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STAGE — WISDOM — Epilogue


This treatise contained in America’s Hijacked DESTINY — Volume I & II, has shown how a force, the “Shadow of Deception” worked against our Spiritual Evolution while another, the “Light of Truth” endeavored to help us. With the presence of the false or human ego and counterfeit-spirit/pain-body, for much of history the “Shadow” had the upper hand. However, as I reported that all changed with “his” neutralization on September 22, 2010. Even so, the world has experienced the sense that everything has changed before, and we were all disappointed when everything went back to business as usual.
Personally speaking, in coming to America in 1994 with the knowledge that The Universal Christ was back in the world, helping us to spiritually evolve, world events were perplexing to say the least. Apart from the genocides mentioned above, the level of fear was increasing daily. At the time, neither Craig nor I understood the importance of respecting the sanctity of freewill. Still that might sound trite, so let me share how Great Spirit-Mind explained it to me. Until we collectively chose to change, the “Light” could only watch and wait. Needless to say, this was a distinct advantage for the “Shadow”, as “he” continued putting his agenda for an oligarchy in place. In the meantime, the “Shadow” gained strength through heinous acts still being carried out by unaware human beings. Consequently, in spite of the phenomenal shift that occurred from 2008 until September 22, 2010, the “Shadow” was able to continue cementing “his” scheme to stop America fulfilling its destiny.

The higher waves of the mind, the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th waves.

The higher waves of the mind, the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th waves.
Note that the frequency of the waves increases twentyfold with every higher wave.

Following the neutralization of the “Shadow” in September of 2010, our focus turned to the 11-11-11 global event for Peace held on November 11, 2011. A few weeks earlier on October 26, 2011, the official Mayan Long Count, AKA the 6th Wave came to an end. Even more importantly, six months prior to its end (March 9, 2011) the final and most powerful (spiritually speaking) of the Nine Waves of Creation was activated (see diagram above).


As with all the other Waves, the influence of the Ninth Wave was felt in its Pre-wave much earlier. I was not really surprised to discover that this most powerful Wave’s Pre-wave, representing according to Carl, Equality and Enlightened Unity Consciousness, began July 18, 2010, as it explains why the “Light” chose September 22nd, 2010 to neutralize the “Shadow.” The Ninth Wave is the most powerful of the Nine Waves because it is not only Universal, it cycles through its Days and Nights every 18 days. The diagram above, apart from revealing that the Ninth Wave’s cycles are much faster than all previous waves, shows that the frequencies of the four highest waves continued after the shift of 2011.

Despite the apparent significant difference between the cycles of the Ninth Wave and the closest to it, the 8th Wave, my husband Craig cautioned me to remember that in relative terms this Wave (9th) is not that high in frequency (36-day cycle). For instance, electric power to our homes cycles at 60 times per second. Even so, the Mayan Ninth Wave was different than any Wave before it, simply because it is the driving influence today, regardless of the Long Count/6th Wave ending in 2011.

Dr. Carl Calleman, as an evolutionary biologist and Mayan expert is perhaps one of the best people to explain consciousness evolution from the Mayan perspective. As stated, Craig and I are fortunate to call this remarkable man a friend and have discussed his discoveries extensively on many occasions. Dr. Calleman wrote several articles on the web discussing the reason for the rancor during the recent election from the Mayan perspective, both prior and after the outcome. Although I quoted a few excerpts earlier, as his words relate the system the best, I am pleased to say that he graciously granted me permission to use quotes from his articles in this treatise.

Due to space, unfortunately I cannot reprint the complete articles. Consequently, even though the articles were politically motivated, I have avoided political commentary. Instead I have focused on his comments concerning consciousness and evolution. That said, it is remarkable to compare Carl’s remarks before the election to actual events: (You can read the full articles on his site, www.calleman.com)

“The prophetic Mayan calendar system describes Nine Waves of Creation, which with increasing frequencies have been consecutively activated since the beginning of time (what now goes by the name of the Big Bang). The fact that the evolution of the universe now proceeds on nine different levels is however the reason that the calendar system may sometimes be difficult to understand at a casual glance. The waves are, if you will, creating several different parallel timelines. Hence, the waves are interacting to create interference patterns that sometimes create converging and sometimes conflicting effects. Regardless, it has been through these waves that all life in the universe is created as was recognized by the many ancient civilizations that saw serpents (that is to say Waves) as the creator gods of the universe. As we modern people can also verify through the detailed knowledge that is available to us, this calendar system very precisely describes evolution in all of its aspects…

“The purpose of this creation is for humanity to climb to the ninth level of evolution. In early 2011 the Ninth Wave, which is the wave with the highest frequency, was activated and for the first time in human history this by itself has created the possibility for people to create a permanent peace that includes the whole planet. However, despite its inherent appeal, the power of this wave in the present world is still quite limited and only influences a minor group of people that are starting to perceive reality from a state of oneness. The Ninth Wave has been active only a very short period of time and only over time will it come to shape the destiny of humanity if we set our intent on this. Lower waves such as the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Waves are playing more prominent roles at the present time…

“…Since the Sixth Wave has been the dominating factor driving civilization for the past 5000 years, this still plays a very significant role for gender relationships. Already the Seventh Wave, activated in 1755 CE …commenced a process of liberation of women as well as of slaves. In fact, before this Wave was activated there were no major movements advocating the liberation of women or of slaves and democracy was almost non-existent. This is because the nature of human relationships is fundamentally conditioned by the creation waves that people are in resonance with. Before the duality of the Sixth Wave could be transcended by the Seventh Wave mind human societies were organized into separate groups between which there existed no bridges. This exemplifies that unbeknownst to most people, how humans act in the political arena is fundamentally conditioned by shifts in the polarity of the global mind that we are all in resonance with. Our minds, in other words are not created by our brains, but rather downloaded from a global, and ultimately cosmic, mind that we are in resonance with through the creation waves. The shifts in these waves are outside of human control as they emanate from the center of the universe and build up a cosmic plan for the evolution of consciousness and so create a destiny for us as a species.

“Thus… inequalities and injustices in human societies are created by the mind sets and polarities that people are dominated by under the influence of different waves. Only after a balanced mind could be downloaded in 1755, would monarchies start to lose their powers through the American and French revolutions, in the latter case through the Women’s March on Versailles. Only after the shift in perception that the polarity of the Seventh Wave brought about, would the ending of the slave trade start to be discussed, which eventually led to the liberation of slaves. None of this was possible in the preceding time when people were dominated by the dualist mind created by the Sixth Wave. It is however important to see that outside of the ancient Mayan calendar people have essentially been unaware of the fact that they are dominated by such polarities of the mind. They have not directly experienced the gradual mental shifts that are produced by the activation of new waves. Even though they have noticed the marked change taking place around them at such shift points, humans have overall just believed that they are in total command of their fates and so denied that they have been under a commanding influence of creation waves that in fact have been playing the decisive role for molding human civilization.

Fig 4.2

“In our own time, a process towards equality has however been even more marked as the Eighth Wave, activated in 1999, has brought the possibility for humans to create resonance with this Wave that brings a mind that has an opposite polarity to that which created the patriarchy (compare the 6th and 8th Waves in Fig 2). The light is in other words now favoring the right brain half, which tends to cancel out the dominance of the Sixth Wave and so favors women…

Fig 2. The polarities of the mind carried by different Waves of Creation.

