Before describing the Divine Plan we need to address the new title. When first given it we were unsure of KTI, the Know Thyself Initiative’s exact role. As initiates know, KTI has produced a 1000 page treatise on Spiritual Evolution, and an anthology on the Tarot, as well as writing, co-authoring, or collaborating on another 9 books. In most cases these books concern uncovering the Gnosis or Knowledge of The Mysteries through guided study. However, although they were inspired, none of them were channeled or produced through automatic writing. Rather, we were led to the material in multiple forms, mediums, and locations, which we needed to fit together like pieces of some kind-of gigantic mystical jig-saw puzzle.

Over the millennia, teachers accessed portions of the Knowledge/Gnosis of The Mysteries to pass on to their students, preserving it for future generations. Nonetheless, until Humanity reached a certain point in our evolution, it wasn’t fully attainable. The start of that time arrived April 4th, 1994, and became completely accessible on December 21st, 2021. We will explain what this means at the end of this article but suffice to say, as will be shown, KTI’s role in the Divine Plan has been, and still is multifaceted.

Returning to the Reason for the new title, what we did not realize until recently, was that The Mysteries have existed in a kind-of vacuum within the mass consciousness for thousands of years, marked by ancient sacred sites that focus energy. All that was needed, was enough of the Human Race to evolve to a point when they could utilize The Mysteries to transform themselves and the world.

The original title for this article was How the Know Thyself Initiative Will Change the World, and listed all the various activities and discoveries we have made over the years. Those entries are still available on our Message Page. Here, we want to share the wonderful News of how an ancient plan incorporating KTI is now in effect. Below is a full explanation of how this came about but first, what does it mean? On October 13th, 2010, we posted an important message stating that the “Shadow of Deception” , “Shadow” for short, or Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain Body was neutralized earlier that year on September 22nd. As we explained back then:

…at this time we have reached an important crossroads, which is being played out in America’s mid-term elections. Because the “Shadow” has been neutralized the way has been cleared for Great Spirit-Mind “God” to help. We shouldn’t be that surprised because at least 2 thirds of the world have been praying for it and is expecting some form of spiritual agent to appear.

What I and my husband Craig have discovered over the past 16 years, is that the Human Race has to collectively invite Divine help with their intent of cooperation and compassion. We have taken the first step with the election of President Obama, but it isn’t enough, we need to show that our desire to change and leave the 20th century mentality behind wasn’t a mere whim, but a real sustainable change in direction.

The next step in the consciousness needed to begin the transformation of the world will be demonstrated at the secular level by the mid-term elections. This brings me to why Great Spirit-Mind wants this message spread. Although the “Shadow” has been neutralized “his” influence for the past 2000 years has resulted in a consciousness that promotes greed and selfishness, which is sustained by maintaining control, or keeping the status quo.

The “status quo” is of course keeping the wealth and power in the same hands. This consciousness is determined to undermine the Divine Plan by derailing President Obama’s programs. While President Obama was in office with a majority the “status quo” consciousness could not stop him implementing changes; they could only hinder him...”

As we know we were unable to take advantage of the “Shadow’s” neutralization, due to the link to “his” agenda through the individual counterfeit-spirits or Eckhart Tolle’s pain-bodies. Since the midterm elections of 2010, Humanity degraded spiritually until we outdid ourselves with outright division, demonstrated by the events of 2020 and 2021. Now, thanks to this ancient plan Divinity is offering us a way out. Recognizing that the Human Race was ill equipped to overcome the thousands of years of conditioning and manipulation, the Divine Realm bided Its time until enough of us had evolved to begin questioning the status quo, and the Energy was at its optimum level.Those conditions came together on December 21st, 2021, in a final ceremony involving a crystal energy “altar” in our living room. Amazingly we learned that the ceremony was to link the world’s Spiritual sites, and the rituals held on them throughout the Ages, which we unknowingly emulated in 2000 and 2002. What follows is an account of how this final ceremony was inspired and carried out, and what has transpired because of it.

We start with how we learned the importance of Direction in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, after our missions to Mexico and South America in 2000, and the South of France, specifically Rennes-le-Château in 2002. (Note: the full accounts of the missions and events mentioned below can be found in our book, Our Story 1995-2002: True Philosophers’ Stone )

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During our mission to South America in 2000 several of the ceremonies involved us turning in all four directions. Up until that time our ceremonies were not concerned with directions but afterwards, direction became a key component of them. Interestingly, back then although we were studying the Tarot, we did not connect it to the introduction of direction in our ceremonies. For quite some time we were unclear why the 22 Major Arcana cards were assigned a direction, but then we learned of the Cube of Space proposed by Paul Foster Case.

A picture containing text, queen  Description automatically generated
Paul Foster Case’s Cube of Space for the Tarot’s 22 Major Arcana


The question of direction became clearer when we realized that it concerned Sacred Geometry, after returning from our mission in 2002 to the French village of Rennes-le-Château, in Southwest France where we had bought several books. One of them, Henry Lincoln’s The Key to The Sacred Pattern reported a Geometrical grid, “lying evenly spaced and forming right angles” over the Rennes-le-Château area. Another book we had acquired there, Elisabeth van Buren’s Refuge of the Apocalypse: Doorway into Other Dimensions, Rennes-le-Château, The Key, confirmed this phenomenon by writing that the Druids understood these grids “were in the heavens as well as on Earth.” She wrote that the Druids enhanced the effect of the grids on “Earth” by placing “menhirs” or pillars, with their quartz crystal content on key points to bring balance and equilibrium.

Another feature of this Sacred Geometry is mentioned by the author of Rennes-Le-Chateau: A Visitor’s Guide, when he or she writes of a “zero meridian” that was drawn by renowned astronomers and topographers for Louis XIV. Interestingly, known as the Paris “Meridian”, this line running from north to south appears to bisect France. Starting in Dunkirk in the north it reaches Paris, passing through the famous art/museum, The Louvre. Although this line does not go through the Rennes area, Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe point out in Secrets of Rennes le Château that if we use the French town of Lussat as a central point, “It is possible to draw a huge circle whose circumference passes through... Rennes-le-Château and Montsegur....” This “coincidence” intrigued us because the last “village” the Meridian encounters before passing into Spain is the village of Pi, the formula to determine the diameter of a circle.

Irrespective of the above observations, the reason for our trip to France, other than to help me visualize being there, was a mystery. This is because apart from saying a prayer at the Cathar memorial in Montsegur, we did not perform any ceremonies. Nonetheless, all was revealed in 2021.

King Solomon paintingDuring the summer of 2021 Craig was moved to purchase several crystals. Initially his choice was turquoise which he used in making personal jewelry, but then he was drawn to large pieces of Amazonite, and Labradorite. Settling on two obelisks of the former, and five wedges of the latter, he arranged them in our living room.

Curiously, even though he purchased 5 crystals, we both knew that we would give our friend and supporter Guy one of each for his special space that he called the “Tardis.” Even more intriguing was how several weeks earlier, we were moved to have Guy bring over the amazing painting he found in the woods (right), which we all believed was connected to King Solomon. To be honest, none of us were absolutely clear on the reason for any of this, other than it had to do with energy and spiritual transformation. Then I was moved to update Stage Knowledge by including our missions to Mexico, South America, and France.

Since 2005, we have conducted spiritual ceremonies with crystals in our living room because we were told there was a spiritual vortex there. Therefore, I wasn’t surprised when Craig was guided to lay out the 5 crystals in relationship to the four directions, understanding that it not only concerned the Cube of Space, more importantly it linked the crystals to our missions, specifically in South America. Using the four gates connected to the Cube, instead of aligning the four Labradorite wedges to north, south, east, and west, we aligned them to the northwest, northeast, southeast, and southwest.

Having seen how our ceremonies in South America could have been energetically preparing us and perhaps the Earth for 2021, we wondered about Mexico, specifically my role in acting as a “seal.” At the time Craig wore a necklace of the 20 Mayan Sun gods made from hematite which is said to “absorb” and “deflect negativity” safely releasing it when appropriate. This necklace also had a cross made from Mount St. Helens Jasper, known as a “Herald Stone”, which evidently records history. Remembering this, I wondered why Craig was moved to create necklaces made from Arizona and Tibetan Turquoise, interspersed with Hematite beads in the summer of 2021?

According to Melody’s LOVE IS IN THE EARTH, turquoise can “balance” the masculine and feminine “aspects of one’s character”, as well as inducing the “qualities of mental and spiritual clarity.” Not surprisingly, turquoise is also known for “balancing” the “energies.” However, what caught our attention was its ability “to induce wisdom and understanding, and to enhance trust, kindness, and the recognition of beauty…” Nevertheless, in 2000 standing in front of the unnamed temple in Palenque on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, I was holding an Ametrine (amethyst and citrine) pillar, in which we reported that Melody states it:

…enhances “universal equilibrium, and provides a clear connection between the physical form and the ultimate state of perfection.” It also balances the masculine and feminine “qualities”, creating a “synthesis of spirituality.” We could see how both of these aspects could assist in the ceremony, nonetheless, it was Melody’s belief that Ametrine “stimulates the intellect to reach beyond worldly aspects” of consciousness, as well as “reach higher states more quickly” and “expanded clearing”, leading to peace, tranquility, and cooperation that interested us.

Colleen Marquist and Jack Frasl also provided clues as to why I took an Ametrine crystal with me to Mexico in their Crystalline Communion 2000. “This is the mineral of sublime balance and cohesion, bringing together in form what can only be called perfection to the senses. It is the marriage of the lower and upper, creativity and wisdom, sky/heaven, and earth/ground, being and doing.”

It was Melody’s reference to Ametrine “dispersing negativity from the aura, and filling the voids with energizing and stabilizing qualities of pure light energy”, which seemed to identify Ametrine as tailor made for Palenque’s ceremony, particularly concerning Hermione’s vision:

“As you (Craig) pushed the door back along its track, you opened a vault of some kind below; dozens of trapped souls were freed. After you disappeared, I noticed dozens of vats filled with blood, and then all of a sudden everything caught fire. Literally, everything was on fire. Then I saw this incredibly bright light and I opened my eyes and you Suzzan were standing there in front of me.”

Even so, why did we not get another Ametrine pillar instead of an Amazonite in 2021? The answer is that these two crystals have similar properties. We began to see this in reading that Melody believes Amazonite, “helps one to simultaneously attune to both the spiritual dimension and the province of chaos in order to facilitate the complete traversing of all boundaries.” She also believes it “Helps access the harmonious center within the kingdom of perfection.” This crystal’s energies aids in spiritual transformation, in that it is used to “integrate and synthesize duality.” Like Ametrine, Amazonite also connects the realms by being able to “manifest and retain the pure energy of universal love.”

So now we knew why Amazonite but what of Labradorite? Although Melody attributes its abilities to help from other galaxies and extraterrestrials, we believe we can replace “extraterrestrial” with future human beings (Stage 3 Intuition). Interestingly, Labradorite’s energy facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought, as well as assisting in bringing “clarity to the inner sight.” This crystal can also inspire a calming, “peace of imperturbability via the annihilation of disturbing thoughts.” She adds that Labradorite “unites the personal self with the understanding required to both realize and manifest the destiny of this life… and the absolute purity of universal harmony.”

However, both Amazonite and Labradorite are from the family of minerals known as Feldspars, so we wanted to know Melody’s interpretation of their mineral family. The point we found most interesting was her statement that collectively Feldspars help, “in detaching from the old”, and “encouraging unconventional methods…” Even though Melody links this to personal “goals”, we think in this case, the crystals’ role concerns Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution.

