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The HIDDEN CODES 4 THE 777,000 are predicated on I.D.E.A. Foundation Associate Daphna Moore’s The Rabbi’s Tarot, (completely encapsulated in the new book to your right) and we highly recommend reading it to help you understand your codes. However, Ancient Teachings on the EGO: in Daphna Moore' RABBI'S TAROT is so much more. It was her inspired writing, which facilitated uncovering the esoteric clues to Spiritual Evolution: From the Fool to The Hermit, which is included in Ancient Wisdom for now (below)

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-Daphna Moore-

-The Rabbi's Tarot-


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Daphna Moore





  • Green = Balance &
  • Yellow = Divine Will
  • Orange = Christ &
  • Red = Reason &
    Active Energy


  • Planet - Venus
  • Color - Green
  • Number - 11
  • Card - Justice
  • Symbol - Ox-Goad
  • Stone - Jade
  • Note - E-Natural


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We feel that Daphna has given Humanity a precious gift in that her book contains the Ancient teachings of how to spiritually transform and change the world. In order for this information to be brought to light, Daphna had to get out of her way and allow herself to be guided. This is epitomized in the story of how The Rabbi’s Tarot came into print. Evidently, a rabbi gave it to ex-Jesuit priest who studied it for 40 years, before anonymously giving it to Daphna. Anyway, she is the best person to explain the process, and so she graciously gives a brief synopsis of how the material came to be in her hands below. In addition Daphna shares her understanding of our journey through life.

I knew at a very early age I was more than just my body. It was one summer day, as I was resting underneath a large oak tree in my backyard, when I experienced my first out-of- body experience. I was not yet five years old. I was flying above the cherry trees in the backyard and saw my body resting underneath the tree. I felt freedom although I didn’t use that word at the time but I felt like I was a bird. Many years later in my continuing search for this freedom led me on many paths seeking the ultimate questions, Who am I and what is the meaning of life and death? ”

After studying spiritualism, astrology, numerology, tarot, and belonging to many self-help groups, I was given a treatise, by someone who wished to remain anonymous, with the agreement I would study it and add to it my understanding of life and its meaning; or I would publish its completion and make it available for the world. The Rabbi’s Tarot is the tool that freed me from all my past belief systems. I came to understand through studying this material that by discovering the beliefs we hold, we find the beliefs that hold us. It is only after this discovery that we are free to hold beliefs. Few are able to tame the beast of belief within and be his master, but with The Rabbi’s Tarot and its secret teachings, you can become masterful. Each day I arise saying, I am grateful for life and this moment.”

Our suffering and pain is nothing more than the shadow of our life un-lived. Pain, suffering, and all the sorrow we experience is nothing more than a process through which we’ve chosen, unconsciously, in order to discover our own hidden buried treasure that lays waiting deep within our consciousness. These treasures are like unborn children waiting for the birthing process to take place. It is very important for us to trace our footsteps through the misty seas of our mind…for therein lies the key that unlocks the mysteries for us. THE RABBI'S TAROT is the key that unlocks the mysteries. After studying this material in all its beauty and wonder I wrote the following words upon completion of publishing the book:

Floating on the wings of angels, resting by the water’s edge is the song of my heart.      -Daphna Moore-


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