“I also want to emphasize that the collective of nine waves on the horizon does create a destiny for humanity to manifest a Golden Age through developing resonance with the Ninth and highest Wave. It is then important to realize that the climb to resonance with the Ninth Wave has to be made stepwise. We in other words cannot go directly from the patriarchal Sixth Wave mind to the Ninth Wave and a Golden Age but first have to take the step to establish the balance of the Eighth Wave. …if we do not have a deeply felt intent on creating equality, how could we ever be able to do anything about the oligarchs that currently profit the most from the military-industrial –security and banking systems…

“I hope that it is clear from Fig 2, that what I am advocating is an inner revolution. It is about what kind of mind we want to express in the world. Yet, this inner revolution also needs to be expressed in egalitarian relationships in the outer world– otherwise the spiritual level we may have attained means nothing to the world that we are meant to co-create. Thus, in order to attain the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave we have to first climb to the Eighth Wave and create the balance between the genders at a more or less global scale that this wave potentially carries. This willingness to create balance between the genders is thus a critical factor for humanity to manifest its collective destiny and we are still quite far from there…”

Due to finding that the Nine Mayan Waves correlates with the Globes and Root-races in respect to evolution, I found the above article illuminating. It was also interesting to read that the 7th Wave began in 1755, as this is just after Section Six’s “upstepping”, which brought in sub-race 6 of Root-race 6 and sub-race three of Root-race 7. The emergence of the third sub-race signals the firm establishment of Root-race 7’s consciousness, because although there are vestiges of Root-race 5 still in the human consciousness, it is weakened with every subsequent “upstepping.” This was encouraging for the establishment of America in 1776.

Diagram of how Root-races 5, 6, and 7 would have merged into one another on Globe C

As stated, only the last 4 sub-races of Root-race 5 transferred to Globe D. Irrespective of this, as each subsequent sub-race absorbs the previous one’s consciousness, in a manner of speaking all the sub-races eventually unite in the final sub-race of the final Root-race on Globe D. To assist in clarifying this, I asked Craig to create the graphic above for Root-races 5, 6, & 7, as if they had continued from Globe C. As is shown in the above graphic, the 7th sub-race of Root-race 5 was absorbed by the 1st sub-race of Root-race 7. For comparison, I include the graphic Craig created for Volume I – Part 2 GLOBE D, to convey the Root-races division in the separation in Globe D below.

Globe D Seperation

As I said, after the election Dr. Calleman offered another perspective on the results. Again, he is interpreting everything from the Mayan Nine Waves of Creation, which provide an interesting perspective to compare with his previous article:

“…To understand the background to the recent election results we have to look at the waves that unbeknownst to many are driving the evolution of our world. There are nine different such waves that through their vibrations create this universe, but it is the Sixth of them, which by the Maya was called the Long Count, which is crucial for the rise and fall of civilizations…

“…It goes back to the first landing of the pilgrims in Massachusetts and leads up to the last 70 years when the dominating role of Great Britain has been taken over by its former colony, the United States. At least at the level of the Sixth Wave, civilization, and especially Western civilization, is thus now, as of October 2011, entering a dark age, when people who are unaware of this may easily depart from rationality and become victims of superstitions or conspiracy thinking to fill in the gaps of processes they cannot fathom. As another consequence, the international role of the United States has declined during the presidencies of Bush and Obama because in the new night the global context has moved away from Western Hegemony...

“Not only presidents, but also the minds of people in general are no longer the same as they were before the shift in 2011 and you may with some right say that people are losing their minds or at least have lost some of their resonance with the global mind. The reason the Sixth Wave can have such an effect on a collective scale, and in several Western countries simultaneously …is that our minds are not created by our brains, but regardless of where you are on the planet they are downloaded by our brains from different creation waves. If you like you can look upon it as if your mind (downloaded from the creation waves) is the software and your brain is the hardware from which your thinking is created. If the global mind is deactivated (as happened when the Sixth Wave turned into a night) you may say that the human individuals in resonance with this wave went out of the global mind or actually to some extent lost it. Naturally, this would also as a consequence have that they would no longer identify with the civilization that had been created through the global mind during the preceding day (such as the British/US global civilization... In the new night, they would start to feel alienated from this as if they had “lost” it, but at the same time they would long back to what they had known all their lives...

“…The shift from a day to a night also influences all Western nations, but especially the UK (which manifested at the Brexit vote in June of 2016) and the United States as it played out in the US elections… This is because the global mind influences all nations and individuals on this planet. Typical of the new dark age is that people vote nationalist even if it is against their own best interests or against the best interests of their countries, as the mental structures, and the kind of thinking that these nations were built on, are being weakened in the new night. Their connections to the global mind are being deactivated and it is against this background that the current nationalism must be seen.

“…The weakening of the United States and other Western nations is not caused by China, Mexico, the Muslim nations, Jews or people advocating global collaboration for instance to counter climate change. It instead, as I elaborate extensively on in my forthcoming book The Nine Waves of Creation (Inner Traditions, November 24, 2016) comes from a shift in the global mind that is driving all evolution, and especially that of civilizations. Because of this shift in the global mind, that indeed currently does threaten the political systems of many nation-states, people feel that they are out of control and as a result of the uncertainty racism, sexism and supremacist thinking is being reactivated. This obviously becomes very unsettling for all of society and at the current time especially for the United States. It should then be clear that even if there certainly today exist social groups that have reason to complain about their economic situation, this is not really the cause of the populism and nationalism that is now rising. The cause is on the level of consciousness and as a consequence a significant aspect of creating balance in ourselves and the world is to become aware of this shift and how it affects us. Thus, the evolution of humanity is not predetermined – people for instance have a choice as to who they vote for based on the future they intend to create. Yet, to the extent that people are unaware of the waves that influence them, and how the larger picture of evolution directs the path forward, this may lead them into the hands of nationalist demagogues and hence a dead-end street that is the very opposite of the path forward they were hoping for.

“The shift in the Sixth Wave, which is a long-term change, is however not the only one that affects us, since to different degrees people are also in resonance with the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Waves… which each has a higher frequency than the one below it. It would be to go too far in this article to discuss the effects of all of these waves, but it is very important to know that these waves bring different polarities to the human mind and thus have profoundly different effects on social relations. We humans in other words tend to project onto the external reality the polarities we are in resonance with. We can then see that the Sixth Wave creates a duality and when this is projected onto others we may go into supremacist attitudes. The Ninth Wave on the top, which was activated as recently as March of 2011, however leads us to project unity and light onto the world and so leads us to create societies based on mutual respect and equality. This is the wave of the future, which because of its high frequency over time will come to dominate human relationships, but since it was activated so recently only a relatively small minority of humanity is in conscious resonance with it. Also, the Ninth Wave is a wave movement and alternates between days and nights, where the days support us in moving forward towards unity, while the nights again take us back to process whatever is unprocessed from the past.

“The Ninth Wave is a high frequency wave, which will alternate between peaks and valleys every 18 days and I do think this explains something of what happened in the recent US election. …It was almost as if something had happened at the last moment. From the perspective of the Nine Waves of Creation such a sudden change was however not very surprising, and I had long in advance noticed that the Ninth Wave was going to go into a night only one day before the election and that this would disfavor Hillary Clinton, who of the two was much more of a unity candidate… For those that are unaware of this wave such a shift is highly likely to result in negativity and loss of hope and this time the election happened to coincide exactly with such a shift…”

When Craig and I listened to Donald Trump’s inaugural speech we were very hopeful, as he seemed different, a lot more conciliatory and less combative. Still, considering his comments (tweets) and decisions since then, the two versions of our new president appear like night and day in comparison. So, what happened? Is President Trump such an accomplished actor that he could fool us on inauguration day? Thinking about it I realized how the gravity of what the man was about to become, namely the leader of the free world, affected him. With all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the event, it would have humbled most people and I have to wonder if Donald Trump was not equally affected.