We find it interesting that both Turquoise and Labradorite bring clarity, because in these trying times we cannot think of a more beneficial attribute. That said, even though we have possibly connected the missions to Mexico and South America with our crystal “energy/vibrational altar” in our living room, we were still in the dark about the French connection, no pun intended. But then I reread Melody’s description of Labradorite, and saw that the crystal represents the “temple of stars!” Amazingly, we had read of this in Elizabeth Van Buren’s book Refuge of the Apocalypse. Afterwards we searched for other references, but being unable to find any, had kind-of dismissed the temple as the author’s imagination. Therefore, finding a reference to the “temple of stars” in connection to the crystals now seemed more than coincidental, especially as we were in the midst of this temple for most of our trip in France. Thinking about this, I recalled my vision at Montsegur, wondering if it had anything to do with our new crystals.

Before leaving for France I was told I needed to find the White Stone at Montsegur, the last stronghold of the Gnostic Cathars, where 224 were burnt alive. According to excerpts from the website –

“Many say the Cathars held within their community the Book of Love and the Holy Grail. The Book of Love was an original parchment containing the handwritten text of both Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ…

“Central to their pathway was the Consolamentum… This ritual was performed by those choosing to become a parfait (perfect one), or at the approach of death. The life of a parfait was open to men and women, as equality between the genders was a foundational stone of Cathar life…

“Once the final crusade bludgeoned its way toward the last Cathar stronghold in March 1244, at Montsegur, it is said that a second crucifixion took place. This one, being the crucifixion of the Feminine Christ - the Light of the World. However, as 224 Cathars descended the mountain of Montsegur, they were singing. Despite being starved and frail from months of siege and cold winter weather, they carried within them the spirit that Mary had rekindled within them.”

The White Stone turned out to be the memorial to the Cathar massacre of 1244. Perfection and or purity has always been associated to the color white, so it is appropriate to have raised a “white stone” , as a memorial to the Cathar martyrs, irrespective of its weathered color today. That said, even more fascinating is the fact geologists describe the rock of Montsegur as a mixture of granite and gneiss. Granite as we know is Quartz but what we found interesting is considering that our overall mission is focused on transformation, geologists describe gneiss as “metamorphic rock.”

As fascinating as discovering the Quartz crystal connection in Montsegur, an even more amazing discovery was a Cathar prophecy concerning 2021. Evidently, after the inquisition burned Guillaume Belibaste, the so-called last Cathar in 1321, a prophecy surfaced stating that in 700 years, “the Church of Love” would return. The Cathars believed this revived Church, founded by Jesus and Mary Magdalene, would be able to identify its members as the descendants of her teachings. Another interpretation is that the reincarnated Cathars burned alive in 1321, will begin revealing themselves in March of 2021.

The clincher in connecting the crystals to Montsegur for me was when I remembered that Melody stated that Amazonite “Helps access the harmonious center within the kingdom of perfection.” This is because the primary name the Cathars used for themselves was parfaits or “perfects.” Moreover, long before Craig was inspired to collect the “altar’s” crystals, someone had left a piece of granite at the bottom of our driveway. To reiterate, since 2005 we have conducted spiritual ceremonies with crystals in our living room because we were told there was a spiritual vortex there

As Craig and I have incorporated crystals in dozens of spiritual ceremonies, we suspect thousands of others all over the world have over the millennia. For example, in the ceremony on Machu Picchu both Craig and I were holding crystals. In fact, Hermione told us that two years before we were there, her guidance had instructed her to take 12 sacred stones to Machu Picchu to use in a ceremony to help the world.

Hermione had recounted that over several months she collected the stones, predominantly from Native Americans, yet when it came time to leave she was still 5 stones short. Feeling that she still needed to go, she flew to Peru prepared to perform her ceremony with only 7 stones. Nevertheless, on Machu Picchu as Hermione laid out her 7 stones 5 people stepped forward each with their own stone, informing her that they had felt compelled to bring the stones to the site on that day. These people were from different places and did not know each other. Since this was the year before the Dalai Lama confirmed that the energy had shifted from the Eastern Hemisphere to South America, it indicates to us that Hermione plus the 5 strangers were involved. They were, and this is also a component of Great Spirit-Mind’s Plan.

Some may ask what effect shifting energy from the East to the West had on the world? We think the clearest evidence is in the Taliban’s 2001 destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan. Interestingly they were listed as the Eastern Buddha, built around the same time of Mohammed’s birth 570 C.E., and the Western Buddha built in 618 C.E. I can remember the shock and horror at such wanton destruction, after all these Buddhas had stood unmolested throughout Mohammed’s time and centuries after Islam was introduced in 642 C.E.

Energetically, the Buddhist monks have held the East in balance for two thousand years through Guan Yin’s compassion promulgated by the Dali Lamas. If as we suspect the sudden destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan can be attributed to the energetic transfer from East to West, one could ask then what was the benefit. As strange as it seems, we’ve been told that the energy was needed in America so that it could fulfill its destiny. The Divine Realm knew that the “Shadow” would be neutralized in 2010, and the energy was needed to implement the final phase of correcting the “Watcher’s mistake”, discussed in Stage Reason.

In terms of energy transformation, the most powerful act, or should I say acts carried out, occurred on November 11th, 2011. Known as the 11-11-11 event, the thousands of people who performed their various ceremonies throughout the world were vital components of the Divine Plan.

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Initially we thought there wasn’t a connection between our missions to South America and France, until we remembered that according to the official guidebook, there is a “resemblance” linking Montsegur with Machu Picchu. The author says this is not by chance, presumably because the Cathars and Mayans were both sun worshipers. Having connected Montsegur to Machu Picchu, we remembered that Mark Amaru Pinkham has quite a lot to say about the latter site in his The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom. Within its pages, the author says that Machu Picchu is “Sometimes referred to by the local shamen as the ‘Crystal City’ because of the high concentration of resonating quartz crystal within its granite blocks.”

The guide also reports a connection between the Cathars, Tibetans, and the Knights Templar, although the author does not divulge what that connection was. In addition, the author cites the reason they (the Cathars) selected the site was due to the almost unbelievable terrestrial and cosmically generated “power”, which is put forth at Montsegur, confirmed by a “measuring apparatus.” This connection did not seem relevant until the discovery of a new Quartz crystal in 2006. Discovered in the Himalayas, it was not surprisingly designated as Himalayan Ice Quartz Crystal. We recorded its details in the Epilogue of our treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny:

Himalayan Ice Quartz Crystal - India. Also called Nirvana Quartz. These crystals are found at high altitude in the Himalayas as the Glaciers are retreating… A beautiful and powerful variety of Quartz. Clear Quartz helps to heal mental, physical, and spiritual ailments. This Quartz is very powerful and can amplify energy because of its structure.

According to Judy Hall in her Crystal Bible 2 "It works beyond the physical level of being to open the enlightened mind" for healing. In my experience of this Quartz, it is difficult to ignore. It keeps reminding us of and pushing us toward the true direction of our soul path. These extremely high vibrational ancient Nirvana Quartz crystals were first discovered in 2006 due to glacial melt. They were found in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India, in a region known as “Valley of the Gods.” Nirvana Quartz is an extreme example of growth interference crystal meaning, created when calcite and other minerals adhere to the quartz matrix, and then fall away over time, incorporating the healing vibrations of all the other minerals that helped shape their form… They also …help clear the mind and …decipher imagination from reality

However, Himalayan Ice Quartz Crystal was not the only new crystal discovered in the first decade of the new millennium. Two years later, a crystal known as Auralite 23 was unearthed by Mr. Klemens of KLMCO Distribution. Only located in northern Ontario Canada, these crystals cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. Apparently, the specific location for Auralite 23 is Thunder Bay, which we found fascinating as this area of Ontario borders Wisconsin, Craig’s home state. In purchasing a beautiful pillar of Auralite 23 from eBay, we learned about the crystal’s uses, when the seller sent a detailed description of it to us.

Auralite 23 Crystals are about 1.2 BILLION Years old. The stone itself works with the upper chakras, but more specifically it has a healing role all over the body, and on all levels. It is calming, and it acts as a bridge between the worlds. It is a stone of all empowering knowledge, and inspiration... Auralite’s healing power is a unique mixture of energetic vibrations. Taken together, Auralite’s principle energy is to teach us that “all is one.” Auralite crystals help us see how we can evolve and heal from past pain and guides us to sources that can benefit us. It is a stone that opens the mind and spirit, recognizing connections between our inner self and our outer life. Auralite offers strength and wisdom as we align ourselves with our true path. Auralite-23 is one of the only Crystals in the world that connects to its keeper like a twin spirit… reminding of how alike one-another are to each other despite outer differences. This is a stone that reads into its keeper's spirit, searching and highlighting that which could be improved, and that which can benefit from healing or clearance. This is a stone that opens up the mind and spirit of the being enough to recognize connections to the inner self, and to outer life that are worthy of exploration and strengthening. Auralite-23 crystal teaches of the many benefits of recognizing places of peace and serenity, and then integrating those places into daily life.

Auralite-23 Crystal resonates well with the body's energy centers, especially from the Heart center, up to the Crown center. This stone will work positively with what is associated with these particular energy centers.

Metaphysically, Auralite-23 has many of the characteristics of Amethyst but is much stronger in the area of shamanic journeys, past life work, enhancing metaphysical abilities, spiritual transformation, and physical healing. This is also one of the best stones to use in connecting grids, creating harmony, clarity, and protection.


To reiterate, in the Summer of 2021 Craig was moved to purchase crystals again, initially, he bought turquoise which he used in making personal jewelry for us but then he was drawn to large pieces of Amazonite, and Labradorite. Settling on two obelisks of the former, and five large wedges of the latter, he arranged them in our living room. Recapping what we said earlier:

Laying out the five crystals in a specific pattern in relationship to the four directions, we realized that not only did it concern the Cube of Space, more importantly it connected the crystals to our missions, specifically in South America. Using the four gates directions in the Cube, instead of aligning the four Labradorite wedges to north, south, east, and west, we aligned them to the northwest, northeast, southeast, and southwest.

Reverently displaying the crystals on our living room energetic “altar” revived our love for collecting them, and reminded us of the dozens of ceremonies we performed in the same spot during the nexuses of the year. Ever since we learned of crystals from John on our cruise to Mexico in 1998, we began collecting them. One thing we should make clear is that this “altar” has nothing to do with religion, we see it as a way to tap into the electro-magnetic fields of the sites we visited. This is because ancient wisdom saw a connection between crystals and sacred sites. At first describing our layout of these crystals as an “altar” seemed a little odd but then we remembered what we had read in Michael Poynder’s The Lost Magic of Christianity, Celtic Essene Connections. We discussed this book in Volume I of the treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny… His insightful book was my resource in the investigation of Celtic Ireland; however, it was his knowledge of Earth Stars that we are concerned with here:

…it was Mr. Poynder’s statement that “…the early monks’ …aligned their little churches to star risings and settings”, which most interested me. This astrological connection clearly indicated the presence of the “Light” (Divinity), as well as implying the Christian monks were familiar with Astrology, a key element of The Mysteries.

