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To ascertain the individual codes, as we said all seven disciplines need to be utilized. First though in interpreting the personal codes we would determine whether the Moon, (emotions) High Priestess, the Chariot or Mercury, (intellect) the Magician, the Lovers are prevalent in the codes. For example, an abundance of Mercury, without the Empress (creative imagination), the Emperor (reason) or the Hierophant (intuition) could indicate that the subject may be too much in his or her mind, over intellectualizing things. This could manifest in the individual denying anything that cannot be experienced through the five senses. A prevalence of the Moon, without the Empress (creative imagination), the Emperor (reason) or the Hierophant (intuition) could indicate that the individual is blinded by their emotions. In extreme cases the individual could become immersed in the victim mentality, seeing everything only from an emotional perspective.


High Priestess     Chariot     Magician     Lovers
Empress     Emperor     Hierophant

Whether there is too much intellect or too much emotion we would look to the Growth number and maturity number for those over forty and the challenge number for those under forty. Additionally, the secret chart and prenatal solar and lunar eclipses may also shine a light on the situation.

An abundance of the master numbers 11 and or 22 in the codes is no guarantee that the individual will follow a spiritual path. Both of the master numbers are potentials and although the 22 means actualizing of Divine energy, without other connections; such as, creative imagination, through The Empress, intuition, through The Hierophant or accessing your Spirit through the Hermit, these energies may never be accessed. That is why the secret elements are so vital. As we have repeatedly said, the codes are to assist you in discovering your spiritual destiny.

Empress     Hierophant     Hermit

As mentioned earlier, on the individual level, your codes will be dominated by seven disciplines., these will be known as your key codes. Sometimes, these will coincide with the previously mentioned chief keys and sometimes they wont. Recalling that the seven key codes are number, planet, trump/card, color, stone, note and symbol. The numbers of your core elements determines the first three, the number, planet and trump/card.

The remaining four keys are derived through the trumps/cards in your codes. To determine your key color, we will examine the color that appears the most in your codes. For instance, the color red appearing the most could mean that reason is out of balance. On the face of it an over abundance of reason would seem to be a good thing. However, another meaning of reason is logic and when out of balance can lead to being judgmental and in extreme cases dissolve into fanaticism.

Spiritual evolution is finding a balance in all things. Gautama Buddha taught the middle way and Jesus said that the way was the narrow gate. When we consider that Justice is at the center of the Tarot tableau and the sun-sign assigned to this trump/card is Libra, we can see the meaning of the teaching. Libras symbol is the scales of Justice. To see the hidden meaning instead of a narrow or difficult path, the way to spiritual evolution of the consciousness should be seen as a balance beam. Only by balancing all elements are you able to walk along the beam. Today, millions of good people pray for someone from outside themselves to come and change the world. Unfortunately, this only supports the status quo. In order to change the world we have to change the way we think. That is what the codes are for, to help those individuals who wish to take up their own cross and move mountains, so to speak and change the world.
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