Remembering what I wrote regarding Pride, we can see President Trump’s actions in Ian Kershaw, Peter Beinart, and David Owen’s definition of how pride can explain “the actions of contemporary heads of government.” To recap their definition of the presence of pride is “to describe how certain leaders, when put to positions of immense power, seem to become irrationally self-confident in their own abilities, increasingly reluctant to listen to the advice of others and progressively more impulsive in their actions.” In discussing this with Craig, we realized that the learned gentlemen’s interpretation is probably the source for the warning that “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Spiritually speaking. we could interpret this as when a person becomes too powerful, they are in danger of being taken over by their counterfeit-spirit/pain-body. However, just like a deadly virus may sabotage its existence through killing its victim before he or she can infect others, people influenced entirely by their false self will also implode. We see multiple examples throughout history of when a leader believes his own press, so to speak, they act irrationally and are brought down. For instance, it is David Miscavige’s irrational violent behavior that has caused his most loyal and trusted followers to leave the Church of Scientology.

Despite President Trump’s actions indicating that he too has been taken over by his counterfeit-spirit completely since the election, Craig and I are still hopeful. I mentioned how I felt that his inauguration may have humbled him, if so, and his speech certainly indicated this, then his counterfeit-spirit would have been suppressed as it cannot function in the presence of humility. Irrespective of his recent decisions and behavior, Donald Trump as a Baby Boomer was born to help transform the world and as such can also be affected by the “Light.” Although at present, he appears to be implementing the “Shadow’s” agenda, he is operating from his false self or human ego and counterfeit-spirit. Considering his inaugural speech, our president is capable of humility. Now that the “Shadow” is no longer around to influence him, it can only take a moment for his true spirit to break through, we just need to believe it is possible.

With Carl’s amazing accurate predictions concerning the recent election and its backlash, not to mention how the 6th, 7th, and 8th Waves seemed to presage historical events, one might be forgiven for designating the Mayan system as predicting a fixed future. However, as this treatise has demonstrated, nothing is predestined due to free-will, both the “Shadow”, and the “Light” merely adapted their agenda/objective to people’s choices. The true brilliance of Carl’s work is his ability to interpret the different Waves influence. I understand from this gifted investigator that these Nine Waves of Creation are the mechanics that the source of existence uses to affect Consciousness Evolution.
When we first learned of Carl’s work, through his inspired book The Purposeful Universe, although he brought in the Tree of Life, we thought of his work as separate from ours. Our reasoning was primarily because, due to his scientific background we felt his approach would be empirical. Indeed, it was, yet after meeting and discussing our ideas with him, we quickly realized that our work was wholly compatible. This opinion was enhanced when I had the chance to work with Carl on his book The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization, where I learned of the great change that occurred with the activation of the 6th Wave/Long Count. I will never forget when he pointed out that the Great Pyramid at Giza is eight-sided, not four.
Reviewing his manuscript several times, the value of his work to my treatise became eminently apparent, especially regarding Evolution’s connection to the Tree of Life, which he calls the “Cosmic Tree of Life”. Scanning his latest book, The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution, and the Destiny of Humanity 1, I was led to a chapter where Carl relates the importance of the Tree of Life for ancient civilizations. Citing the Egyptians in Heliopolis, he writes:

“According to them, the tree represented the world pillar, or axis mundi, around which the heavens appeared to revolve— Moreover, the earlier mentioned Ennead (nine gods) were said to have emerged from the Tree of Life. What may be the most important element to this Egyptian construction of the universe, in our present context, is that the Tree of Life was seen as holding the knowledge of the divine plan. This amounted to a map of destiny, which has existed since the world was created.” 2

The excerpt above from Carl’s latest book was so close to a summation of this treatise that it seemed portentous—I was not disappointed. At first, I wondered at connecting the Ennead (nine gods) to the ten Sephirot of the Tree of Life. Even so, Kether or the Crown like the Fool of the Tarot Tableau, oversees/rules the lower nine Sephirot, so in a manner of speaking, describing this “Tree” as the mechanism for consciousness evolution that the Nine Waves of Creation emanate, makes sense. Carl explains the role of the “Tree” in evolution so succinctly in his new bookthat I will let his words speak for themselves:

“…the Cosmic Tree of Life is not a “thing” made of matter. Rather it is the geometric source of the space-time through which the matter of the universe is organized. The Tree of Life is a name for a particular form of pure geometry, which underlies the structure of the universe. When this geometry was activated at the birth of the universe, its structure, and the effect of this on the energy released in the Big Bang, provided the basis for the evolution of life. You may then say that the Divine manifests itself as pure geometry, created through the effects this has on energy. The geometry of the Tree of Life is the chief space-time organizer of the universe, and it was through its activation and initial vibration that evolution of the universe was set in motion. From this Cosmic Tree of Life… waves are constantly emitted that give rise to vibrational holograms that shape the physical and mental aspects of life all over the universe.
“…the Cosmic Tree of Life is reproduced at several lower levels… Each level has a ‘tree’ –a coordinate system made from pure geometry… these ‘trees’ are entangled with the Cosmic Tree of Life according to a model where parts are subordinate to wholes. The creation of the universe thus depends on the coordination and synchronization of the geometries of the Tree of Life on several different levels. Understanding the evolution of life in the universe thus requires what may be called a fractal-holographic model, according to which its different levels are connected in such a way that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm…” 3

Carl’s reference to more than one tree resonated with my understanding, bringing our conclusions that much closer. His connection of Creation with the downloading of a holographic model that gets progressively more complicated with each wave, literally sent a shiver of delight down my spine. This insightful book continues from the section above with:

“The model is called fractal-holographic, as the universe is not just one big hologram but instead is composed of a nested hierarchy of holograms, which also at lower levels have Trees of Life at their centers. It is the existence of Trees of Life at several different levels that makes the universe fractal and holographic in the first place. Each of these levels has certain autonomy as the boundaries of the different systems are defined by the pure geometries of trees at different levels.
“The fractal-holographic model means that what goes on at our own human (or organismic) level is profoundly conditioned by the systems, such as the galaxy and the solar system that are senior to our own system (our bodies), and, as we shall see, the creation waves affect the different levels in synchrony. Similarly, what happens at the cellular or atomic micro levels is determined by the context created by our own human level… The model explains how changes taking place in different sub holograms are synchronized with the whole to produce the coherent universe that we experience. Thus, the universe has not come into existence as a random amassment of atoms; it is created in a reductionist way from below to above. The systems of life at all levels are integrated in a whole, and the organizing principles of the universe act from above to below based on creation waves emanating from the Cosmic Tree of Life, which ensures that its coherence is always maintained. ” 4

I reported in Volume I my vision of Evolution through multiple trees throughout the Tree of Life. Initially, tying this vision and the concept of multiple Globes and Root-races to the Nine Waves of Creation, seemed insurmountable. The light went on (pun intended) for me, when I realized that Dr. Calleman saw Evolution the same way that Craig and I did, my vision was just another aspect of it. At this point, all the pieces fell into place, my vision was just another way of describing that the way we see time in the West is wholly inadequate.
That said, recent scientific discoveries as in the age of the universe estimated to be nearly 14 billion years old and our sun and solar system a mere 4 and a half billion years young, seemed pertinent. Consequently, as this appeared to contradict Madame Blavatsky’s conclusions on time, I knew I needed to revisit this aspect of her theory. For instance, she says a Day of Brahma, which she equates to a Planetary Chain, is only 4.32 billion years long. This does not make sense, since we are only half way through the 4th Globe Round of 7 Rounds, in the Earth Planetary Chain.