According to Mr. Poynder the monks also engaged in the ancient practice of using crystal in relation to energy Earth Stars. He explains that Earth Stars represent energy centers or the planet’s “Life-Force” at certain points on the Earth. “…The Life-Force ‘grid’ can be defined in geometric patterns within concentric circles forming into what is termed an Earth Star.” Evidently, when not affected by human activity, the Earth Stars form a network that encompasses the entire “surface of the Earth.”

The only Earth Star I was aware of was the electro-magnetic six-pointed star formed by the six mountains surrounding Machu Picchu in Peru. I knew that the Mayan’s were familiar with the use of crystals and the electro-magnetic grid of the Earth. Yet, it seems that half a world away, an ancient civilization in the Emerald Isle of Ireland was also aware of the hidden energies of the Earth.

As Craig and I experienced the energy on many ancient sites, we were not that surprised to discover that the ancient Druids/Celts used crystals to affect that energy. However, what did surprise us was that this knowledge was carried down the centuries to the new emerging Christian religion. Mr. Poynder explains how emulating the Druidic priest, the Celtic Christian priest stood at the center of an Earth Star in front of an altar. If the mention of Christian monks employing the use of crystal and energy grids was not amazing enough, evidently these “monks” may well have been cognizant of how to affect brain waves as well. This is because Mr. Poynder explains how by activating the quartz, both the ancient priest and the crystal would “be resonating at the Schumann brain level 8-12 Hz…”

Mr. Poynder also explains that the altar in the church was placed “deliberately to encapsulate this energy…” Placing a “piece of rock crystal or quartz” at the center “of the Earth Star”, he (the priest) changed the pattern “from natural chaos to natural symmetry…” This priest wearing purple robes would stand at the center of the Earth Star while raising his hand in blessing. Then “a violet energy (spiritual light)” would flow “through his hand from his higher chakras.” Mr. Poynder adds that if he was wearing an “amethyst and gold ring,” the energy was “enhanced.” He reminds us that these accoutrements, purple robe with a gold and amethyst ring, is the traditional attire for a Christian bishop. Of course, he says that the energetic reason for this is “long forgotten”, or is it? Amazingly, he tells us that the underground water beneath the “altar” was literally altered or “altared” by the religious ritual. This is an example of Great Spirit-Mind’s comment “The key to The Mysteries is hidden in the English language.”

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Over the millennia using crystals has become more common, as in paint and architecture. Today crystal is incorporated into most homes, either as jewelry, paint/art, decorative/spiritual pieces, or as surface coverings. In addition, many use crystals for healing and energy transformation, both for the benefit of the individual and Humanity in general, as well as the planet.

When we think of the amount of crystals in the Earth crust, it should come as no surprise that crystals are a part of the Divine Plan. In the past, Buddha’s Plan B involving the Elemental kingdom of the Gnomes was identified as a part of Great Spirit-Mind’s overall Plan. (See Volume I of our treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny…) As ancient teachings held the Gnomes ruled “secret treasures and hidden things of the earth”, we think Buddha’s Plan B refers to crystals too. Consequently, although Gnomes and other Elementals have been relegated to folklore, subconsciously, an increase in people’s recent fascination with crystals may belie that assumption. Personally, crystals have come to play a large part in our lives, as Craig and I incorporated them in dozens of spiritual ceremonies. Notwithstanding the use of Amethyst by the first “bishops” to “alter” water, we suspect that thousands of others have also used crystal energy ceremonially for peace and healing over the millennia. Nonetheless, using crystals to energetically “alter” water, in and of itself a crystal is merely a tool used by Divine powers at a specific location, through an agent/priest’s inspired ceremony.

Up until late October, Craig and I were under the impression that the “altar” was complete with just Labradorite and Amazonite but then he was led to buy two large pieces of Afghanistan Lapis Lazuli. Curious about this development we looked up the crystal in our two favorite books, which provided the reason we needed to add it to the “altar.” Starting with Colleen Marquist and Jack Frasl the authors of Crystalline Communion 2000:

It is a stone said to have existed since before "time was born", assisting one in gaining admission to the domain of the unknown mysteries of the sacred texts and both the esoteric ideas ~ enhancing the wisdom to understand the information. It further allows one to gain access to, and to explore, the esoteric planetary knowledge…

Lapis lazuli is a "stone of total awareness", helping to expand awareness and intellectual capacity, and allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of one’s nature. It also helps one to remain objective about the subjective, providing for stimulus to the process of reasoning and reinforcing the acceptance of subsequent knowledge…

It assists one in the attunement to the creative source, stimulating the expansion and the realization of consciousness toward the awakening of the perfection of the self. It promotes the insight to a structured plan which can help one to evolve upward toward the light of the total unification with "All That Is". …It helps to stimulate emotional, mental, and physical purity and clarity, supporting one’s courage in activities culminating in the advancement toward universal wisdom…

…It is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest. Lapis was used by the Hebrews to adorn their ceremonial robes. Legend reports that King Solomon (the greatest stone-wearer of all) was assisted by an angel of the Lord who gave him a special ring which allowed him to control legions of demons which he used to build the temple.

Before moving onto Melody’s take on Lapis Lazuli, we want to take a moment to comment on Colleen Marquist and Jack Frasl connecting the crystal to King Solomon. We found this astounding, especially in light of what hung on the Western wall of our living room that Summer when Craig was inspired to get the crystals. As stated previously:

King Solomon picture “Several weeks earlier (July 2021), we were moved to have Guy bring over the amazing painting (right) he found in the woods, which we all believed was connected to King Solomon. To be honest, none of us were absolutely clear on the reason for any of this, other than it had to do with energy and spiritual transformation. Then I was moved to update Stage Knowledge by including our missions to Mexico, South America, and France.”

Even more interesting was that Elizabeth Van Buren also informs us, at the heart of the Temple of the Stars is the Temple of Solomon. Obviously, she is not talking about a literal temple, but a metaphorical one, i.e., a mystical temple not built with hands.

With King Solomon’s association to Lapis Lazuli crystals, Melody’s information on Lapis Lazuli is more than interesting. Writing that Afghans mine this mineral the same way they have for two millennia, she also tells us that Lapis Lazuli was a favorite mineral of ancient Egypt, as well as “a symbol of the night sky, bridging the cosmos and earth in cultures from the Middle East to South America…”

Nevertheless, we think the primary reason for incorporating Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan in our “altar” concerned the Eastern and Western Bamiyan Buddhas destroyed in 2001. As stated, the Buddhist monks held the East in balance energetically for two thousand years through Guan Yin’s compassion promulgated by the Dali Lamas, before it was shifted in 1999 to Machu Picchu because this energy was needed in America. We believe the two Lapis crystals of Afghanistan are intentioned to reconnect the East to the West promulgating compassion.

Considering how so many have labored to fulfil the Divine Plan for so long, using crystals that literally makes up the Earth’s crust seems a no-brainer. When Craig suggested we incorporate the Lapis Lazuli, I was surprised but then I realized that it would change the square into a six-pointed star. However, although a six-pointed star is incorporated in the overall layout, it was not the final outline, because Craig announced that we needed to turn the six-pointed star into an 8-pointed star with two more Lapis crystals. Looking up the meaning of this I discovered that an 8-pointed star is connected to early astronomy, representing the eight directions of space and time. Obviously, four points represent the four directions of space, while the other four points for time is represented by the two equinoxes and two solstices.

Learning that the eight-pointed star is associated with Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnostics, Judeo-Christian, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Wiccans among others, as well as an important symbol for indigenous people made it all the more a clear choice. According to the web Native Americans believe the eight-pointed star within a circle represents a symbol of hope. It also signifies achieving balance, and is seen to represent Star Knowledge.

ceremony altar configuration
Layout of Crystal Altar


Even though I felt that our “altar” should be an eight-pointed star configuration, adding two more Lapis Lazuli did not feel right, then I was reminded of our Auralite 23 pillar. Because it came to light around the same time as Himalayan Ice Quartz Crystal, I felt the latter needed to also be represented. Since one of the most beautiful pieces of crystal we had, was what our crystal dealer called a “blue ray” but was more commonly known as a “blue angel hair” clear quartz pillar, and quartz is the most prolific crystal in the world, I felt it could represent the Himalayan Ice Quartz Crystal. However, shortly afterwards I was moved to replace it with a Chevron Amethyst pillar.

This may sound contrived but it was only after I thought of using Amethyst in the “altar” that I remembered that it was used in ancient times. To reiterate: Michael Poynder reported that a priest wearing a “purple robe”, and an amethyst ring “would stand at the center of the Earth Star while raising his hand in blessing” creating a “violet energy (spiritual light)…” The purpose again was to “alter” the underground water beneath the “altar…”

Clearly we needed to investigate the spiritual properties of Amethyst. According to Melody it is a “stone of spirituality and contentment” that “facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels.” Moreover, she believes Amethyst is “representative of the principles of complete metamorphosis.”

Unsurprisingly, Amethyst acts as an equalizer balancing energies at every level, providing “a clear connection between the Earth plane and the other worlds.” This beautiful crystal bestows stability, strength, invigoration, and peace; the peace being the perfect peace which was present prior to birth. Amethyst also “enhances cooperation between” the Earth plane and Divine realm, as well as integrating “cause and effect”, providing understanding into “the ultimate state of perfection.” For us, Melody’s most important statement about the crystal was that it brings in “common sense and encourages flexibility in decisions.”

However, our Amethyst pillar was a Chevron Amethyst, which meant we needed to include additional properties for this crystal… Amazingly, Colleen Marquist and Jack Frasl believe a person “can, literally, become absorbed in the light” of the crystal’s “radiance.”

Spiritually, Chevron Amethyst “brings one the strength and the loving essence to continue in any and all pursuits.” It also stimulates the understanding of a positive answer to any imaginable problem, assisting one in the selection of the resolution, which would best be suited to one’s purpose, and to the doctrine of universal love”, encouraging its realization and “bringing forth a perceptible manifestation.” They tell us that the crystal is known as the “breath of life…” However, in light of the increase of skepticism, this crystal “furthers ones acceptance of the unseen forces which are available to complete the actions to facilitate the perfect state.” For us the most relative trait that Chevron Amethyst possesses is the ability to help “in the application of the central unity of all religions, all men/women -all of existence.”

A few days later Craig received notice of another crystal in an e-mail, this time it was a picture of a beautiful Malachite pillar. Initially believing that Malachite only affected the physical, neither of us were eager to spend more money but then Craig opened Melody’s interpretation. One sentence was all we needed to know that Malachite was needed for the altar, when we read “ It is a ‘stone of transformation’, assisting one in changing situations, and providing for the transfer of sacred information leading to spiritual evolution.”

Believing that we may need to swap out the Amazonite pillar for the Malachite, I was reminded of our Rose quartz pillar, and realized that I was being shown that we needed 3 pillars in the center position. Again Melody summed up the reason why by saying that placing Rose quartz in an area stimulates “the true life force - LOVE.”

One more point on the “altar”, the 8 crystals rest on the granite plate that was left at the bottom of our driveway. Following guidance, Craig had it cut to 22 inches by 22 inches. Including the original four crystals involved in the 2021 ceremony, there is an overall theme in the crystals’ attributes. Listing the relevant attributes, we see they are:

    1. balancing the masculine and feminine energies, bringing mental and spiritual clarity,
    2. inducing wisdom and understanding, as well as enhancing trust and kindness,
    3. helping to attune to the spiritual dimension and facilitate the complete traversing of all boundaries,
    4. assist in spiritual transformation, integrating and synthesizing duality,
    5. manifest and retain the pure energy of universal love,
    6. facilitate the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought, and bring clarity to the inner sight,
    7. inspire a calming peace by annihilating disturbing thoughts,
    8. uniting the personal self with the understanding required to realize the destiny of this life, and the absolute purity of universal harmony,
    9. detach from old ways, embracing new unconventional methods and ideas.

