, “Seven Golden Apples” Ms. Van Buren informs us that at the heart of the “Temple of the Stars”, is the Temple of Solomon. Obviously, Ms. Van Buren is not talking about a literal temple, but a metaphorical one, i.e., a mystical temple not built with hands.
It is more than interesting that there is mention of care taken from a "energy-sound" perspective, while building Solomon's original Temple; ..."so that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house while it was in building." (1 KINGS 6:10)

Many would think that we planned The Initiative from the trip to France but, the simple truth is we had completely forgotten about the Temple of Solomon in France. It wasn’t until recently, long after the Know Thyself Initiative was formed that we learned the connection between the pillars of Jachim and Boaz and the Temple of the Stars. At the same time we also realized the “Seven Golden Apples”, archetypally represents the 7 stages or temples of The Initiative. Of course, we must have retained the information somewhere in our brains, but it was knowledge we were not consciously aware of. Curiously it was this experience which demonstrated the need to spread The Initiative as widely as possible. Like we had forgotten the information about the Temple of Solomon, the 777,000 have forgotten consciously that they chose to be a part of The Initiative before they were born. They just need to be reminded.

We feel it is important to remember that the purpose of The Initiative is to change the way we think. The Divine forces know that it is nearly impossible for people to change the way they think and this is why so small a number of individuals are required to act as a catalyst. Essentially, The Initiative is an energy and consciousness phenomena, which will be discussed in many ways; including Tortion Fields and expansion of human consciousness, particularly as it pertains to Root-races, Sacred Geometry and Archetypes. One of the goals of The Initiative is to help create new pathways in the brain. As stated this is not brainwashing; on the contrary, it is brain expansion, which allows access to forgotten Universal information. The books by Eckhart Tolle and our associate Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor are invaluable in demonstrating how this process is possible.

Mr. Tolle approaches it from the perspective of disciplining the mind to stay in the present. He also makes us aware that our thoughts are not always our own. Dr. Jill’s gift comes in her experience of the Universal Collective Mind, where perfect clarity and peace is achieved; in Dr. Jill’s words “Nirvana”. Fortunately, we do not need to experience a stroke to achieve Nirvana; it begins with recognizing the “way” you think as well as “what” you think.

Ancient Wisdom taught in The Mysteries how to achieve a heightened state of awareness by re-routing pathways in the brain and changing the way the candidates thought. Alas, only a very few exceptional individuals were able to successfully reroute pathways in their brain. This was chiefly because Human consciousness had not expanded sufficiently. Today that is no longer the case. As Greg Braden and many others have discovered; the expanded consciousness of Humanity and the planet is moving into synchronization with each other. So now the Human Race can be affected on many levels, including sound and color. Moreover, due to the harmony of the planet with human consciousness there is an opportunity or “portal” for facilitating transmutation of Earth and our physical bodies. The 777,000 collectively expanding their consciousness and changing the way they think create a critical mass energy shift required for rebalancing the active/masculine and passive/feminine vibrations.

If you are still wondering what we mean by changing the way you think as opposed to what you think, try answering the two questions below.

Which color do you think best represents your birth – Pink or Blue?
We are not talking about gender, but rather whether you resonate to masculine or feminine vibration. This also doesn’t apply to sexual preference. Some couples may reflect the opposite color to their gender simply by the role they take. This does not necessarily mean they will resonate to that vibrational color.

Would you say you are of an active or passive energy?
For example in a crisis do you step forward to suggest a solution, organizing others to get the job done? In a group discussion do you find it almost impossible not to contribute?
Alternatively, are you inclined to stand back in a crisis waiting for directions from someone else? In a group discussion are you more comfortable listening, than talking?
The person who is comfortable in stepping forward to organize others in a crisis; or feels compelled to speak up in any discussion is of the active energy. Whereas the person who stands by and waits to be told what to do; or is most comfortable listening to other people’s stories is of the passive energy. We use the word comfortable, because there are many shy or inhibited individuals who stand by wanting to step forward or speak up, but cannot. These seemingly passive individuals would be of the active energy.

Another frequently asked question is: will there be only 777,000 places in the Know Thyself Initiative? The answer is an emphatic NO! Consider a stone thrown into a still pond with ripples emanating from its point of entry; the waves will grow in subtle numbers. The core of 777,000, like the stone, generates what has been referred to as critical mass energy that in turn produces ripples, dynamic in nature. What may surprise you is that it isn’t necessary for everyone who joins The Initiative to complete all 7 stages. We realize that this is hardly a ringing endorsement for The Initiative, we are merely the facilitators. Only YOU know your role and duration. The film Field of Dreams perfectly reflects our thinking on this. In the film, the character played by Kevin Costner is told “If you build it he will come.” We are simply amending “he” to “they” as in: “If you build it they will come”.

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