An excerpt in the entry for Manvantara relates:

In the Theosophical literature there are different manvantaras according to the cycle of evolution in course, whether it is that of a solar system or of a Planetary Chain. The term maha-manvantara refers to the evolution of the whole universe, through the ‘Great Age’, which lasts for a maha-kalpa... When the pralaya of a solar system comes it affects that solar system only. A solar pralaya = 7 minor pralayas… our little string of globes, whether man-bearing or not. To such a string our Earth belongs.
Another excerpt has:

  • In general, Mme. Blavatsky used the chronology found in Hindu scriptures, which she claims, "dovetail pretty nearly with those of the Secret works". They are described in The Secret Doctrine as follows:
  • One Day of Brahmâ, a Kalpa (1,000 Maha-Yugas): 4,320,000,000 years
  • One Year of Brahmâ (360 of such days and nights): 3,110,400,000,000 years
  • One Age of Brahmâ, a Mahâ-Kalpa (100 such years): 311,040,000,000,000 years
  • All the different cycles take place within the "Great Age" or universal manvantara:
  • There were several "Great Ages" mentioned by the ancients. In India, it embraced the whole Maha-Manvantara, the "Age of Brahma," each "Day" of which represents the Life Cycle of a chain… Thus, while a "Day" and a "Night" represent, as Manvantara and Pralaya, 8,640,000,000 years, an "age" lasts through a period of 311,040,000,000,000; after which the Pralaya or dissolution of the universe becomes universal…
  • When correlated with the Theosophical cycles we have: The total period of the existence of our Planetary Chain (i.e., of the Seven Rounds) is 4,320,000,000.
  • Minor manvantara (of the fourth round) = 71 Maha-yugas = 308,571,414 years = The reign of one Manu.
  • Planetary manvantara = Seven Rounds = One Day of Brahmâ = Kalpa = 14 (minor) manvantaras + a Satya Yuga, = 1,000 Maha-Yugas = 4,320,000,000 years.
  • The mention of 14 minor manvantaras to finish a Planetary Chain is explained by Mme. Blavatsky by pointing out that there are two "Manus" in each round: The Root Manu at its beginning, and the Seed Manu at its end. 5

The only way the Earth’s Planetary Chain could be completed in 4,320,000,000 is for a billion to equate to the original British billion, which today equates to a trillion. To explain, originally in Britain a million-million represented a billion, but since 1975 it has matched the American value for a billion of a thousand million. This would mean adding another 3 zeros to the number above, making it 4,320,000,000,000, which is 4 trillion, 320 billion. In view of Madame Blavatsky writing at the end of the 19th (1800s) century, it is highly probable that she did see a billion as being a million-million. Even so, it would still be hard to see the 7 Rounds of 7 Globes, or the Planetary Chain, (remembering our earth, which includes Globes, A, B, C, and D is already four and a half billion years old) being completed in 4 trillion, 320 billion years, but this is complicated and so I will come back to this.

Leaving the argument of the duration of a Planetary Chain for now, I wondered what the Hindus would have called the Mayan Nine Waves. Before working with Carl, like many people, I thought the Nine Waves would come to an end in 2011. Yet as his diagrams above denote, the Waves continue, but for how long, he does not say. One more thing, Dr. Calleman does not agree with the official time of the start of the universe, as he lists the 1st Wave starting with the Big Bang 16.4 billion years ago. Incorporating the treatise, this would coincide with Globe A in the present Fourth Earth Round. Coincidentally, in chapter 4 of his latest book, Carl has a sub-section called The Planetary Round of Light, which he interestingly ties to the shifts in polarities between the Western and Eastern hemispheres creating a resonance in people:

“The consequence of undergoing this Planetary Round of Light is…not only that human beings will develop different technologies but also that they become increasingly aware…
“The idea of a return to unity, prevalent in many religions and spiritual traditions seems to result from the same resonance. The global mind creates a common resonance among people from different parts of the world who then receive information filtered by the same hologram. From this they draw similar conclusions about the world and its destiny. The fact that our individual minds have been created through resonance with on and the same global hologram has, in fact, been a very powerful cohesive factor for social life on Earth. Without resonance with a common hologram, our minds would presumably have been so variable that we would not have been able to understand anybody else, and social structures might not have emerged on our planet.
“The common resonance with Earth has affected not only human ways of thinking but also the external worlds humans have created…” 6

Following that digression, as neither a period of nearly 4 and a half billion years, or 4 and a half trillion years fits the time-frame for the Earth’s Planetary Chain, I see the Nine Waves as representing a Globe Round. In other words, the Mayan Nine Waves of Creation equate to what I knew as the 4th Globe Round in the 7 Rounds of the Earth Planetary Chain. Therefore, Globe A and Globe B would encompass Waves 1, 2, and 3. Globe C would incorporate Waves 4, 5 and 6. With Wave 6’s influence crossing the gulf of the separation between Globe C and Globe D, or our world. Then as we know Wave 6, together with Waves 7, 8, and 9 would cover Globe D. Not having discussed this with Carl, I wondered at my conclusion, which to recap is: our earth is Globe (D) or the 4th Globe in the 4th Globe Round for Earth’s Planetary Chain.

As I related in Volume I, our earth (Globe D) is only a little over 2,000 years old. Scientists tell us the age of our universe is no more than 14 billion years, which includes the development of our Sun and Solar System, which is again, only 4 and a half billion years old. Therefore, as 4 and a half billion years includes only Globes A, B, C, and D of this (4th) Earth Round, then how long will it take to complete Globes E, F, and G?

Concentric Globes within each other

The diagram above right was created before we learned of the Nine Waves, as such, I realized that it is not even close to an accurate rendition of the system. For instance, each of the seven Globes are proportionate with one another in the diagram on the right. When in truth Globes A and B should fill the sphere down to at least level Globe E. In fact, the diagram on the left (as you look at it) is much more accurate. That is, if Globes A and B filled the first four rings and most of the fifth ring (upper right 5 arrows), leaving Globe C to cover the last two circles indicated by the tip (upper left arrow) to the next circle and Globes D, E, F, and G the inner circle (lower left arrow).

An important point that Craig pointed out I should mention, is that these Globes are subjective with respect to our reality, meaning that whichever stage in Spiritual Evolution we are in at any given time, the appropriate Globe will be our experience. One more thing before I move on, when I say the Globes are within each other, I am not referring to an actual globe within this earth, as some have proposed. Rather, like we cannot see infrared or ultra violet without the proper glasses, we cannot see any Globe other than the one we are experiencing. However, currently we are in transition and therefore both Globes are in our range of experience. As we raise our vibration through changing the way we think, we will gradually shift to Globe E, which we are already witnessing through the phenomena of feeling that time is speeding up.

As Globe D in effect has lasted for 2011 or 2012 years, depending on your point of view, then it stands to reason that Globe E will not last as long. In this way, we could expect Globe F to have a shorter duration than Globe E, and Globe G even less. I believe that using Carl’s knowledge of the Nine Waves can help us determine when the 4th Round of this Planetary Chain will be completed. We know that the last 3 Globes will be less than 2,000 years each because they are within each other and therefore progressively smaller, which means we are speaking of less than 6,000 years. Then I remembered that the Mayan Long Count/6th Wave was 5,125 years in duration and that its Pre-wave’s influence began 5,125 years before its actual Wave was activated in 3115 B.C.E.
Recalling that “God” or Great Spirit-Mind is “pure geometry”, which is why The Mysteries were carried through architecture, it would make sense that as the 6th Wave/Long Count had a Pre-wave before its official start, it should have an after-wave, as it were, of the same duration. In this way, the 4th Globe Round in the Earth Planetary Chain would be completed in 5,125 years from 2011 to 7136 C.E. Because there were three Globes and three Waves, I thought that all three waves might be involved, but upon checking the length of the 7th, 8th, and 9th Waves to represent the duration of the three Globes, which are 256 years, 12 years, and 7 months-17 days respectively, I realized my supposition would not work. Although the 7th Wave could be a candidate, especially if we include its Pre-wave, making it 512 years in duration, obviously, the last two Waves are too short. Even if we double the duration by including their Pre-waves, we still only have 24 years for the 8th Wave and 14 months and 34 days for the 9th. Therefore, the answer must lay with the 6th Wave/Long Count. As stated, Carl tells us the 6th Wave/Long Count shifts from Day to Night every 394 years, which means it has a cycle, or wavelength of 788 years. Accepting this is only a rough estimate, I would guess that Globe E would have a duration of 1,970 years and be completed around the year 3981 C.E. Then Globe F having a duration of 1,773 years would be ready to transfer to Globe G in the year 5754. Globe G running for 1,382 years would then complete the 4th Round in the year 7136. Although I cannot equate the Days and Nights of my hypothetical 6th Wave/Long Count’s After-Wave of 5,125 years exactly to the three Globes, they will roughly run thus:

6th Wave Long Count

Hypothetical After-Wave for the 6thWave/Long Count
Correlating with the final Globes of the Fourth Globe Round in the Earth Planetary Chain

Regarding the length of the Earth Planetary Chain, I am inclined to think that rather than a Day of Brahmâ, lasting only 4,320,000,000 years, or even 4,320,000,000,000 years, as symmetry has played such a huge part in The Mysteries, a Year of Brahmâ makes more sense. This is because a Year of Brahmâ represents 360 Days and Nights of Brahmâ alluding to a circle, or cycle, not to mention the Days and Nights of the Nine Waves. Therefore, I believe the Planetary Chain, whichis clearly a cycle, constitutes a Year of Brahmâ with the stipulation that 3,110,400,000,000 years is calculated with a billion years being a trillion years in duration. As math is not my forte, I would not even attempt to say what this colossal number would be.
Returning to our discussion on how the Nine Waves of Creation works with this treatise, Volume I reported that the “Watcher’s mistake” occurred during Root-race 3 around 40,000 B.C.E. in the 5th Wave. Before this event the Life-Principle had been evolving on schedule, developing consciousness at the human level. Interestingly, Carl tells us that the 5th Wave began 102,500 B.C.E. and Day 5 coincided with a change in the historical record around 40,000 B.C.E., when cave paintings began appearing. Coincidentally, he designates the 5th Wave as representing tribal communities and unity consciousness. From Carl’s dedicated work, I deduce it is during the final years of Night 4 in the 5th Wave that the “Watcher’s mistake” occurred, with the subsequent event of the separation of the feminine principle from the masculine principle, or the “Fall”, allegorically portrayed in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. As I wrote, this was when an advanced civilization, which I speculated might have been the “Lemurians”, attempted to clone a slave race.
According to Carl, as well as representing unity consciousness and equality, like the 9th Wave, the 5th Wave also had no dark filter. From this, we know the 5th Wave could not have caused the “Fall” or influenced it in any way. This important fact confirmed the Waves were/are neutral in respect to either the “Shadow’s” agenda or the “Light’s” objective. Considering that the “Light” chose a Night of the 6th Wave to initiate Great Spirit-Mind’s plan, made me rethink how the Orders of the Quest worked with the Waves regarding The Mysteries. If the Waves were neutral, then why enact their important moves during the inactive phase, or a Night of the 6th Wave/Long Count? In his new book, Carl describes the shift in polarity at the onset of the 6th Wave/Long Count as supporting the left brain and Western Hemisphere, which made sense to me. However, he also says that the ego did not emerge until 550 B.C.E. He explains:

“The ego did not exist in the Fifth Wave for the simple reason that there was then no dark field in the hologram creating an experience of individual as being separate from the Source …human individuality in any sense close to the modern did not emerge until the mid-point of the Sixth Wave (ca. 550 BCE), and it was only then that an ego emerged. Because the Ninth Wave shares the absence of a dark filter with the Fifth Wave…” 7

0 C.E. split


Root Race 5 split This treatise’s premise is that human beings did not develop a self-conscious until the emergence of Root-race 5 on Globe C in 3600 B.C.E, which was also when the false or human ego developed. So, on the face of it, Carl’s statement was a problem for me, yet I somehow felt that he was also correct, but how could that be? I solved my dilemma when I realized that it took time for the ego to develop. Obviously, some individuals developed an ego quicker than others, but as a race, Root-race 5 did not fully develop individuality and an ego until the last sub-races of Root-races 3 and 4 fully transformed into Root-race 5, due to the transfer and need for isolating Globe D, which is demonstrated perfectly, with Craig’s diagram above (reproduced in miniature right).


I had not even considered exactly when the ego developed until I read Carl’s statement that the ego developed in 550 B.C.E. However, when I went back to check Volume I, I found that I had put the date 500 B.C.E., just 50 years later (see diagram below) as defining when the remainder of the consciousnesses from Root-races 3 and 4 fully integrate into Root-race 5 and subsequently Root-race 6

3,4,5, overlapping Root-races

Returning to my questioning whether the Mayan Waves are neutral, I knew the answer lay in why the “Light” waited for the Night phase in the 6th Wave/Long Count to implement certain stages of Great Spirit-Mind’s plan. It was remembering Carl’s statement that “ALL the Waves” were completed in 2011, which answered my question. (I include the diagram below, because although the activation of “100,700 BC” for the 5th Wave differs from Carl’s new book date of “102, 500 BC”, it not only shows that all Nine Waves are running simultaneously, it provides the polarities of the holograms.)

Wave ativation Times

If ALL the Waves kept running once they were activated, it stands to reason when two Waves promoting a consciousness that was beneficial to the “Light’s” objective was active, the effect would be cumulative. Carl writes that:

“The holograms of the Fifth, Seventh, and Ninth Waves tend to create egalitarian societies, whereas those of the Sixth and Eighth Waves, where reality is perceived through a left-right polarity, tend to create unequal social realities. More broadly, all of human history can be understood from shifts between the different polarities of the holograms… the shifting polarities of the human mind determine history. Thus, the most fundamental shifts in the human mind take place as a result of the activation of new waves… in the course of the climb to higher waves, humanity has gone from a phase of unity in the Fifth Wave to separation created by the introduction of the dark filters of the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Waves, followed by a return to unity with the Ninth Wave.” 8

One would think that Spiritual Evolution benefits the most in an egalitarian society, but human beings tend to rise to the occasion most often in the face of injustice. I believe this is what the axiom “every cloud has a silver lining” is referring to. Throughout this treatise we have come across instances of Great Spirit-Mind’spropensity to be the consummate opportunist. Nonetheless, the objective for the “Light” was to reveal The Mysteries to Humanity through their “agents” the Orders of the Quest, so that we could correct the “Watcher’s mistake”, therefore, I wondered if the “members” used the Waves. As Carl’s diagram above shows, even though the 7th Wave promotes an egalitarian society, consciousness-wise it was the darkest in enlightenment. In fact, in an early article and diagram, which I reproduced earlier, Carl describes it as being “endarkened.”

Although I addressed this earlier, due to its relevance to this treatise, I will repeat my conclusions. To reiterate, as the 6th Wave/Long Count dominated the rise and development in civilization, when this Wave’s influence weakened during its Night phase, Life would be exposed to the energy of the previous Wave, the 5th. At the time the 5th Wave was in its Day 7 and under the auspices of the “dual creator god.” Clearly, this “god” promoting unity and equality helped the “Light’s” objective rather than the “Shadow’s” agenda.