In essence, we could summarize our “altar’s” crystals’ primary effect as bringing balance, clarity, peace, and harmony. All of these attributes facilitate the connection to the Higher Self, allowing for our true destiny to surface. If we then add the attributes of Lapis Lazuli, Auralite 23, and Chevron Amethyst we can see that this 2021 “altar” is tapping into universal energies, because apart from bringing clarity, peace, and harmony, they create a bridge between the material and divine worlds, which called to mind the Bridge to Peace Project.

As we know, this “project” collected the intent and commitment to Peace of 155,227 individuals, placing their names in PDFs from every country attached to the map. Even though the map is no longer interactive, it is still as potent because of its connection to the 11-11-11 Peace event.


Graphical user interface, map  Description automatically generated
Reduced map containing the names of 155,227 people representing Lights of Hope


Having described the attributes of the crystals on the “altar”, I guess the question many may ask is, “What is this all about? What does a crystal altar and a world map on our website have to do with helping Humanity and the Earth?” Amazingly, we’ve been told that the crystal “altar” and map are the end game, so to speak, in the Divine Plan to correct the “Watcher’s mistake” that saddled Humanity with the counterfeit-spirit or Eckhart Tolle’s pain-body. As reported above, our world is full of Energy Stars or nexuses that can affect the mass consciousness. Ancient Wisdom utilized this in respect to Spiritual Evolution, marking the known areas with pyramids and temples to focus the energy. Unfortunately, the ancients had to contend with the natural Globe cycle that sifted those who had evolved from those who hadn’t. Using natural global disasters, evolution determined those ready to move on to the next Globe, and those who needed to repeat the cycle. This was how Spiritual Evolution worked for 40,000 years, after the “Watcher’s mistake” created the “enemy” to our progress. However, just before the start of the Common Era the Divine realm decided humans were ready to assist in their salvation, and energetically and consciously separated our Earth, Globe D from the Globe cycle and the universal aspect of our adversary, known then as the World-Soul.

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Determining what was the “Watcher’s mistake” has taken more than two decades to uncover. First, we needed to ascertain who the “Watchers” were? Initially, based on Zacharia Sitchin’s theory we thought they were extraterrestrials, but as we reported in FOR THE CHILDREN, following Dr. Rosin recounting her experience in 2001 we reexamined our previous conclusions. As we wrote:

…it is the Bible’s greatest patriarch, Enoch that provides the real breakthrough, because it leads us to the greatest source we have for the mysterious Watcher’s Mistake, The Book of Enoch. We originally addressed it in …LOVE The Common Denominator:

The Book of Enoch relates that angels taught the women sorcery and incantations, and that the results of the angels’ unions with the women were giants. Apparently, the angels taught many things, including “astrology,” “astronomy,” and “dividing of roots and trees...” The giants become the evil spirits because of the union of spiritual beings (angels) and earthly beings (women). Enoch then brings in a different term, watchers. These “watchers” reveal the mysteries to mankind, which results in the multiplying of evil. Amazingly, he says that the “Tree of knowledge”, contrary to the Bible, does not bestow death. Instead, it bestows “great wisdom,” to anyone who eats of it.

…According to Enoch, humankind was destroyed because they knew every secret of the angels. He tells of prophecies that include the information that, the righteous in the seventh week will be given the sevenfold doctrine… An interesting fact is that many scholars believe Enoch could be Hermes. The name Enoch is generic and means initiator, or teacher. Esoterically, Enochian means, “The seer of the open eye...”

There are four very important points that jumped out from the above extract that were not so obvious when I originally wrote it:

1) There seems to be more than one type of being interacting with the humans: angels and watchers.
2) It is the angels that “taught…dividing of roots and trees...”
3) These “watchers” reveal the mysteries to mankind, which results in the multiplying of evil
4) The “Tree of knowledge… bestows “great wisdom” to anyone who eats of it”

Through our investigations, we determined the Watchers tasked with observing the development of Life on this planet were both spiritual and cosmic beings. Consequently, if the Watchers who “reveal the mysteries” to humanity are not the cosmic beings, it has to be the spiritual beings, or angels who are responsible for the Fall. This would appear to be a correct assumption as Enoch equates the reason for the destruction to humanity as them knowing “every secret of the angels.”

We kept coming back to the teaching of “dividing of roots and trees” as being a problem. Obviously, we needed to return to the relevant passage in the Book of Enoch. Looking it up on the web and finding a site that published the entire book, we found the passage below:

And all the others together with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them, and they taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants.

Moved to dig deeper, we searched the Book of Enoch to see if it could shed more light on the matter. It did as it recorded which angel taught what:

Semjâzâ taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, Armârôs the resolving of enchantments, Barâqîjâl, taught astrology, Kôkabêl the constellations, Ezêqêêl the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiêl the signs of the earth, Shamsiêl the signs of the sun, and Sariêl the course of the moon."

What we found most interesting was that “enchantments” connects to “root-cuttings,” because it brings in the emergence of magic…


From its inception our home planet has been the arena to address our adversary, both universally and individually, which was the result of the “Watcher’s mistake.” We explained this fully in our treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny… with the Epilogue posted in Stage 5 Wisdom.
Without going into it too deeply, the expressions “upstepping”, “Globe”, and “Root-race” are terms we used to designate intervals of time, and advancement of the Human Race’s Spiritual Evolution in respect to historical periods:

…When Humanity developed reason, it facilitated the activation of the first level of the Higher Self, which is also the first aspect of The Christ Consciousness in the human being. That is why the World Soul worked so hard to muddy the waters of the identity of The Christ, Sophia, and Melchizedek, by mixing up the gods and goddesses in The Mysteries. “His” other goal was to keep people connected to the Astral Plane through sorcery (black magic) and relying on “hunches” or gut feelings.

The Christ’s goal was to teach Humanity about the plane of Absolute “Good” or LOVE, which is above the Soul Plane. (As stated the Gnostics call it the Pleroma.) To teach this truth, it was necessary to lead the consciousness to a different plane. It is the development of both reason and compassion, just before the Common Era within a critical mass of the consciousness of Humanity, which results in the move to a completely new realm. The move to a different plane was part of a Divine plan to reset the entire Soul Plane. This occurred when the three archetypes of The Christ, Melchizedek, and Sophia incarnated to lead the consciousness or Life-Principle through the door to Globe D. The transition from the Age of Aries to the Age of Pisces heralded the change from Globe C to Globe D.

…Earlier, I mentioned that something Great Spirit-Mind revealed to me was that all Globes do not necessarily have to contain seven Root-races. The transition from the Age of Aries to the Age of Pisces is indicative of this, because it was also the change from Globe C to Globe D. See below:


Diagram of the overlapping of the Root-races

(R-R 4 emerges)      (R-R 5 emerges)         (R-R 6 emerges)
15,120 – 10,500    3,600 – 2,500 B.C.E.    0 C.E. – 100 - C.E.


Although the diagram above is accurate it does not convey how important this transition is. As I said, the shift in time changed between the Root-races. Consequently, we felt that we needed to show the shift in consciousness as well as time. Therefore, Craig created the diagram below for me:

0 C.E. Root-race 5 split

As the above diagram depicts, there is a distinct break in the continuity between Globe C and Globe D. This is because the break literally splits sub-race 4 of Root-race 5 in two.

…At the start of the Common Era the Life-Principle’s goal, through Humanity on Globe D was to raise each person’s individual vibration sufficiently through the dissipation of the counterfeit-spirit or pain-body. This became possible through the unique incarnation of The Christ in one human being, later joined by His Partner, The Holy Spirit. To restate, The Christ is Positive Neutral. So what of His partner The Holy Spirit. Although “She” was the passive side of the partnership because she was from above the Soul Plane, she was also neutral, but Passive Neutral. After becoming one at the Baptism, Jesus Christ taught Humanity about how the “kingdom of God” was within our hearts. This information is the key to overcoming the “Watcher’s mistake.” Unfortunately, this was not a quick fix. Rather, it takes multiple incarnations for human beings to gradually overcome selfishness and learn to work together for a common goal in Globe D, to facilitate transformation and ultimately evolve to Globe E.

…drawing attention to the importance of the Age of Pisces. Obviously, the primary importance was the incarnation of The Christ as Jesus and His sacrifice for our salvation. However, part of that sacrifice involved the purification of the Soul Plane…

Unfortunately, in cleansing the Soul Plane the worst of Humanity’s thoughts and emotions was unleashed on us in the form of the “Shadow.” Like the fictitious Voldemort of Harry Potter’s fame, “His” only goal was to seek power and as the saying goes, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Because the entity was conscious and linked subconsciously to human beings, it gained strength through the Human race’s inhumanity, because to be inhumane is to regress in evolution. Sadly this often involved magic, especially in the first centuries of the Common Era, and during the Middle Ages.

With the unprecedented popularity of the Harry Potter books and films, children have learnt the danger of misusing magic for seeking power. As the series demonstrates, the use of plants in potions was a key component of magic. If the angels’ teaching “enchantments” and the “dividing of roots” is the same, it explains a lot. The World Soul and its far worse heir the Shadow of Deception was created from the basest thoughts and emotions of Humanity. Historical records recount instances of Roman citizens using magic for petty selfish reasons against each other. Of course, there were some who learned to use sorcery to gain power over people. Consequently by the end of the Age of Aries, large populations of civilization were corrupted by magic.

The Greek myth of the “gods” punishing Prometheus for gifting fire to Humanity has always puzzled me. Greek myths usually held a valuable moral lesson but this one seemed to defy logic. If we examine the details, we learn that the “gods” chained Prometheus to a rock and set an eagle to tear out and eat his liver. Horrifyingly this was not a onetime punishment because Prometheus was immortal, consequently his liver would grow back every night so that he would have to endure the same torture again and again every day. It seemed to me that such a brutal punishment was not warranted for “gifting” fire to Humanity. First, since the natural phenomenon of lightning regularly results in fires, humans would have discovered fire without Prometheus. I guess the part of the eagle eating his liver that grows back, could be referring to the discovery that we can donate part of our liver because it is the only organ that repairs itself. Even so, we are still left with the “gift of fire” being Prometheus’ crime.

A possible explanation to the mystery of the Greek myth of Prometheus surfaced while watching an episode of a fantasy series about a school for supernatural children called Legacies. In this particular episode, following the school being plagued with continuous attacks from monsters who keep killing an immortal visitor called Ben, the victim informs the students that he is an immortal demi-god, who had stolen a mystical sphere with the power of magic from the gods when they refused to save his partner. Giving it to his village, predictably the villagers had misused magic for their own selfish motives. The continuous attacks on Ben were the gods punishing the immortal demi-god (Prometheus) by sending monsters to kill him again and again. This scenario made far more sense, as giving knowledge of magic to the ignorant and unevolved would indeed be a serious mistake, hence the need for the separation of Globe D at the end of the Age of Aries.

Nonetheless, the separation of Globe D from the Globe Cycle was never intended to be permanent, so once the “Shadow” was neutralized the Divine/Universal Realm could enact their counterplan. That counter-plan is now in full swing.

