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We must emphasize that no one single discipline holds all the information, to discover your full spiritual potential all seven disciplines must be used. Nonetheless, as we have repeatedly said the Tarot Trumps or 22 major arcana are the key to discovering the codes. Could that be the reason why the Tarot has survived throughout history?

We learned that there is a chief element or key to each of the seven disciplines; 7 is the chief number for the Numerology discipline; The Moon for the Astrology discipline; The Magician is the major arcana trump or card for the Tarot discipline; Yellow for the Color discipline; Jade for the Stone or crystal discipline; E-Natural for the (musical) Note discipline and the four symbols representing the fixed signs of the zodiac, Lion, Bull, Eagle and Angel for Symbol discipline.

The number 7 appearing as the chief key for the numerology discipline is no surprise, as seven represents creation and is repeatedly the base structure throughout the codes. For example the Tarot tableau, which we discussed earlier, is comprised of three rows of seven cards, with the Fool, card 0 ruling over the tableau (See figures 2. & 2a.). Click


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The planet that appears most in your codes determines your astrological key. As all life not only came from the element water but also cannot live without it, it is no revelation to see the Moon, which symbolizes both water and emotions, as the astrological discipline’s chief key.

At first it is surprising to see The Magician listed as the chief key of the Tarot discipline. This is because if we add all the numbers of the Tarot trumps/cards together they add to 231, which if we use numerology and add the separate digits together we arrive at the number six, (2+3+1 = 6). As you have seen the number six equates to card 6, The Lovers, not the Magician. Still when we remember that The Lovers is assigned to the sign of Gemini and Mercury rules Gemini it makes sense. Mercury is the planet assigned to the Magician, and the Magician/Mercury is one of the figures in the Lovers card with Venus or the Empress being the other.

Because the color Yellow or the color Yellow combined with other colors appears in no less than half the Tarot trumps/cards it is no shock to see Yellow designated as the chief key color for the color discipline. Moreover as Yellow is a prime color, the color Yellow’s importance is emphasized.

As Calcite is calcium carbonate, the main constituent of all vertebrates’ bones, a person could be forgiven for assigning Calcite as the chief Stone. After all according to the Crystalline Communion, “It is the main constituent of skeletons and exoskeletons or shells.” Nonetheless, Calcite isn’t the chief key stone, Jade is. This is because of the stones connection to both the Empress/Venus and Justice, which is also as we have seen assigned to Venus. Moreover, the female figure, the Empress of card number three appears throughout the Major Arcana tableau.  She appears with the High Priestess in the Hierophant; the Magician in the Lovers; with a lion in Strength, combined with the High Priestess in Justice and again combined with the High Priestess in the Star.

We said earlier that when we lay out the 22 trumps according to the musical scale, alone at the center of the spread is card 18, the Moon assigned the (musical) Note, B-Natural. As the name of the card/trump the Moon connects to the chief astrological key B-Natural has great significance. We will discuss that significance below. Having said that, despite B-natural standing alone, it isn’t the musical Note discipline’s chief key note, E-Natural is. This is because three Major Arcana Tarot cards/trumps are assigned to E-Natural: 0, The Fool; 1, The Magician and 8, Strength.

The MoonThe Moon
Lastly, the chief symbol key is made of the four symbols that make up the fixed signs of the zodiac. When we remember that these four symbols appear in two major arcana trumps, the Wheel of Fortune and the World we can see the significance. Both cards/trumps depict spiritual evolution.

Purely on the personal level, your codes will generate your own personal keys. Sometimes these will include the chief keys sometimes they won’t. The first four chief keys, number, planet, trump and color are self-explanatory, being derived from the elements that appear the most. Your key Note and symbol are generated from your key trump, whereas your key stone/crystal is derived from either your key trump or key color.

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