Shadow and Light cycle

Working from the premise that as the 5th Wave would take precedence during a Night phase of the 6th Wave/Long Count, then when the 7th Wave was activated in 1755 this influence strengthened. Unfortunately, as we know the 6th Wave/Long Count entered its Day 7 in 1617, more than a century before the 7th Wave was activated, yet Carl informs us that the 7th Wave’s Pre-wave began in 1498. As the 6th Wave/Long Count entered its Night 6 in 1223 C.E., this meant for a little over 200 years the energy of equality was being promoted through both the 5th and 7th Waves. Is it a coincidence that these two centuries covered some of the most important actions and reigns for the “Light?” For example, Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, Bernini, Nostradamus, and the Rosicrucians carrying The Mysteries forward in symbols, colors, and Sacred Geometry, not to mention the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I, and Rudolph II, plus the Spread of Buddhism, to name but a very few.
Alas, as Carl relates, because the 7th Wave is the most unenlightened hologram, operating in this time was extremely dangerous, as in running afoul of the Inquisition. Nonetheless, I think the “Light” deemed it worth the risk since it was the energy of the 7th Wave that promoted not only equality and the end to slavery, but also beautiful works of art highlighting The Mysteries. Although Carl does not specifically say so, Barbara Hand Clow’s Foreword states that because she was born under the influence of the 7th Wave, she “…created beautiful things inspired by the Seventh Wave.” 9  
Realizing that everyone born before the activation of the 8th Wave in 1999 was born under the influence of the 7th Wave, explained so many things for me. For instance, in the contrast of the Baby Boomers, with some being drawn to multicolored tie-dyed flowing garments, while others were straight-laced conventionalists. The dichotomy of the horrific acts of violence opposed to promoting peace and harmony could easily result from the “endarkened” 7th Wave. Still, all of this is moot after 1979, when the Baby Boomers consciousness’ reset, back to the emergence of the 1st sub-race of Root-race 7, was completed.
It is thought-provoking to compare events in the “upsteppings” with the Days and Nights in the Mayan Waves. Despite times when events appear to reflect the Waves, such as in 1972 when Night 6 of the 7th Wave coincided with the general spiritual deterioration. I am forced to conclude that the “Shadow” often operated outside of these parameters, even though at times “he” would use the energy to enact “his” agenda, as in using the 8th Wave’s influence on women in recruiting women for I.S.I.L.
Regarding the 8th Wave, having determined that overall the 8th Wave was beneficial to Humanity’s growth, the jury was out for a long time on whether it benefitted the “Light’s” objective or the “Shadow’s” agenda. Apparently, Carl predicted that Night 5 of the 8th Wave would cause the recent recession, writing in his previous book that the date November 19, 2007, (the official onset of the recession) coincided with the start of the 8th Wave’s Night 5. 10 Throughout this treatise I have maintained that the “Light” did better during the inactive phase of the 6th Wave/Long Count, but what of the 8th Wave. As Carl connects both the 6th and 8th Waves together because they both represent inequality, it made me wonder about the 8th wave causing something as detrimental as a recession in its inactive or Night phase. There was a lot of ambiguity around the 8th Wave, whether it helped or hindered the “Light”, so obviously it was not as clear cut as the 6th Wave/Long Count.

Jan 5, 1999 to Oct 28, 2011, 7 day count

Carl tells us that the benefits of the 8th Wave concerns a shift from text or writings imparting knowledge, to the use of pictures and images to convey it. He writes, “With the interactive Internet and the widespread use of cameras in smart phones, products of the Eighth Wave, we are seeing a shift to information being widely provided in the form of images…” Consequently, Carl sees this as evidence of “the digital revolution” being the “product of the dualist human mind created by these shifts.” However, he points out that “The digital revolution has had many consequences, not only of a technological nature but also social and economic.” Reflecting his designation of the 8th Wave being “economic inequality”, Carl continues, “An aspect of this is the great threat that rising economic inequality poses, especially in the United States, but to some extent almost everywhere in the industrialized world.” 11

Irrespective of the Waves fluctuating between promoting the consciousness of equality, every Wave is neutral, meaning they never actively support either side, they simply emanate the universal and Divine directive from the Tree of Life, to propel Life to evolve. Even though the “Shadow” appears to have succeeded in “his” agenda of creating a world where the strong (rich and or powerful) control the masses, throughout history, the “Light” has been taking advantage of the Waves to set/create the right set of circumstances, to fulfil Great Spirit-Mind’s “plan” during the optimum time. That time is now, and Craig and I have no doubt that Carl is a fully paid up member, metaphorically speaking of course, of the Orders of the Quest, even if he is completely unaware. We know this, because Carl has succeeded in bringing the knowledge of how we can individually use the Waves to help us in our growth. Therefore, even though so many people have fallen into severe depression, like Carl says, the only Wave fluctuations affecting us today are the 8th and 9th, both of which are helping us to transform, as his writings tell us. This time reminds me of the similar apprehension surrounding the approach of 2012, which until Carl’s work, most of us believed was the end of the Mayan Long Count. Mirroring blockbuster movies like The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, many people were expecting the end of the world as we know it, but it is 2018 and the world is still turning.

Interestingly, Carl told me that the 13 gods and goddesses are also no longer a part of the equation. This did not surprise me, as I realized that it is time for the Universal Christ to take the reins through us. Simply put, the truth is that the “Light” and therefore Humanity has already won, because despite the “Shadow’s” oligarchy, “he” never had it all “his” own way. There are rules, which both sides agreed to abide to. It will probably come as no shock to anyone that the “Shadow” has repeatedly broken the rules, as in using the reversed swastika, which was counteracted by the “Light” with the upright five-pointed star.
It seemed to me that the “Light”rarely interceded on our behalf when the “Shadow” broke the rules. Amazingly, this is a correct assessment, because the “Light’s” non-intercession unless under extreme situations was a strategic decision. The rules dictated that anytime either “party” broke them, the other side would gain the advantage. Consequently, when the “Shadow”used sorcery to corrupt The Mysteries, the “Light” gave the “Shadow”enough rope to hang “himself.” Due to “his” insatiable greed, the “Light” knew the “Shadow” would not stop with just revealing a portion of The Mysteries to L. Ron Hubbard, an individual wholly unqualified to teach The Mysteries, in the form of Dianetics. So, when the “Shadow” introduced symbology, in the form of two upright triangles to Scientology to control people, it gave the “Light” a huge advantage. Consequently, the “Light” used the advantage to neutralize the “Shadow” for all time.
Nevertheless, there is also a human freewill component here. As I said, the “Shadow’s” neutralization was facilitated through, among other things, the election of Barack Obama. Other factors were Oprah Winfrey’s web series with Eckhart Tolle, and the worldwide preparations for the 11.11.11 events to promote world peace. The human factor is always the strongest and continues to support the Divine Plan. A key aspect are authors like Dr. Calleman and Eckhart Tolle, to mention but two of thousands who follow the inspiration to bring the truth forward. Then there is the energetic and evolutionary aspect. As my treatise shows, we reached the highest stage of Spiritual Evolution with the development and emergence of the 7th sub-race of Root-race 7 in 1977, regardless of resetting the Baby Boomers. Combine this with Dr. Calleman informing us of the activation of all Nine Waves, and we see the fulfillment of all the world’s prophecies. Contrary to popular belief everything has changed, it will just take a little time for us to see the evidence. The walls that have held us in this illusion for so long are crumbling and more people are realizing that we can change the way we think (repent) about life and literally bring heaven to earth.

Then, despite the oligarchy blindly carrying out the “Shadow’s” agenda, and the misguided individuals corrupting Mohammed’s message, there is no longer any power behind the plot. Everyone following the “Shadow’s” agenda is doing so through ignorance of their true nature, but everyone has the potential to change and may already have begun to do so, regardless of the apparent evidence of the reverse. To use one of Craig’s favorite analogies regarding a synchro-servo positioning system, which he describes perfectly. “Electronically speaking, it is impossible for the user of that system to know if the pointing device is 180-degrees out of phase (exactly opposite direction) after alignment. For the operator to know for sure of the pointing direction, they must use another system such as a compass and visual observation to confirm proper alignment with the system indication or reading.” Craig adds that “We could apply this principle to people, in that the act of simply looking and seeking an answer through another source, allows the “Light” to assist us in confirming what we may or may not be seeing. The “Light” is a gift available for use by all of us.”