When we learned of the “Shadow’s” neutralization that September night in 2010, we thought that the world would change immediately. Alas, as events have proven the opposite has occurred, with the world becoming less civilized and more violent. We understand that this is because the “Shadow’s” agenda was being supported by the counterfeit-spirit. Initially, we had hoped as every child conceived after September 22nd, 2010, was born without a counterfeit-spirit, it would be enough. Unfortunately due to the “Shadow’s” manipulation many adults at the helm, so to speak, were under the power of this saboteur to Spiritual Evolution. Thankfully, it was recognized by the powers that be, and the final part of correcting the “Watcher’s mistake”, in removing everyone’s counterfeit-spirit or pain-body was enacted in 2021, facilitating the ability to hear the conscience, otherwise known as the Higher Self.

Obviously, change does not happen overnight, as it takes time for our spirits to take the reins, as it were. Nonetheless, we believe that as the crystal kingdom is now integrated into our lives, the crystals of our “altar” acting as amplifiers of the spiritual energies, are tapping into every sacred site, temple, pyramid, and Earth Star. We believe that everyone who has taken part in spiritual ceremonies for Peace will (at first) subconsciously add their energy to this effort, facilitating the Divine Realm to fulfill Their plan in removing everyone’s counterfeit-spirit or pain-body.

What I did not realize until recently was that magic involved the Elementals. As Jack Frasl and Coleen Marquist comments, Solomon was the “the greatest stone-wearer of all”, and was “assisted by an angel of the Lord who gave him a special ring which allowed him to control legions of demons which he used to build the temple.” The knowledge and ability to control the Elements through Elementals is more than dangerous and explains the need to separate Globe D from the Globe cycle. As stated, crystals have always played a large part in the Life-principle’s development, being that the Mineral Kingdom is always the first “kingdom” it passes through in each Globe Round. This makes crystals the bridge between the Globes.

Incorporating the energy of crystals and Earth Stars with the multiple ceremonies performed over the more than two decades shows how the Divine Plan will work. Even so, irrespective of our roles, connections, or energy make up, we believe that we are a part of a much larger group of 777,000 individuals, who as teachers each have their own role to play. Like Hermione and the five strangers on Machu Picchu in 1998 holding a ceremony to help the world. As stated, we believe this ceremony was an important factor in facilitating the transfer of the Eastern energy to the West in 1999, by tapping into the six-pointed star energy grid of Machu Picchu. As such we are sure that the six people and their crystals were an important component of Great Spirit-Mind’s Plan.

Yet, we know that the global ceremonies for Peace on November 11th, 2011, was the catalyst that activated the primary impetus in correcting the “Watcher’s mistake.” We know this because of the bizarre connection between our 2000 ceremony, and the ceremony our friend Leyland was involved in eleven years later on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca Bolivia. As we explained on the “Deeper Purpose for Peace Page” on our website, the latter ceremony involved seven stones containing glyphs.

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Notwithstanding the above events, clearly something stopped the momentum of 2011, as we have all observed the obvious division and lack of tolerance. Regardless, the work was completed, and the energy waited for the right time. That time arrived in 2021, and we believe that the crystal “altar” comprising of eight crystals forming an eight-pointed star was instigated by the Solomon painting. Moreover, we found out that the “altar” involved something else, Sacred Geometry. We learned this when I was shown a vision of how the layout of the crystal circles could generate even more energy. Securing a perfect natural handmade teak table from Indonesia as the base, over the next few weeks, we were shown how to create the right layout with strings of various mixed crystals, together with a hexagon of orange calcite to set the energy shown below in graphic (3):

Diagram  Description automatically generatedShape, circle  Description automatically generatedA picture containing shape  Description automatically generated
     (1)Initial Vision                (2)Actual crystal layout           (3) Enhanced energy output

Graphic (1) shows the initial energy formed by the 8 crystals and 7 circles of mixed crystals - Graphic (2) shows the actual placement of the 11 crystals with the crystal-circles. (Note: placement of crystals in diagram (2) is not to scale.) Graphic (3) demonstrates the effect of adding the orange calcite hexagon.

In the initial vision there was no hexagon in the center but after we determined that we needed 7 circles of crystal beads, we were reminded of our former ceremonies’ connection to Orange Calcite, and were subsequently moved to place a hexagon crystal plate of this crystal in the center of the Granite square. This of course brought in the six-pointed star connection to Machu Picchu. Still, Orange Calcite concerned our experience in 2001/2002,reported in Our Story 1995 - 2002: True Philosophers’ Stone, making us wonder about its efficacy in the 2021 ceremony. Refreshing our memories, we re-read Jack Frasl and Collen Marquist’s comments on the crystal in Crystalline Communion 2000, where one sentence stood out, stating that Orange Calcite is the “ombudstone” connecting the “seen and unseen elements of spirit and matter.” First, we should state that the description “ombudstone” does not exist, because grammatically it is broken into two words  “ombud stone.” However, this did not explain the term in respect to Orange Calcite’s role in correcting the “Watcher’s mistake” for me. That came when I understood that “ombudsmen/women” in general act as intermediaries, mediators, and facilitators, making the authors next statement that “Many are called to be mid-wives at the birth of new life, projects, ideas, ages, or causes…” provide the answer as to the need for this important crystal.

A few days later, remembering our instructions to employ the “tools” we used in previous missions/ceremonies, we understood that sound was an important factor. Consequently we needed to determine what tones/notes were needed, which brought in the relevance of the perfect fifth.

According to the website

“The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu referred to the fifth as the sound of universal harmony between the forces of Yin and Yang. In India, the fifth is believed to create a sound through which Shiva calls Shakti to the dance of life. Apollo, the Greek God of Music and Healing, plucked the fifth on his Sacred lyre to call dolphin messengers to Delphi where they channeled messages to the oracles. The Alchemists called the interval of a fifth crux ansata and considered it to be a transition point where matter crossed over into spirit. The crux ansata, also called the anak by the Egyptians, is a still point where the earth ends and our ascension into spirit begins. For them the number five was numerologically the perfect combination of even (two) and odd (three) representing the unity of heaven and earth. Sounding the perfect fifth is a general sound tonic. Some of the sound healing benefits of the fifth are: alleviates depression; enhances joint mobility; balances Earth with spirit; directly stimulates nitric oxide release that is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and enhances the immune system, balances the heart, pituitary gland and sphenoid bone, balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.”

Because of our experience with Sound in 2002, we knew that certain notes/tones affects physical matter in respect to Acutonics®. Judy, a practitioner, and expert on the use of sound for healing, which I benefitted from in 2002, clarified that combining the sound representing specific planets creates intervals, as she explained on the use of tuning forks on our website. Judy’s comments on Archetypes, the Tree of Life, and sounds effect on Humanity in general are thought-provoking, unfortunately we can only cite excerpts but highly recommend reading her entire explanation of Sound Healing on all levels on our website:

An archetype was a difficult concept for me to understand. Caroline Myss in her book Sacred Contracts defines, “archetypes as your energy guides to your highest potential” (pg. 106). Ms. Myss’s definition really helped me start making sense of this concept. What helped me more was to start understanding vibration or frequency.

Everything in our world is a vibration and we are essentially large finely tuned vibration receivers. Our eyes receive vibrations and then our optical region of the brain tells us what we see and what colors it is. Our hearing works the same, we hear a vibration, it wiggles the small hairs in our ears, creating a vibration in our auditory system, which then reads and tells us what it is. We know sound exists even if we can’t hear it, we use this principle in dog whistles, we can’t hear the vibration or sound of the whistle but the dog can, and comes running. While this is really simplifying the biological functions of our eyes and ears, as well as vibration or frequency theory, it is the bases of how they work. We have vibrations or frequencies around us all the time and science is just now understanding how they affect us, both positively and negatively. We are mostly water and vibrations travel faster in water than in the air, so physically we are great vibration resonators.

Back to archetypes, they have certain vibrations that as a human, or as a culture we all identify with. An example is the full Moon, take a minute and think of a night when the Moon is full. What comes to mind? If you are outside it’s brighter out, it may feel safer. The full Moon brings light to the dark night. You may think of coolness because the night air is cooler. If you are a sailor, you may think of high tides, because the Moon pulls the tides in the ocean. If you work in the emergency room at a hospital you may think of chaos, strange accidents and being really busy. If you work in customer service, people may be demanding, moody, and hard to please and overall crazy. These are all vibration manifestations of the full Moon energy. Archetypically it is said throughout history, in a variety of cultures that the full Moon represents: bringing things to light, and safety, and coolness. In addition, the Moon rules the ocean tides, the water in our bodies, especially women’s menstrual cycles and human emotions. Another name for the Moon is Luna, which is where the word lunacy comes from.

We don’t have to know about the archetype or even understand it, to have it create an influence on us or other people around us. When we receive the vibration, if we resonate with it, we then create it. It is only when we increase our awareness that we start to see patterns in our lives. These patterns are the vibration manifestations of the archetypes. Once we are aware of them, we then can use other vibrations to shift our re-occurring patterns in our lives, in our bodies, and even in our minds. We call this healing; it is a vibration change in the way we operate, biologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Old patterns or vibrations no longer resonate with us, so we don’t create those vibrations any more. An example is that abused children can often grow up to become child abusers, however we all know people who had horrific childhoods and become wonderful parents. This change occurs because the individuals made a conscious choice to change the way they responded to children. In other words, they changed their vibration. We don’t have to know or understand everything about archetypes or vibrations to begin to use them and enjoy them. For example, although microwaves (microwave theory) are a mystery to me, microwaves still cook my food. TV is another example, I don’t know how the vibrations (airwave signals) get to my TV, but I sure do enjoy watching the shows.

On our journey through the tree of life and the planetary vibrations in each Sephirot, we will begin at #10 Malkuth, the densest vibration called planet Earth, where we are, and move to the lighter vibrations in the other Sephirot. This will help us understand our journey towards enlightenment (getting lighter), or raising our vibration. The tuning forks and the gongs are the vibrations of the planets; each planet has an archetype…

Each planet has three tuning forks, a low vibration (L), a middle vibration (M), and a high vibration (H). The low vibration works best on the physical being, or denser material, whereas the higher vibrations work on more spiritual matters, the middle range works on the mind and emotions. If I don’t specify whether a tuning fork is low, middle, or high, then all three vibrations are represented. Now that we have the basics, let’s start our journey.

As I said, the Tree of Life above depicting the Paiste gongs as the ten Sephirot, has the Paiste gong Nibiru in the place of Malkuth, not the Earth gong, as is usual. This is because; I wanted to reflect what I used in the video. The sound vibration of Nibiru was used to shift the vibration of matter; hence the title “Gongs of Change”. Having said that, the traditional planetary placement for Malkuth or Kingdom is the Earth…

We have now completed our journey of the Tree of Life. The tuning forks we previously discussed are just one note, representing the archetype. But we want movement, we want to create change, so we need to learn about intervals. An Interval is when we use two notes to create movement. One note first, then a second note or tuning fork in our case, which will move us to a new place. This is where we start to layer in archetypes, with intervals, this sounds confusing but not if we take it one step at a time. Above we learned about the archetypes, now we will learn about the intervals.

The first interval is the Unison, in the Acutonics® system Ohm, Earth is the foundational tone, and to create a unison tone we listen to the same fork, creating a balanced feeling.

The next interval is a third. One way to create it is with the Ohm Earth and the Zodiac Earth. This is an expanding, relaxing, and releasing interval…

The next interval is a called the Earth Day Fifth. This interval is used with the Ohm Earth and the Earth Day fork. It is tonifying and energy generating, increasing our physical energy.

The New Moon Fifth is the interval created with the Ohm Earth fork and the New Moon. A fifth interval is half way to the octave and is an opening or gateway to bring us closer to the next home note. This particular Fifth opens and moves our emotions, releasing tension.

Another Fifth is made with Mars and Venus. This fifth helps balance our active and passive energies. An example would be setting boundaries in a caring loving manner, which helps both parties.

The Sixth is the next interval, made with the Ohm Earth and Full Moon. The Sixth interval brings things to fullness and completeness. It also mathematically represents the Golden Mean.

The Solar Seventh is made with the Ohm Earth (L) and the Sun fork, and it is warming and re-vitalizing. It is good for warming up stiff joints, increasing our self-confidence, boosting our immune system, and overall brightening our lives.

The Octave is next, we make it with Ohm Earth (M) and Ohm Earth (L), we have now moved from one octave to the next, literally raising up one vibration level.

Returning to our preparation for the December 21st ceremony, ascertaining the crystal’s notes/tones, we realized that we had every note represented except E. Looking up this note we saw that it was represented by Tiger’s-eye, which we had in the form of a ball that Craig purchased a while back. Moved to place it in the center, we saw that it fit perfectly with the 3 obelisk crystals representing the threefold flames in the heart. Tiger’s-eye usefulness in the December 21st ceremony is summed up with an excerpt from the “Crystal vaults” website, which describes Tiger’s Eye, as “…synthesizing the frequencies of Sun and Earth, bringing stability and awareness while integrating the spiritual with the physical realms. It teaches balance between extremes, moving one out of the world of duality… and provides an understanding of the underlying unity behind apparent opposites. It brings a more practical and compassionate reasoning to one’s choices, and helps one to reflect Spirit through each action taken in the world.”


ceremony altar configuration
Layout of Crystal Altar


To reiterate, we created 7 circles of crystal beads, starting with the inner circle of Amazonite and Rose Quartz. Moving out, we have a circle of Rose Quartz interspersed with Bloodstone, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Clear Quartz. The four interlocking circles of energy were created by 33 beads of 11 Amethyst, 11 Bloodstone, and 11 Clear Quartz at the East and West, and 11 Lapis Lazuli, 11 Bloodstone, and 11 Clear Quartz on the North and South. Encircling the entire “altar” is a circle of Turquoise, Amazonite, Labradorite, and Hematite, with 3 Amethyst pieces marking the four gateways marked by the Labradorite wedges positioned at northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast.

In addition, although we consider the primary 8 crystals together with the crystal obelisks as the permanent energetic altar, for the ceremony on the 21st, apart from the Tiger’s-eye ball in the center, we added a Himalayan Ice Crystal at the North, and placed the Danburite Craig held in South America in the South position. His silver star with the moldavite Merkavah, which he wore in France was placed at the West, and a Fluorite Guan Yin at the East.

As for the participants, despite her being in Colorado, we were delighted to have Judy’s expertise with Tibetan gongs on the internet, while Guy played the Flute, Curtis drummed, and Craig used the Earth singing bowl. Also energetically connected to the ceremony was Judith in Indiana, and Dan in Arizona. We each performed our duties for the ceremony, starting at 3pm PST.

Since my eyes were closed during the ceremony I could not see what Judy was doing on my monitor. However, as I knew she was sitting in front of four large Tibetan Gongs of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Chiron I suspected that she used at least three of them, especially as she told us that “Chiron and Venus together make almost a musical fifth, creating an opening.” As she explained, “I was going to get a Venus and Mars which do create a perfect fifth, but Chiron seems more needed today.” On our site Judy expounded further:

Chiron arrived in 1977 to assist humanity with the healing they need for the current changes on Earth. Chiron is ½ comet, ½ asteroid. A planetoid, Chiron—   resides between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is ½ man and ½ horse, a centaur, who was abandoned at birth by parents who were disgusted by his appearance. An incurable wound in his leg, combined with the foster fathering of Apollo, god of healing, set him on a personal journey towards greater wholeness, integrity, and love where he learned to practice the healing arts. Chiron is here to guide the way for us to reconnect our earthly and heavenly selves. It is in healing yourself that you will change the world. We must become what we seek. Become peace to bring peace into the world. How peaceful is your current life? On our path to wholeness we learn strength and compassion, for the journey and ourselves, this is the lesson that Chiron is teaching us at this lower level. We then have strength and compassion for others on their path and journey, so we can help…

However, we later learned that Judy not only used Chiron, Mars, and Venus, she included four other gongs, Jupiter, Sedna, Earth Day, and New Moon in the ceremony. Designated as a Dwarf planet, Sedna was discovered in February 2004 on the outer reaches of our Solar System. Judy relates that it is the first planet in our Solar System to take its name from an Inuit Myth, rather than the Greek/Roman myths. She thinks it is particularly relevant because “The Inuit culture is a community-based culture, which cares for each other and the Earth.” She goes on to say, “This new planet is very unusual, representing the many changes needed to move us to a new understanding of what we need to do to save the Earth. Sedna represents Unity, super conduction, super creativity, and super conscious, and rules sound and waves. Sedna helps us access the deep layers of consciousness in all of us; unite it with our mind, body, spirit and each other.”

So it seems Judy used no less than six gongs involved in creating a fifth interval or opening. Moreover, she links Sedna to the ultimate door/opening between the planes in the Tree of Life, known as Daath. As she says on her page Sounds of Change on our web site:

Before we examine the three highest Sephirot, I would like to discuss what I consider the most important Sephirot for this time, Daath. Technically Daath isn’t a traditional Sephirot, because “she” does not appear on the traditional Tree of Life. However, because Daath represents the link between the macrocosm and the microcosm, “she” is the door to the highest level of spirituality.

Until recently, Daath wasn’t directly associated with any planet, but because Daath was thought to represent Supreme Justice, “she” was loosely connected to the planet Venus through Venus ruling the sun-sign Libra. Nonetheless, since the discovery of Sedna, and Nibiru the sun-sign Libra, which epitomizes balance, can be assigned to rule both Sedna and Nibiru.

On the updated tree four astrological elements were assigned to Daath, the Moon, Venus, Neptune, and the asteroid Juno. Now in the progressed tree, Sedna has taken “her” rightful place in Daath, replacing the asteroid Juno. From a consciousness perspective, Daath represents wisdom and knowledge, plus unity and unification of all on the tree of life. (The Mystical Qabalah pg.329) As stated, the planetary vibrations are the New (H) and Full Moon (H), Venus (H), Neptune, and Sedna.

Judy believes that in Daath we find the highest levels of the New and full Moon (H) energies. She explains that “The two stages of the Moon represent polar opposites, yet here in Daath we are uniting the Moon to create balanced emotions.” Rather than being ruled, unbalanced, and divided by these emotions, Judy believes “These emotions move us to a place of unity.”

All of the information above reveals how important and inspired Judy’s work is. Like she summarizes, “The power of sound, archetypes and overall vibration can heal us, change us at our core levels, open our hearts and unite our spirits. By each of us committing to heal, raise our vibrations, change the way we think and make different choices, we can bring Heaven to Earth, because the Kingdom of Heaven is within each and every one of our hearts.”

Sound and crystals played a large part in our lives in 2002. Without going too deeply into it because it is covered extensively elsewhere, our friend Tom West had made a brass structure that was essential in my healing at that time. In brief:

A picture containing text  Description automatically generated…Craig slowly added different crystal spheres to Tom’s design, until he placed 21 at various points. In a simplistic way, to Craig the design was built off the six-pointed three-dimensional star or Merkavah design. As he told me, it represents the “As above, so below” concept and clearly divided itself into distinct levels to him. He used that concept when moved by not only his spirit but also the energy of the individual crystals, to place them at their designated positions. Intrigued with his process, I asked him to explain. “The above and below concept not only represents heaven and earth but the future and the present...”

…Curious as to why he felt compelled to position the various spheres where he had, Craig checked his copy of Crystalline Communion. He learnt that each sphere operated different aspects of the physical body. On Easter Sunday Craig moved the design into the bedroom, placing it in front of a large mirror on top of a chest of drawers at the end of our bed.

Underneath the design, Craig positioned a beautiful amethyst plate with polarized inclusions, producing the effect of displaying either black or gold within the individual points depending on which side was facing the viewer. Then he stepped back to admire the structure. Lying on the bed, I told him that I could see double in the mirror. Later, Judy told us that Craig had magnified the effect of the crystals and the structure by placing it in front of the mirror.

Tom’s brass geometrical energy form 2002    

After 2002 we replaced a Labradorite sphere with the rainbow Obsidian we purchased at the base of the Pyramid to the Sun in 2000 while visiting the ancient site of Teotihuacan outside Mexico City. For the 2021 ceremony we made a few crystal changes in Tom’s brass energy form, the most notable being the addition of a beautiful crystal sphere we called the Pearl of Great Price, two Ametrine spheres, and moving the Labradorite sphere to the bottom position.

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Following the 2021 ceremony we all discussed what had happened, and although there were no bells or whistles, we all felt that something had changed. Nonetheless, over the next couple of days I learned just how important it was in correcting the “Watcher's mistake” by removing the counterfeit-spirit/pain-body. This is because December 21st, 2021, was not just any Winter Solstice.

To explain, everyone thought that either 2011 or 2012 was the end of the Piscean Age, because it marked the end of the Mayan Sixth Wave/Age. However, no one has acknowledged that it was the start of the Age of Aquarius, or the long awaited New Age. Apparently, we could not be sure because of the “Shadow” and its individual partners the counterfeit-spirits, otherwise known as Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain-Body and individual pain-bodies. It seems that a component of the Divine/Universal plan needed us all to believe that December 21st, 2012, was the relevant date, when in fact its mirror image of December 21st, 2021, was a far more important date. Although the “Shadow” was neutralized on September 22nd 2010, “its” agenda was well established, which is why things went so wrong after 2012.

Malachite crystal Consequently, 2021’s Winter Solstice apart from being when all traces of the “Shadow” was removed with the correction of the 40,000 year-old “Watcher’s mistake” and the removal of every counterfeit-spirit/pain-body, it also marked the start of the Aquarian Age. Moreover, this day was the beginning of the transfer from the “quarantined” Globe D, back into the flow of Spiritual Evolution on Globe E. We don’t expect it to be an immediate shift but rather a gradual wave of selflessness and loving compassion (human beings default mode of operation) among the population.

However, as we learned the next day, energy is dynamic and needs to be adapted from time to time. For us, it began with returning all five of the extra crystals on the “altar” to their previous sites in our home, as well as the Pearl of Great Price, the two Ametrine spheres, and Rose Quartz sphere from the energy form.

energy form with crystalsThe following day a beautiful Malachite crystal (above) we ordered before the ceremony arrived to take the place of the Labradorite sphere at the base of the energy form (left), which in turn replaced the Pearl of Great Price again at the top. Nonetheless, the biggest change was the purchase of several new crystals to rest alongside the “altar” on another natural wood table. They are (below): Top row left – a combination of Carnelian, Jasper, and Flame Quartz Agate; center – Red Flame Carnelian; right an Orchid Orange Calcite. Bottom row; 2 Ethiopian Fire Opals, and 2 Fire Agates.