To be honest, when I learned that Donald Trump had won the election despite his destructive and unspiritual rhetoric, I was distressed, especially as the emotional level of rage, fear, and despair seemed to rise daily. However, as I related earlier listening to his inaugural speech, a glimmer of hope broke through, as although he spoke of nationalism, which can often lead to selfishness, he also spoke of dispensing with prejudice and helping the poor. Even so, these words were not what gave me hope, it was his inclusion of the Divine and the “destiny” of America that indicated that just maybe, while he was feeling humbled by the experience, his true spirit was attempting to break through. After all, as I wrote above in FOR THE CHILDREN:

Because of our interconnectedness through the mass consciousness, a relatively small number of people changing the way they think affect the lowest denominator. Seen another way, consider what would happen if every Government official/policy maker, military commander, (national and militant) were to wake up tomorrow with the imperative to bring Peace to the world. Alternatively, imagine what might happen if every billionaire, multi-millionaire, banker and CEO who control the wealth and resources of the world woke up tomorrow with the desire to share their wealth. It could happen; they all contain a spark of the Divine in their heart regardless of how much they hide it. With their true selves or spirits— spirit-minds driving them they would act immediately to fulfill their mission.

Once enough people recognize that it is their false selves (human ego/counterfeit-spirit) that keeps them making the same mistakes, he or she will change overnight. Again, I must reiterate that I am not making a political statement, merely pointing out the consciousness, energy, and spiritual potential that everyone has. Reiterating what I wrote earlier, “the purpose for Life is to transmute the elements”, and when we transform “there is no longer any power behind the emotions. In other words, we may get upset or irritated by something someone does or says, but it is like flash paper, i.e. it quickly dissipates once it has flared up.” The real difference is that no one will want to harm another person in thought word or deed after they transform.

Chakra positions

Previously, I related that Pope Benedict (XVI) updated the Seven Deadly Sins to encompass modern situations. Nevertheless, to understand what transformation means for the world, we need to use the former definitions for the “sins” of Lust, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, and Pride. In Part One of Volume I, I used the graphic on the right to connect the chakras to the planets and specific human traits.

Although there were differences, such as the addition of Lying, and the combining of Greed and Gluttony in the heart chakra, the “sins” still affect those chakras. Even so, as I said, at this time I am concerned with transforming these human traits. Let me first clarify that all these traits are the result of the “Watcher’s mistake” and the insertion of the counterfeit spirit/pain-body. As such, when a person transforms and annihilates their counterfeit spirit, these so-called Seven Deadly Sins will also disappear. Let us consider what happens when all seven of these are no longer a part of human consciousness. Taking them one at a time:

  • LUST - Without Lust there are no rapists or pedophiles. I believe this is the reason Jesus said that if a man thinks of committing adultery then he is already an adulterer, because imagining the act involves Lust.
  • GREED - Obviously without Greed, people are more generous and willing to share, which removes poverty. With a more equitable world, there is no resentment or Envy.
  • ENVY - In the absence of Envy there are no thieves. No one covets or wants more than they have, because with the removal of greed there is always enough.
  • WRATH - The removal of Wrath is probably the most impactful for the world, as it literally ends all war and violence of any kind. As I said, people still feel anger, but it quickly dissipates. No one is ever mad enough to strike out, moreover, physically harming another person is unthinkable.
  • GLUTTONY - Gluttony’s removal may also appear self-explanatory, but I think it will be more impactful than just removing obesity. To be gluttonous spiritually means to consume more than we require at the expense of not only other people, but also the environment.
  • SLOTH - With Sloth gone, people are willing to do their part and help one another. Instead of being the observer, the individual actively gets involved.
  • PRIDE - Finally, in the absence of Pride people no longer seek to put themselves ahead of others, thinking they are more significant. Individuals no longer want to control others, dictating how others act and living to empower themselves. Instead, sacrifice is the order of the day rather than self-interest, and everybody works for the good of all.

Naturally, all seven “sins” interconnect and affect each other. For instance, removing Wrath removes rape, because rapists require both Wrath and Lust, or the removal of Pride also eliminates Greed, because no one will put themselves first anymore. Throughout time, the “Shadow” has worked to engender these seven extremes in human beings, as they are unnatural to our spiritual consciousness. They are literally the result of the “Watcher’s mistake” and it is time to wake up to our true spirits. The “Shadow’s” end game was to create so much chaos, fear, and distrust in the world that it would lead to all-out war and cause us to destroy the planet. The truth is, the “Shadow” no longer exists, so to continue supporting “his” scheme is the height of foolishness. It only takes a small number of people to begin transforming to shift the entire world. This treatise provides a clear path to the knowledge that our salvation is in our hands, we can change everything now because, there is no longer a force in league with the counterfeit-spirit/pain-body sabotaging our progress. There is nothing to fear, Great Spirit-Mind and all the Universal and Divine forces are now at our disposal and are eager to help us find our way to the Truth.

Recently, we discovered a new way the “Light” was using the 8th Wave to help wake people up. In preparing for the publication of Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s RABBI’S TAROT, I recolored the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Rider-Waite deck to match my vision, and Daphna’s insight into the symbols. A little later, I was also moved to recolor the Minor Arcana, creating a new deck entitled RWS-Arcanas Tarot. With the creation of the new deck, Craig constructed 78 virtual Gateways on our web site, which act subliminally on the sub-conscious, helping an individual remember their purpose for being here. These Gateways work with Codes hidden in a person’s name and birth chart. We have created a page to assist with determining your individual codes, you can learn more from our web site www.bridgetopeaceproject.com.
Initially when moved to create the Gateways to help people discover their purpose in life, I was skeptical as how meditating on a “card” could have any effect. Then Craig began creating the “Gateways” and I found myself mesmerized by them. We received another endorsement for the efficacy of meditating on an image, after watching Fox’s show Superhuman. This innovative game show has people with extraordinary mental and physical abilities, confirming a known truth of science, for experts have been saying for years that we are changing/evolving and developing new abilities. Neuroscientists have maintained that most people are only utilizing a small percentage of the brain’s potential and with mental exercise and practice it is possible to improve memory and a whole slew of mental abilities. On Superhuman, the resident neuro-scientist/judge explains which part of the brain each contestant is utilizing in his or her specific skill. This made me curious to see if there is a specific part of the brain that interprets symbols, color, and images. I found a good candidate in the inferior temporal gyrus, which I gather from the wise geek website that it:

“...is located in the area of the human brain called the temporal lobe and is one of three gyri found there. It's found in the lower portion of the temporal lobe. As part of the primate visual system called the visual cortex, the inferior temporal gyrus plays a role processing visual information. The cerebrum is the outer covering of the human brain, and it's made up of ridges called gyri and depressions called sulci. The singular for the terms is gyrus and sulcus respectively. The cerebrum is divided into two halves by the great longitudinal fissure, which is a long depression that extends from the back of the brain to the front, in the forehead region. The two halves are called hemispheres and both of them have four lobes: the frontal lobes at the front of the brain, the parietal lobes at the top of the brain, the temporal lobes at the sides, and the occipital lobes at the back. The temporal lobe begins in the temple region of the head and extends toward the back of the skull and is primarily associated with auditory perception. It has two sulci and three gyri, which are stacked on top of one another. The topmost is called the superior temporal gyrus. Below it is the first of the two sulci called the superior temporal sulcus, which separates the superior temporal gyrus from the middle temporal gyrus just beneath it.”