Carnelian-Jasper Flame Quartz AgateRed Flame CarnelianOrchid Orange Calcite


  Ethiopian Fire Opal  Ethiopian Fire Opal  Fire AgateFire Agate


As it was explained to me, the permanent altar continually puts out the energies of balance and clarity by amplifying the spiritual energies, tapping into every sacred site, temple, pyramid, and Earth Star. It will also help the Divine Realm awaken the spiritual teachers to remember why they are here.

Nonetheless, apart from the Fire Opal, the crystals for the new “altar” are of the masculine or active energy, which is why they are not on the original altar, but adjacent to it on its East. Looking up these crystals, and starting with the first crystal I learned that the combination of Agate, Carnelian, Jasper, and Flame Quartz promotes one’s acceptance of the cycle of life, aiding in the removal of the fear of death. Since Carnelian is strongly featured in both the first and second crystal, its ability to incite bravery and integrity in our choices is invaluable. Known as a crystal of “action” Carnelian urges one to bravely accept life’s changes and put aside our wants and desires, certain that in surrendering to Divine Will, we will fulfill our destiny. Interestingly, Carnelian makes one aware of the connection between the levels within us, and promotes a deeper love and appreciation for the beauty and gifts of the earth.

Fire “energy altar”  Fire “energy altar”

Fire “energy altar” East of first altar


Remembering what Colleen Marquist and Jack Frasl said of Jasper in Crystalline Communion 2000, Jasper is also called a “Herald Stone” used in sacred shamanic ceremonies, as well as imprinting “universal records.” It seems that spiritually, Jasper provides a resonance of harmony, peace, and serenity within, as well as promoting compassion and understanding. Referred to as “a calming stone”, it helps us move hopefully forward in our lives.

Fire Opal’s energy that resonates to the number 9, according to Melody is beneficial to “progress and change”, enhancing “clarity” and intuition. Since Fire Opal often includes “White Fire Opal”, it is interesting to read in Crystalline Communion 2000 that this form of Opal is known as the “Wish Stone.” The authors inform us that this feminine crystal represents the “Goddess of the North”, rules “dreams” and “wishes”, along with “spiritual fire, and passion.” White Fire Opal is particularly useful due to its capacity to maintain “purity of spirit during the dark night of the soul, as well as assisting in an intense spiritual quest. However, this particular Fire Opal from a recently discovered mine in Ethiopia, possesses a rich cultural history. Called the “land of origins,” Ethiopia is where the first humans lived. In this respect an interesting comment on-line is that Ethiopian fire opals “represent deep emotional healing and trust in everything happening for a reason.” According to the stone’s site, “The spiritual side of Ethiopian fire opal is enlightening, bringing purifying properties that can help you feel more content. An Ethiopian fire opal affirmation to meditate on is: “I am cleansed of the past and ready for the future.” Since it “connects” to the crown chakra, ruling “self-realization and spirituality”, Ethiopian fire opal can “open the chakra, bringing wisdom and spiritual connection with the universe.” After all, as the site says, when the crown chakra is “blocked” we tend to be “resistant to growth.”

Last but not least, we were instructed to get two small Fire Agates, which coincidentally also resonates to the number nine. Considering that it is said to be both “grounding and inspiring” it is the ideal “tool” to awaken us spiritually. According to Melody, Fire Agate represents the “spiritual flame of absolute perfection.” It dissipates “fear at the deepest level of the inner being”, reflecting any negative thoughts and feelings back to their owners, causing him or her to experience and understand their wrongful intent. Crystal Vaults tells us the Fire Agate “links into the collective consciousness of the oneness of life, encouraging quiet contemplation of one’s life experiences that lead to spiritual growth and inner stability. It is the stone of the Hero’s Journey, giving us the courage to follow our spiritual path, even into the Dark places we fear, and to emerge triumphantly again into the Light.”

Like Carnelian, Fire Agate “inspires great courage within” and helps prepare us for change. In light of the condition of the world in 2021, the fact that Fire Agate aids us in thinking for ourselves, while not allowing the opinions of others to negatively influence us, is very opportune. At this time, its ability to provide the mental stamina to stay the course and do what needs to be done, explains why this crystal is needed. Now that clarity and Truth is being infused into the mass consciousness, the human spirit within is being strengthened to overcome fear of change, in order to integrate the lower ego, making human will in line with Divine Will and bring paradise to the Earth for everyone.

When we were moved to get the beautiful Orchid Orange Calcite, we initially thought it was for our personal collection, as we did not think it was needed on either energetic altar. We knew that Orange Calcite, as we reported, is the “ombudstone” connecting the “seen and unseen elements of spirit and matter”, and concerns being the intermediary for “the birth of new life, projects, ideas, ages, or causes.” However, when we learned that Orchid Calcite is a combination of Orange Calcite and Black Tourmaline, it made us rethink the reason for purchasing it. In researching the crystal more, we learned that according to Energy Muse, this crystal is ideal for anyone “locked in place” and incapable of progressing. The author informs us that all Orchid Calcite Points “are powerhouses of energyenergy. The special fusion of Orange Calcite’s bubbly and action-oriented energy and Black Tourmaline’s highly protective and grounding energies, become even more supercharged in the form of an Orchid Calcite Point. When formed into a point, which ours is, it can “Blast through blocks, slumps, and any kind of negativity” facilitating a person to be their “impassioned, inspired, and productive self.” Ultimately, an “Orchid Calcite Point is for the doubters, the naysayers, the self-saboteurs, and the second-guessers.” Moreover, once harnessed this crystal allows us to re-ignite our “inner creative fire.”

Mirroring the primary “altar”, we added three circles of crystals, only in reverse order. We also made a few changes in the center two circles. First we placed the Arizona and Tibetan Turquoise necklace I wore during the ceremony to encircle the 7 fire crystals. The next circle was exactly the same as the second one on the first “altar”, with the addition of Labradorite. The outermost circle was the same as the innermost circle of Amazonite and Rose Quartz, with addition of a single Amethyst fragment to match the shards designating the four gates in the Cube of Space on the first “altar.”

“altars”“altars”Believing that we were finished with purchasing crystals for the “altars”, I was surprised when Craig showed me a large Rose Quartz carved in the shape of a flame, stating that he felt compelled to bid on it. Asking if we needed it, once again we were given a price to bid. After succeeding in acquiring the crystal, Craig then informed me that it was part of a collection of four crystals from the same seller, and that we should try and get all four. We acquired two more relatively easy but when the fourth one’s bid jumped up more than what Craig was told to bid, we knew we did not need that particular crystal.

Then Craig was led to a magnificent Rose Quartz obelisk, which seemed a perfect fit. Since Guy was using crystals in his “Tardis” for meditating on World Peace, we gave him one of the Rose Quartz flames to connect him to the now 3 “altars.” Like I said, initially I was surprised when Craig was moved to get another 3 large crystals, but then I remembered what Melody wrote about it. She summed up the reason for purchasing the Rose quartz crystals when she says that placing them in an area stimulates “the true life force - LOVE.” We have them in front of the original “altar.”

The three Rose Quartz takes on even more relevance when we remember Djwal Kul’s comment on the heart chakra, in Djwal Kul Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura by Elizabeth Clare Prophet: “The most important chakra is the heart, for it is the distributing center for the energies of life.” He believed that this chakra “with its twelve petals surrounding the threefold flame of power, wisdom and love” holds us in balance through the Christ consciousness within. He went on to say that through the heart the “energies of life” are distributed throughout the other six chakras and all the cells in the body. Djwal Kul believed that by, “anchoring of the threefold flame within the heart, your heart is a replica of the heart of God and of the heart of Christ”, adding that if we can maintain “the heart frequency of the Christ out of compassion for all life, we find all life as one; for the threefold flame is at the heart of all life.” Djwal Kul also believed, “In the heart there is a pulsation of life becoming life that is the established rhythm of the cosmos reflected from the heart of God. The heart is the connecting point for all being, for all self-consciousness. Through the heart all mankind are one...”

Ultimately then, even though I was initially surprised by the additional “Fire altar” and Rose Quartz crystals, I now realize that they were an essential addition. This is because only the “True” Life-force of Love can overcome the damage that the “Watchers mistake” has done to our Spiritual development. Earlier I conveyed that in order to fix it we had to be separated from the usual flow of evolution, by isolating our Earth Globe D from the rest of the Globe Cycle. Remembering that crystals are a bridge between the Globes, pure selfless Love is the only constant that connects everything, and it is this that leads Humanity out of the cycle of destruction and back on track to fulfill our destiny.

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At the start of this article, I admitted that we were unsure of the Know Thyself Initiative’s exact role. As stated, KTI’s “role” has been, and still is multifaceted, but our illumination began in understanding that The Mysteries have existed in a kind-of vacuum within the mass consciousness for thousands of years. It was this discovery along with the information gathered above, which opened our eyes.

To reiterate, in 2021 we were moved to create a permanent “energetic altar” over a vortex in our living room. As we understand it, this “altar” is continually emanating the forces of balance and clarity by amplifying the spiritual energies, tapping into every sacred site, temple, pyramid, and Earth Star. These sites throughout the world were repositories of ancient wisdom, and overtime have been infused into the mass consciousness, waiting for a time when they could be disseminated again.

Until the invention of the computer and World Wide Web, the only way to store ancient knowledge was in written form. Before the printing press people used various mediums, such as papyrus, and stone. Obviously, the latter was the most endurable, but papyrus led to the mass production of paper. With this development, the sacred texts and ancient teachings became accessible. At first, it was restricted to the Church and the upper class. However, although over the centuries mass education and public libraries made a lot of information available, for the most part, initially the information was colored by the author’s opinion of what he or she had read.

With the advent of the Web and the ability to scan documents, the ancient texts are available to everyone because knowledge has been condensed into packets of data, and stored as electronic code. Thinking about this, I remembered The Matrix trilogy of films, which for those who have not seen it is set in a futuristic world, where an advanced technology controls human beings by keeping them asleep in “pods”, while they live a dream of the machine’s creation, the Matrix. The trilogy’s plot centers around a group of individuals who have realized that their “reality” isn’t real, and waking up in their respective pods, escape and set about sabotaging the machine’s agenda.

During the film we see streams of computer code, representing the “pod-people’s” lives while they sleep in the Matrix. Obviously, the pods and machines are fictitious, however, it is remarkable how accurate aspects of the plot is to Life. Setting aside the “villains” of the films being responsible for the Matrix because it is where the films and Ancient Wisdom part ways. This is because the latter teaches us that we create our reality. Even so, portraying everything in the Matrix as computer code, as science confirms is an accurate assessment of the world, because all knowledge is stored the same way. Throughout our writings we have related how the Major Arcana of the Tarot carries the secret of Life. If we consider that when the Tarot conveys that All matter consists of Consciousness, or Sub-conscious Mind-stuff that is molded into forms, then perhaps the same applies to All Knowledge.

We know from Quantum Physics that there is no such thing as solid matter, because at the molecular level the atoms consist of “empty” space, vibrating to specific frequencies. In this respect, seeing everything as consciousness and vibrating energy, including us, we began to see how KTI, and our ceremonies could be used to help the world.

Over several decades, we were led to knowledge in multiple forms, mediums, and locations, which as stated we needed to fit together like pieces of some kind-of gigantic mystical jig-saw puzzle. What I didn’t understand until recently was that I was accessing the information through my energy field, not by any virtue of my own, just that my energy makeup was tuned specifically for this purpose. It didn’t really come into play until we discovered the vortex or Energy Star in our living room, and performed multiple ceremonies over many years. Even so, we had no idea that the vortex’s location facilitated an energetic component through ceremonies, involving the mineral kingdom and Sacred Geometry, as well as connecting to various sacred energetic points on the Earth.

The efficacy of the vortex in our living room concerns the ancient Earth science of Geodesy, and the modern re-discovery of Tortion fields. Starting with the latter, according to Wikipedia Tortion fields are:

“…separate and distinct from classical electromagnetic and gravity fields. Generators for these fields can be shielded against electromagnetic fields and the torsion field still manifest itself through such shielding. Torsion fields can be generated, detected, switched on and off (such as for communication purposes), and are a distinct type of energy field not included in classical physics. Torsion field emanations can travel at velocities at least as high as 109 times the speed of light. Torsion fields can interact with laser beams (change frequency); affect biological processes; are generated by melting or solidifying some materials; affect quartz crystals; affect some electronic components; can favorably change some beverages; and have been noted to affect gravity. They evidence no attenuation when propagated arbitrary distances and possess a ‘memory’ ghost field which exists in the massless vacuum upon the annihilation of particle-antiparticle pairs.”

Turning to Geodesy, which Wikipedia describes as the “division of Earth”, according to the website THE PREHISTORIC ALIGNMENT OF WORLD WONDERS— it was so much more. Known essentially as the ancient art of Global Positioning, an expert on the subject, Jim Alison connects Geodesy as a way to use structures to anchor an energy field. For instance, he says that the Great Pyramid marks a “three-sided pyramid with its apex at the Great pyramid in Giza.” This giant energetic field’s influence stretches between Giza, Alexandria, and Port Said in the Nile Delta. When we remember that Alexandria was a center for The Mysteries, we can see how the ancients used energy fields to disseminate knowledge. But what has this to do with the vortex in “our” home in Washington State. We explain our theory on our website’s 777_Living-Knowledge  page, which relates our hypothesis in our treatise on Spiritual Evolution – America’s Hijacked Destiny…, of a connection between Washington DC and Washington State. The synchronicities are numerous and so we created a home for such thoughts on the above-mentioned page.

Upon first learning that the “Light” shifted the energy and consciousness of its plan for America to Washington State, I wondered why. To me, the logical move would have been to relocate north to the original landing site of the Puritans, but the simple answer is that the northeast of the US did not contain a way to reflect the Mystery of Washington DC. While talking over my dilemma with our dear friend Guy, he mentioned the popular legend concerning three mountains in the area. Seemingly, the legend purported that Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helens, and Mount Hood form an important triangle, making me think of the significance of the triangle formed by the Capitol Building, the White House, and the Washington Monument. However, when I looked at a map, the triangle formed by the three aforementioned mountains did not match the triangle formed in DC, furthermore, Mount Hood is not in the State of Washington, it is in Oregon. Visualizing the Federal Triangle, I knew that one of the points of the right-triangle needed to be at least twice the distance from the other two points. I suspected that Mount Rainier and Mount Saint Helens were two points of the triangle, but I could not find the third. That is until I remembered the Cascades are not the only Mountain Range in Washington, there is also the Olympic Range. Moving my search to the Olympic Mountains, I almost fell off my chair. There in the range was Mount Olympus, named after its Greek counterpart, which as we know in Greek Mythology is the “Home of the gods.”

Drawing a line between all three mountains, I saw what looked like an identical right-triangle to the one in DC. With further investigation I found another “coincidence”, in that the three mountains in Washington State matched up to the three buildings of the Federal Triangle. In aligning both triangles with one another, the tallest mountain Mount Rainier, aligned with the tallest building, the Washington Monument. The next highest mountain Mount Olympus, aligned with the Capitol Building, and the lowest mountain, Mount Saint Helens, aligned with the White House. If this was not enough, the line connecting Mount Rainier (representing the star Spica in Virgo) with Mount Olympus, passes directly through the site for the Know Thyself Initiative.


 Wash-DC triangle Wash-State triangle


Feeling that it would be important to show what I discovered, I asked Craig to overlay two triangles for the maps I found from MapQuest side-by-side. During the process, we were given an amazing gift, but first let me share with you the process used. Having seen the possible connection in my atlas, on the MapQuest website, I typed in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to get a map of the Federal Triangle. Zooming out to the scale of 1200 feet per inch I printed out the map. Then I typed in the location for the Know Thyself Initiative in Washington State and again zoomed out until I could see all three mountains. Obviously, the scale had to be a great deal smaller as it covered a far greater area. The scale was 18 miles per inch, which was 79.20 times the scale of the Federal Triangle. Giving Craig the maps, he reprinted them and then scanned them. I will let Craig explain what happened next:

Both maps were then imported into my graphics program. Over the Washington D. C. map, I drew a triangle connecting the 3 points of interest. I cloned (copied) that triangle and placed it on the Washington State map and repositioned that exact triangle to cover the 4 points of interest. To my amazement that exact triangle, after moving and rotating on the map, covered the 4 points without any changes to the triangle other than the position.”

One has to wonder about the odds of the exact same shape for Washington DC’s Federal Triangle, fitting a different scale map of three mountains in the state named for the former. The title for this sub-section, The “Light’s” Plan “B” for America, was to indicate the “Light’s” response to the corruption of the Mystery of DC with the Treasury Building. However, discovering that three mountains in Washington State almost exactly match that same triangle was thought-provoking, as it is natural and not manmade. What if the relocation of the consciousness and energy was not always planned to be centered on the Tacoma area? For me to validate or refute this supposition/question, I needed to dig a little further…

As can be seen on the 777_Living-Knowledge page, the two Washingtons are energetically linked, which affects the entire country. In light of our final ceremony, no pun intended, and its revelations the above excerpt takes on a new importance. If as we now suspect, our trips to the ancient sites of Mexico, South America, and France energetically prepared my energy field to access The Mysteries, by linking me to the network of Knowledge, then we can see how KTI could be used to disseminate this knowledge that deep down we All know.

Notwithstanding the ancients understanding that the knowledge centers, where The Mysteries were taught were linked through energy fields of the Earth, how does that help Humanity today? Interestingly, it helps in the same way it always has, through inspiration. For thousands of years people have subconsciously been inspired to help themselves, often without their awareness. One important way was in the way we built places of worship. As we have related the Gothic cathedrals are living repositories of The Mysteries, (see the next iteration of Stage 4 Knowledge.)

However, it wasn’t just the architecture and ornamentation in the Gothic churches that inspired human beings. A key component was the addition of Sound resonating through their structures. Obviously, this involves the sound of the human voice but more importantly it concerns the use of church bells. If we consider how the sound of church bells affects us emotionally, we may see that the bells have more than one purpose.

Sound is an important component of religion in general, not just Christianity. As stated, Buddhist monks energetically held the East in balance for centuries through their chanting, however, we’ve come to realize that it wasn’t just the East, their influence covered the whole world. Another feature of Eastern religions, including Buddhism is the use of a single large bell. In regard to Buddhism, the bell is called a Bonshō bell.

Today, bells are associated to Peace, two examples being the World Peace Bell in Newport Kentucky, and the Japanese Peace Bell outside the United Nations headquarters in New York City, along with many more scattered throughout the world. This brings in the powerful force of Intent. Whether we realize it or not, consenting to such powerful symbols in our vicinity (USA), allows the consciousness of Peace to permeate our personal energy fields.

Situating bells throughout the Earth is an effective way to affect and connect Humanity. When we correlate them with the energy centers of the Earth, we can see why the title of this article states that the Divine Plan is “employing” Humanity to Create a New World. KTI is merely a point on the Earth where the participants are guided to use crystals, Sacred geometry, and various ceremonies to employ these ancient energies. In our final ceremony, we were guided to use Sound and crystals within the vortex connecting to the Divine Plane to facilitate the correction of the “Watcher’s mistake.”, by removing the counterfeit-spirit or pain-body, as well as using the energetic altar to infuse the world in a positive way. So let’s review some of those ways. As we said, in essence we could summarize our “altar’s” crystals’ primary effect as:

bringing balance, clarity, peace, and harmony. All of these attributes facilitate the connection to the Higher Self, allowing for our true destiny to surface. If we then add the attributes of Lapis Lazuli, Auralite 23, and Chevron Amethyst we can see that this 2021 “altar” is tapping into universal energies, because apart from bringing clarity, peace, and harmony, they create a bridge between the material and divine worlds…

For us, the real importance of the energetic altar were the crystals’ properties, but first I would like to share an extremely serendipitous “coincidence” while I was finalizing this article. Throughout history Sound has been used to affect the world, which made us contemplate our final ceremony. With this fact on our minds, we watched an episode of CW11’s Kung Fu. The plot of the show centers around a mysterious girl, whose heritage involves mystical knowledge. Naturally, there is a villain opposing her, bent on using the knowledge to gain power. In this particular episode, the villain has replicated an ancient Bonshō bell, with intricate markings. We then learn that used with particular cinnabar crystals, this bell was responsible for the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, which leveled the city. In preparing their dastardly plot, he and his daughter watch a grainy film that reveals that along with the bell and crystals, the ritual requires a specific tune to be played, while a member of a mystical bloodline strikes the bell.

First, as cinnabar is a source for mercury and is considered a beneficial crystal, we think we can dismiss the bell and cinnabar crystals as causing destruction. What struck us was the mention of a specific individual using sound with crystals to affect a large area. It seemed to us that the screenwriters had been inspired by the same consciousness that we and the five other individuals, who took part in the December 21st ceremony in 2021 were. With the connection of the two Washingtons, along with Geodesy, and Tortion Fields, we see the episode of Kung Fu, as indicative of our theory that the knowledge of The Mysteries is available to anyone to tap into. Even more important, was the reference to crystals and sound, only we think the ceremony tapped into the crystals properties, which lest we forget includes:

  • Lapis Lazuli which “assists in gaining admission to the domain of the unknown mysteries of the sacred texts and both the esoteric ideas ~ enhancing the wisdom to understand the information, and allowing access to esoteric planetary knowledge.

  • Chevron Amethyst that enhances “vision into unknown realms both within the self and into the exterior worlds.” - “Emanates a concentrated energy affecting a large area.” Allowing for the “release and dissipation of negativity.” Brings “strength and the loving essence to continue in any and all pursuits.” Stimulates the understanding the doctrine of universal love, encouraging its realization and “bringing forth a perceptible manifestation.” For us the most relative trait that Chevron Amethyst possesses is it helps “in the application of the central unity of all religions, all men/women -all of existence.”

  • Malachite, a “stone of transformation”, assisting in “changing situations, and providing for the transfer of sacred information leading to spiritual evolution.”

  • And last but certainly not least, Rose quartz, which “Stimulates the true life force - LOVE.”

Again, addressing why we saw no “outward” change immediately, as we said “change does not happen overnight, as it takes time for our spirits to take the reins, as it were. Nonetheless, we believe that as the crystal kingdom is now integrated into our lives, the crystals of our “energetic altar” acting as amplifiers of the spiritual energies, are tapping into every sacred site, temple, pyramid, and Earth Star.”

Now that clarity and Truth is being infused into the mass consciousness, the human spirit within is being strengthened to overcome fear of change in order to integrate the lower ego. This will make the human will in line with Divine Will, bringing paradise to the Earth for everyone.