Notwithstanding the above explanation, I found the most relevant information on the inferior temporal gyrus (IT for short) in its entry on Wikipedia. In the entry, the author cites two books, Whishaw B. Kolb’s 2014 An Introduction to Brain and Behavior (Fourth ed.) and C.G. Gross’s 2008 Inferior Temporal Cortex. The author of the entry relates the two authors explain that:

“The IT cortex in humans is also known as the Inferior Temporal Gyrus since it has been located to a specific region of the human temporal lobe.[4] The IT processes visual stimuli of objects in our field of vision and is involved with memory and memory recall to identify that object; it is involved with the processing and perception created by visual stimuli amplified in the V1, V2, V3, and V4 regions of the occipital lobe. This region processes the color and form of the object in the visual field and is responsible for producing the “what” from this visual stimuli, or in other words identifying the object based on the color and form of the object and comparing that processed information to stored memories of objects to identify that object.” 12

I interpreted “identifying the object based on the color and form…comparing that processed information to stored memories of objects to identify that object” as accessing pre-incarnate information. With the development of the IT cortex, color, shape, and or symbol, such as paintings, sculptures, architecture, or even Tarot cards can reveal The Mysteries. We could see the inspiration of the show Superhuman as evidence of the “Light’s” objective to help us correct the “Watcher’s mistake” and put us back on track in our evolution. Now, without the presence of the “Shadow” working with our false self, we can utilize the 9th Wave and the knowledge in The Mysteriesto transform, integrating the ego and annihilating the counterfeit-spirit/pain-body. One more piece of Good News is found in Carl’s new book, where he writes:

“On the ninth level finally, there is no dark filter separating us from the Divine, and for this reason it is not meaningful to say that our lives are self-authored. Instead, if we reach this level of development, which has only been fully possible after the Ninth Wave was activated in 2011, our will and how we create our lives is essentially a product of our unity with the Divine, and not of our ego. Life then…becomes ‘self-transforming,’ or in other words, our selves are automatically being transformed by our unity with the Divine to the detriment of the ego. At this level, the ego is not running a separate agenda, or maybe better said, an agenda of separation, and our actions become expressions of the All That is Divine with which we are unified.” 13

Carl’s words thrilled me because I could view the removal of the “dark filter” as the neutralization of the “Shadow. More importantly, I felt Carl’s reference to our will aligning with the Divine could be another way of describing the integration of the ego. The only point we seemed to disagree on was his assertion of the 9th Wave making transformation essentially automatic. Meditating on this, I was reminded that we have repeatedly said that only a small portion of Humanity is needed to affect change. Just a mere 777,000 people changing the way they think (the original meaning of repenting) creates a critical mass affecting the entire mass consciousness. I think an excerpt from the Hidden Codes for the 777,000 on our web site will help clarify this statement:

“…the Hidden Codes are to help 777,000 people create a critical mass to transform the world through meditating on their personal Gateways. First, let us state that despite our connecting the number to the term “Body of Christ”, there are no specific religious connotations to this number. We are talking about a Universal consciousness or energy here, which includes teachers and founders from all the world’s religions. In our book The Good News Reverberation, we state that everyone born between 1945 and 1983 are potential members of the 777,000 people. More than two billion people were born during this time (2,213,012,000) Even if we halve the number, (1,106,506,000) allowing for early deaths, there are still more than one billion potential members living today. 777,000 is less than one percent (0.7030%). When first given the number, it seemed such a very small percentage of the population…could be a critical mass to transform the world. Seeking answers, we discovered that is because of the power of selfless love. Gregg Braden helped us see this with his information that each cell of the body carries 1.17 volts of electricity and considering that there are some quadrillion cells in a human body we could see how anyone can affect another person. However, Mr. Braden’s book The Divine Matrix, which he released six years after we were given the number 777,000 revealed that it takes an even smaller percentage to “jumpstart a change in the world’s consciousness…” He says the “square root of one percent of the population” is sufficient and gives an example of a population of six billion only requiring 8,000 people to make up a quorum for change. With this, our next question was then why do we need to find 777,000. The answer that came back was we don’t, because these souls have been reincarnating for two millennia. In other words, most them have already fulfilled their life’s purpose in a previous life.
“Getting back to the purpose of the Gateways. Something we were given early on in our mission was that the key to the Mysteries is hidden in the English language. In applying this to understanding how meditating on the Gateways could help in transforming a person’s consciousness, we were reminded of the axiom “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Generally, this axiom is taken to mean that a person’s eyes can often reveal their true nature, but in this case, we believe it goes both ways. What we see can and does affect the human soul. For instance, think about how seeing the plane hit the second tower on 9-11 affected each of us.
“With the information above, some might ask does this mean that the Codes are only for people born between 1945 and 1985? The answer is an emphatic no. Everyone on the planet has a pre-incarnate directive to fulfill in this life, and two these Codes contain the means to access the Ancient Mysteries on spiritual transformation. On the opening page of our website, we say that there is a virus in the software of our consciousness sabotaging our progress. We back up this claim by stating that Saint Paul’s rant about the “sin” in him causes him to do wrong is referring to the ego. However, we are speaking of more than one aspect here. Those familiar with our writings will know that there is a conscious and subconscious aspect of the false self. We call the subconscious aspect, the counterfeit-spirit. Eckhart Tolle called it the pain-body. The conscious aspect of the false self is the human ego, which only came into being 5,000 years ago. Here, the key word is human, because there is a divine part within that the ancients called the Spiritual Ego or I, we know it as our individual spirit. This is eternal and unchanging. Our goal is to reintegrate the human ego putting it under our spirit’s control, in other words making our will in line with Divine Will. Once this is achieved, the reintegrated ego will annihilate the counterfeit-spirit/pain-body, resulting in spiritual transformation, not only for the individual, but also for the world. To assist in the process, the ancient teachers hid the answers in symbols that we would recognize when the time was right to trigger a remembering of our pre-incarnate directive in this life. With the advent of the internet, everything is in place for the Mysteries to come forth again. That time is now, and the Codes and Gateways are designed to act as a trigger. Each Gateway with one of 77 Tarot cards resonates with 100,000 individuals. Card 0 – The Fool oversees all 77 gateways and cards representing the Universal non-denominational Christ-consciousness, which we all contain within.
“A brief note about Tarot, which has been shrouded in mystery throughout history. There is no definitive theory as to its origin. Some investigators have speculated that its origins predate history, deriving from the lost civilization of Atlantis, whereas some “experts” categorically state that the ancient Egyptians invented the Tarot deck. They deduce this because the “Gypsies” that promulgate the use of Tarot as a predictive tool originated from Egypt. As many researchers believe that the Atlanteans founded Egypt, they could both be right. Whatever the origin, the Tarot has endured. Even through the Church’s condemnation of it as a tool for the “Devil”, it survived. For centuries, it lay hidden in plain sight, waiting.
“It wasn’t until Arthur Edward Waite commissioned Pamela Coleman Smith to create a new deck in 1910 that the Mysteries within the imagery surfaced. We know this because of the inspired writing, The Rabbi’s Tarot brought forth by the dedication and sacrifice of Daphna Moore. Our connection with this incredible woman began in 2007, when she asked to use parts of the letter we sent her on the back cover. This connection coincided with a vision I had involving the 22 Major Arcana (Mystery) cards or Trumps and the Tree of Life and led to my commentary in the latest version of the book, Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s RABBI’S TAROT. Along with my commentary I recolored and enhanced the original Rider-Waite deck to correlate with Daphna’s Symbology. Eventually, I did the same with the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. Through inspiration, I unknowingly added energy to the cards by using bit maps of water, plants, wood, stone, etc. The final step was to create a new deck, entitled RWS-Arcanas Tarot. It is these cards that form the 78 Gateways.”

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always, - Suzzan